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Priorities Party – St Lukes Leaflet -2008 January 28, 2010

Many thanks to the donor. The Priorites Party (known also as the The Peoples’ Accountability, Transparency and Standards Party?) were short lived, one of the founders Leo Armstrong is listed as an Independent in the 2009 Local Elections in Clane, although I don’t know if he was standing for the Priorities Party or not.
The party is now defunct.
I have another leaflet from them posted HERE.


One Response to “Priorities Party – St Lukes Leaflet -2008”

  1. Cass Flower Says:

    The story of the launch of this Party was broken on Machine Nation discussion forum by Kate P. I was never able to find any details about their policies or why they attempted to form a party.

    Attempts at setting up parties to improve standards, or in the interests of vague concepts like accountability or transparency, are not likely to find the type of class base needed for a political party to grow.

    This document is a little treasure – thanks

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