Irish Election Literature

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Index of Leaflets from Independents January 16, 2012

Leaflet From ‘The Peoples Referendum’

DUSTIN The Turkey Posters
Bringing The Olympics To Termonfeckin
BRINGING THE DART TO DINGLE -Dustin -The Poultry Party Election Poster

South Dublin

Dublin Mid West

Guss O’Connell- 2004 Local Elections Lucan

Flyer for Derek Keating -Independent (Now Fine Gael) -2004 Local Elections Lucan

Leaflet from Jim McHale -Independent -2011 Dublin Mid West

Dublin South

Martin MacFeorais 1987 Dublin South
Christine Buckley -Dublin South 1997

Gerard Dolan -1997 Dublin South
Ross O’Mullane -2009 Dublin South by-election

Wonderful Posters for Seamas O’Neill -2009 LE Dundrum
‘National Government Our only Hope- Thomas Sharkey 1987 Dublin South

Padraig O’Neill 1987 Dublin South

Flyer from Shane Ross about the proposed closure of the Motor Tax Office in Nutgrove Shopping Centre

Flyer from Shane Ross -Independent- Dublin South 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Shane Ross -Independent -2011 Dublin South

“You’re Angry, I’m Angry, Let’s make a difference.” -John Doyle -Independent 2011 Dublin South

Leaflet for Hussein Hamed -Independent-Dublin South 2011 General Election

Karen Canning- Independents Health Alliance Dublin South 2002

Richard Greene yellow leaflet- 1997 GE Dublin South
Muintir na hEireannn Letter and Richard Greene leaflet 1997 GE Dublin South

Mairead Duchon -Tax Reform League- flyer 2 Dublin South 1987

Mairead Duchon- Tax Reform League- Dublin South 1987

Shane Ross Leaflet -”Say No to Property Tax ,Save Stepaside Garda Station”

1992 Leaflet for Richard Greene- Independent- Dublin South

“Oppose Anti-Dublin Property Tax Proposals” -Leaflet from Shane Ross -Independent

‘Your Thoughts On The Luas’ -Flyer From Shane Ross -Independent- Dublin South

Joseph Xavier Murphy -Independent -September 1927 General Election Dublin County

Dublin South Central

Sean Kelly 1997-is the dog happy?- 1997 Dublin SC

Joan Collins-Anti Bin Tax 2004

Vincent Ballyfermot Jackson 2002 Dublin SC

Dean O’Nuallain -Dublin South -Central 1997

Lisa Connell -‘Out, Proud and Independent’ -2009 LE SW inner City

Flyer from Paul King -Independent -2011 Dublin South Central

Flyer for Peter O’Neill -Independent- 2011 Dublin South Central

“Gissa Job” -Sean Connolly Farrell -Independent -Dublin South Central

Aine ni Chonaill 2002 Dublin South Central

Dublin South East

William Coughlan -Pembroke LEA 1985

Esther Uzzell -Justice for Joseph Rafferty -2007 GE Dublin SE
Eoin Tierney -2007 Dublin South East
Peter O’Sullivan -Dublin South East 2007

Carmencita Hederman letter looking for support,help and funds – 1985 LE

Flyer for Dylan Haskins -Independent -2011 Dublin South East

Excellent Video for Dylan Haskins -Independent -2011 Dublin South East

“I’m No George Lee” -Paul Sommerville – “Catalyst for Change” -Independent -Dublin South East 2011 General Election

Flyer in post from Dylan Haskins -Independent -2011 Dublin South East

Flyer from Paul Sommerville -Independent-2011  Dublin South East

Leaflet from Hugh Sheehy -Independent -2011 Dublin South East

‘Ahead with Hederman’ -Carmencita Hederman- 1985 LE Pembroke

Flyer from Mannix Flynn -Independent -Dublin South East 2011 GE

Dublin South West

Ray Kelly – Parents Against Discrimination -2007 GE Dublin South West

Dun Laoghaire

Tony Clarke, Independent Socialist Dun Laoghaire Nov 1982

Pat ‘abel’ O’Reilly ‘you will never vote better’- Dun Laoghaire 1987
Joan Callaghan -Ballybrack, 1985
Martin Donoghue -Dun Laoghaire Feb 1982

Michael Quinn ‘For Life’ -Dun Laoghaire 1992

Barbara Hyland -NLJAG

Marie Walker -Blackrock 1991 Local Elections

Paddy Madigan 1997 Dun Laoghaire
Canvass Card from Pat O’Reilly -1985 LE Ballybrack

including “A message of support from Paul McGrath” -Victor Boyhan -Independent -Blackrock 2009 LE

“A Message of Support from Paul McGrath” -Victor Boyhan- Independent-2011 Dun Laoghaire

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Tony Gregory 80s early 90’s
Tony Gregory Letter to Constituents 08, Maureen O’Sullivan-09

Tony Gregory 1999 Local elections

Tony Gregory Leaflets from 1991 and 1992

Cieran Perry Leaflet- Dublin Central 2007 GE
Tony Gregory 1991 Local Elections

Cieran Perry leaflet showing local issues he’d worked on -Independent- 2007 General Election Dublin Central

Niamh nic Mhathuna of Youth Defence -Dublin Central 1992/
The Alice Glenn Report -“Why Fine Gael Divorced Alice Glenn”  1987 General Election

John Colgan meets Esther Rantzen-1991 LE

Erick Dillon -1991 North Inner City

Niamh nic Mhathuna- 1992 Dublin Central 1992 (leaflet 2)

Tony Lowth 1991 LE North Inner City

Vote John Hyland -”Independent ‘Write In’ National Candidate” -2011 General Election

Flyer From Christy Burke -Independent -Dublin Central

“Asset seizure from Financial Criminals”Flyer and Leaflet from Cieran Perry -Independent -Dublin Central

“A Strong Independent Voice For You” -Cieran Perry -Independent- Dublin Central

Maureen O’Sullivan -Independent- Dublin Central -2011 General Election

Newsletter from Maureen O’Sullivan T.D. and Cllr Anna Quigley- Independent -Dublin Central

Pat Talbot small leaflet- 2009 Dublin Central by-election
Leaflet 2 for Pat Talbot -2009 Dublin Central by election

Dublin North

Tim O’Brien, Independent Socialist Dublin North 1997

Ciaran Goulding -Independents Health Alliance -Dublin North 2002

David O’Connor -Dublin North 2007

Poster for Dr Mark Harold -Independent -Dublin North

Leaflet From Garrett Mullan -Independent -Balbriggan -2014 Local Elections

Autumn 2013 Newsletter From Clare Daly -Fingal United Left

Dublin North Central

Sean Dublin Bay Loftus 1997
Sean Dublin Bay Loftus 1992

Sean Dublin Bay Loftus Flyer from the 1992 General ELection Dublin North Central
Noel O’Hanrahan – ‘Stop The Rot’ -Dublin North Central 1992

Finian McGrath- 1992 GE Dublin North-Central

Finian McGrath -”Fighting for Jobs on the Northside”

Kevin O’Hare (Irish Seal Sanctuary) 2004 LE Clontarf

Bronwen Maher Newsletter -2009 Local Elections Clontarf.

Leaflet From Cllr Paddy Bourke Explaining To Voters Why He Resigned From The Labour Party.

Dublin North East

Leaflet from Mairead McGuinness -Irish Housewives Association -1957 Dublin North East

Owen Poole – Anti Water Charges 1997 Dublin North East

Flyer for Raymond Sexton -Independent- 2011 Dublin North East

Brian Byrne -Independent -Donaghmede 2009 LE

Flyer for Jimmy Guerin- Independent -Dublin North East

Flyer for Eamonn Blaney -New Vision -Dublin North East -2011 General Election

Dublin North West

Bill Tormey 1997

“Dr Bill – He’s on your side” -Bill Tormey-1997 General Election Dublin North West

Michael J Loftus -New Vision- 2011 Dublin North West

Tony Taaffe (Ind FF)  1997 Dublin North West

Budget 2013 Leaflet from Róisín Shortall -Independent – Dublin North West

Dublin West 

Tony O’Hara Leaflet-H-Block -Dublin West 1981
Zahid Hussain -Castleknock 2009 LE

Flyer for Clement Esebamen- Independent -Dublin West 2011 GE

“Lets make the seat count” -Barry Caesar Hunt (Ex Apprentice Contestant) -Independent -Dublin West By-Election

Benny Cooney -Independent -2011 Dublin West Bye-Election

Leaflet from John Frank Kidd -Independent -Dublin West Bye Election 2011

Poster for Barry Caesar Hunt (ex Apprentice contestant) – Independent -Dublin West By Election 2011

Joe Higgins 1996 Dublin West By-Election(leaflet 1)
Joe Higgins -Ballyfermot Leaflet – 1996 Dublin West By-Election

The Late Mick Lally canvassing for Joe Higgins in the 1996 Dublin West by-election

The Summer 2013 Newsletter From Independent (Ex Labour) TD For Dublin West, Patrick Nulty

Dublin- Euro
Ray Crotty Euro-89/
Eamonn Murphy 1994 European Elections-Dublin


European Elections

Euro 2004- Clifford T Reid ‘Stop The Paedophiles
Justin Barrett ‘Putting Irish People First’

Joe Neal -2004 European Elections -Ireland East

Jack Fitzsimons- Leinster 1994

“Tax Justice Now” Leaflet From Nessa Childers MEP

Carlow Kilkenny

Eddie Collins-Hughes -Carlow-Kilkenny 2002


John Colgan meets Esther Rantzen-1991 LE

Buggy Horan -1991 LE Celbridge
Catherine Murphy-2005 Kildare North by-election

Dr John Corish-Kildare North 2007 GE

‘Bookmark Your Issues – Catherine Murphy -2007 GE Kildare North

Donal Corcoran -Independent – Naas 2009 Local Elections

Flyer from David Monaghan -Independent -2009 Local Elections -Naas

“I Promise Never To ‘To hold “clinics”’, ‘attend a funeral..’ -Eric Doyle-Higgins-2011  Kildare North

Leaflet for Clifford T Reid -Independent- Kildare South -2011 General Election

“To All Leixlip Voters” -Catherine Murphy -Independent -Kildare North-2011 GE

Gerry Browne Independent Labour  2005 Kildare North by-election

Laois Offaly

Peter Ormonde 1999 LE Birr

John Bracken 2007- ‘Man of the people”

Frances Emerson -Emo Laois 2009 Local Elections
Michael Fox -2009 LE Edenderry

“We don’t need empty election promises, we need change”- James Fanning -Independent -2011 Laois Offaly

Flyer from Rotimi Adebari -Independent-Laois Offaly -2011 General Election

Joe O’Connor- Tullamore 2009 LE

John Brackens 2007 Election Song

Tom Cribbin – ‘Independant’ -Edenderry -2009 LE

Leaflet from Eddie Fitzpatrick- Independent (Joined FF recently) -Laois Offaly 2011 GE

Flyer From John Bracken -Independent -2011 Laois Offaly

Flyer for Liam Dumpleton -Independent -Laois Offaly 2011 GE

Leaflet from John Bracken -Independent- Laois Offaly-2011 GE


Malachy Godfrey -Drogheda 1999 LE

Mary Grehan -Independent -2002 GE Louth

Flyer for David Bradley -Christian Candidate -Louth 2011 GE

Flyer from Luke Martin -Independent -Louth -2011 GE

Flyer for Gerry Crilly -Independent -Louth -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Maud Coleman -Independent- Dundalk No 3 Ward – 1999 Local Elections


Pat O’Brien- Anti Incinerator -Meath 2002

Brian Fitzgerald -Meath East 2007

Matt Cullen -Young Ireland -1954 General Election Meath

Flyer from Daithi Stephens -Independent -Meath West

Leaflet from Mick Martin-Independent Labour- 2013 Meath East By-Election

Poster for Mick Martin -Independent Labour -2013 Meath East By-Election

Westmeath /Longford

Tom Farrell (The Bullockstown Boy) ‘King Of The Shannon’ -Independent -Ballymahon -Longford-1985 Local Elections

Mae Sexton 1992

Benny Cooney – Atlone TC 2009

Jim Behan- 2004 LE Athlone TC

Marie Reddin 2009 LE Athlone TC
Stephen Price -Pro Life – Westmeath 1992 General Election

Leaflet for Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran -Independent (ex FF) -Longford Westmeath -2011 General Election


Flyer for Mick Wallace -Independent- Wexford -2011 General Election

“They Dont All Have to Be The Same -Wallace For Wexford” – Mick Wallace Poster

“Scruff Of The Neck” and “Fight Back” , “Wallace For Wexford” posters -Mick Wallace -Wexford 2011 General Election

“Send home the clowns”-John Dwyer -Independent -2011 Wexford

Leaflet from Siobhan Roseingrave- Independent- 2011 Wexford

Leaflet from Ruairí de Valera -Wexford -2011 GE

A “Wallace For Wexford” bumper sticker.

Autumn 2012 Newsletter From Mick Wallace -Independent -Wexford


Mildred Fox Wicklow 1997

Barbara Hyland -NLJAG

Joe Lalor Greystones TC 1985
Nicky Kelly Wicklow 1997 GE

Joe Behan -Wicklow 2007 GE
Jim Ruttle -2009 LE Blessington

flyer for Christopher Fox -2004 LE Bray

Charlie Keddy -Independent -Wicklow 2002 General Election

Jim Tallon -Independent -Wicklow -2011 General Election

Evelyn Cawley -Independent -Wicklow 2007 General Election

Leaflet from Thomas Clarke -Independent -Wicklow -2011 General Election

Flyer for Donal Kiernan -Independent -Wicklow -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Joe Behan -Independent -Wicklow

Flyer from Stephen Donnelly -Independent -Wicklow

“Win with Donnelly – Phone A Friend”- Stephen Donnelly -Wicklow 2011 GE


European Elections

Lily Moynihan – 2004 European Elections -South
Michael McNamara -2009 European Elections -North West

“Father Ryan is a man of the people” -Father Paddy Ryan – Independent – 1989 European Elections -Munster

leaflet from Kathy Sinnott- Independent -2004 European Elections -South

Leaflet from T J Maher -Independent -1979 European Elections- Munster


Manifesto for Jim Connolly -Independent -Clare 2011 General Election

Flyer for Brian Markham- Independent -Clare 2011 General Election

Manifesto for Jim Connolly -Independent -Clare 2011 General Election

“Muppets Out!” -Video from Ann Cronin- Independent – Clare

Leaflet from Gerry Walshe -New Ireland Party- Clare 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Christy Loftus -Independent -Westport -2004 Local Elections

From 1987 Cllr Bernie Murphy- famous Cork Independent

Leaflet for Paddy Mulcahy -Independent -Cork North Central -1997 General Election

Charlie Hennessy -Cork South Central 1987

Christy O’Sullivan (now FF TD) 2002 Cork SW

“Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” -Ted Neville- Irish Solidarity Party-Cork South Central

“Are You Angry?” -Dave McInerney-Independent -Cork South West

Video from Paul Burke -Independent -Cork East -2011 General Election

Ted Neville -2002 Cork South Central


1997 Leaflet from Jackie Healy-Rae “Its time South Kerry had a voice to be heard in Dail Eireann”

Michael Courtney 1999 LE Killarney

Flyer for Mary Fitzgibbon -Independent -Kerry North and Limerick West

Manifetso for Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance -Kerry South 2011 GE

Video from Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance- Kerry South 2011 General Election
Manifesto for Michael Gleeson – South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) -2009 Local Elections
Michael Gleeson-South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 1999 LE.
Michael Gleeson – South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 2009

Leaflet from Tom Fleming -Independent -Kerry South 2011 GE

Poster for John McKenna -Independent- Kerry North West Limerick

Jackie Healy Rae -1999 Local Elections Killarney
Jackie Healy-Rae and Michael Healy-Rae Calling Card

Michael Healy-Rae leaflet -2009 Local Elections Killorglin

‘Sugar Daddy is Back!’ – from 2007 -Jackie Healy Raes acceptance speech in Kenmare.

Michael Healy Rae 2011 General Election Broadcast

2011 flyer from Jackie Healy-Rae and Constituency Secretary Michael Healy-Rae

“In these serious times you need a serious candidate …..” – Michael Healy-Rae -Independent -Kerry South 2011 GE

Flyer from Michael Reidy -New Vision -2011 GE Kerry North West Limerick

Leaflet from Richard Behal -Independent -Kerry South -2011 General Election

From 1997 Jackie Healy Rae ‘Surfing The Super Info Highway’

John Reddington 1999 LE Limerick

John Daly- Limerick 2009 LE

John Gilligan – 2009 LE Limerick

Poster for Hilda O’Malley (widow of Donogh O’Malley) -Independent -1969 GE Limerick East


Kate Bopp -Independent – Tipperary North -2011 General Election

Willie Kennedy , Michael Lowry jnr -Lowry Team-2009 Thurles

The 2005 “Lowry Budget Bulletin”-Michael Lowry -Tipperary North

Election Campaign Video Message from Michael Lowry T.D. February 2011

“Lowry Needs Your No. 1″ -Michael Lowry -Independent -Tipperary North

Now with extra glint in the glasses …Mattie McGrath “Getting the Work Done” -Independent -Tipperary South

Independent Mattie McGraths Election Newsletter -2011 General Election Tipperary South

Now with extra glint in the glasses …Mattie McGrath “Getting the Work Done” -Independent -Tipperary South

Strange Card from Mattie McGrath -Independent -Tipperary South

Ad for Seamus Healy- WUAG (ULA) -Tipperary South -2011 General Election

“In Nobody’s Pocket” -Seamus Healy-Independent(ULA) -2011 GE Tipperary South

Leaflet for Seamus Healy -WUAG -Tipperary South 2011 General Election

Do not be misled by other candidates that ‘Healy Will Fly In’- Seamus Healy Ad-Tipperary Sout

From Tipperary 1943 “A Woman Is Thrifty, Provident And Sympathetic…Vote For Mary Corbett And Social Betterment” 

Leaflet From Sean Deegan -Independent- Tipperary North -1987 General Election

Mary Roche -Waterford 2007 GE

 Leaflet from John Halligan- Independent -Waterford -2011 General Election

Poster for John Halligan -Independent – Waterford -2011 General Election

2011 Christmas Card from John Halligan -Independent -Waterford



Marian Harkin -2004 European Elections North West

Neil T Blaney -1994 European Elections

“Blaney For Europe” ads- Neil Blaney-1979 European Elections

Cavan /Monaghan

Paul Dolan -Independent Socialist -1985 Local Elections Cavan UDC

Flyer for John McGuirk- Independent – Cavan Monaghan-2011 General Election

Leaflet for Seamus Treanor -Independent -Cavan Monaghan

“The Cavan Road Runners” – Ad for Cavan Road Action Group (CRAG) 1991 Local Elections

Winston Turner -CRAG (Cavan Road Action Group) -1992 General Election -Cavan-Monaghan

Ad for Kieran Doherty -H-Block -Cavan Monaghan 1981 General Election

Kieran Doherty -Cavan-Monaghan 1981

Leaflet from Caroline Forde ( Quinn candidate) -Cavan Monaghan -2011 General Election

Patrick Turley – Independent ‘Unity Candidate’ -Monaghan 1973 General Election


Leaflet From Tom Gildea -TV Deflector candidate -1999 Local Elections Glenties

Jimmy Harte -Independent (Now Labour) -Dongeal North East 2007 General Election.

Boycott The Donegal South West By-Election -Ann Sweeney -Independent /New Island Party
Leaflet from Ann Sweeney-New Island Party -2010 Donegal South West By-Election
Video – ‘Vote No 1 Thomas Pringle’ for Donegal South West By-Election
Thomas Pringle leaflet- 2010 Donegal South West By-Election

“Tea with Mrs Sweeney” and ‘Tiger Soup’ posters from Ann Sweeney-Donegal South West -2011 GE

Flyer for Ryan Stewart -Independent-Donegal North East 2011 General Election

The Community Party Letterkenny UDC 1985

“We Can’t Pay! We Wont Pay!” -Thomas Pringle, Luke Ming Flanagan Flyer for anti Septic Tank, Water and Household Charge meeting from November 2011

Leaflet from Dara Blaney -Independent – Donegal North East -2011 General Election

Summer 2013 Newsletter From Thomas Pringle -Independent -Donegal

Niall Blaney 2002 GE
Neil T Blaney -Euro 94

Tadhg Colbert, James Larkin, Hugh Dorrian, Jim Lynch – Letterkenny UDC 1985

Liam Blaney,Joseph Cullen, Michael McBride -2004 LE Milford

Albert Doherty, Columba Doherty -2004 LE Innisowen

Dessie Larkin , Peter Patton -Independent Fianna Fail -2004 Letterkenny Town Council

“Blaney For Europe” ads- Neil Blaney-1979 European Elections

Sample Ballot paper from Independent Fianna Fail (Blaney) -1985 Local Elections Letterkenny UDC


Aidan McCabe -2009 Local Elections -Galway West

‘Dont Forget on Polling Day – Cast Your Vote For J.F.K’ – John Francis King 1974 Local Elections Galway

Joseph Curley, Paul Hayes, Brendan Holland, Patrick D Ryan – Chamber of Commerce candidates- 1974 Local Elections Galway

Dana Rosemary Scallon -Independent- 2002 General Election -Galway West

“The “Stroke” For Galway West” Vote 1 Michael Fahy -Independent FF -1987 General Election

Dole Éireann- Documentary on Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghans 1997 Election Campaign in Galway West

“Delivering For Galway” – Noel Grealish -2011 General Election Galway West

“Action Not Reaction” -Tim Broderick-Independent- Galway East 2011 General Election

Stickers from Uinseann Holmes -Independent- 2011 Galway West

Flyer for Sean Canney -Independent -Galway East -2011 GE

Mary Duffy -Tax Reform League -1987 Galway West

‘VOTE MING’ posters -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan 1997

Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -1997 General Election -Galway West


Flyer for Loretta Clarke -Independent -Mayo -2011 General Election

“The answer, my friend is blowin in the Wind!”- Dermot McDonnell -Independent- Mayo


Martin Hogan ‘Pro-Life Man’ -Longford-Roscommon 1992
Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan -Castlerea 209 LE

John Kelly -(Now Labour)- Roscommon Sth Leitrim 2007 GE

‘VOTE MING’ posters -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan 1997

Tom Crosby – 2004 LE Roscommon

‘Tips for Canvassers’ from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan -Independent -Roscommon South Leitrim

‘Let Me Represent You’ -Flyer for Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Independent-Roscommon South Leitrim

John McDermott- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Roscommon-South Leitrim- 2011 GE

‘VOTE MING’ posters -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan 1997

Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -1997 General Election -Galway West

Valerie Byrne -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Strokestown, 2009 Local Elections

Leaflet from Tom Foxe -1992 General Election- Longford Roscommon

Paula McNamara -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee-Mid Roscommon 2009 LE

Tom Foxe- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee Flyer from Roscommon 1989

Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Tom Foxe 1989

“We Can’t Pay! We Wont Pay!” -Thomas Pringle, Luke Ming Flanagan Flyer for anti Septic Tank, Water and Household Charge meeting from November 2011

Sligo /Leitrim

John McGettrick 1992 Sligo-Leitrim

Gabriel McSharry -Independent -Sligo-North Leitrim 2011 GE

Ad for Veronica Cawley -Independent- Sligo North Leitrim

Declan Bree -Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation -1987 General Election

Patrick Melly -Conservative and Unionist- Sligo Leitrim -1992 General Election

1954 General Election Flyer For Joseph Pilkington -Independent Republican Labour Candidate, Workers Unemployed, Small Farmer And Old IRA -Sligo Leitrim

Northern Ireland

Lyle Cubitt -Independent Unionist North Antrim 2010
Bernadette Devlin McAlliskey Posters

Sylvia Hermon -Independent Unionist -North Down 2010 UK Election

Oliver Hughes -Independent Republican Party- Magherafelt Council

Leaflet from Gary Donnelly- Independent Republican -Derry City Council 2011


1987 leaflet from John A Murphy -Independent -NUI Seanad

Leaflet from Gemma Hussey -1981 Seanad Election NUI

Leaflet from James Dooge – 1983 Seanad Elections – NUI

Leaflet from Professor Joseph Lee- 1993 NUI Seanad

Brendan Ryan ‘A Voice for the Voiceless’ – Seanad 1989
Paddy Healy -2007 NUI

Rosaleen McDonagh- Seanad 2002
Mary O’Riordan -Seanad 2007

Feargal Quinn Seanad 1997

Diarmuid Coogan Seanad 1989

John A. Murphy – Seanad 1989

David Norris 2002

Brendan Ryan ‘A Voice for the Voiceless’ – Seanad 1989

Shane Ross 2002 letter to Seanad voters

Joe O’Toole seanad 2002

Declan Boland-2002 Seanad Trinity

Paul McNulty -NUI Seanad 1989

Mike Cosgrave 2002 Seanad NUI

Paddy Healy -2007 NUI

Anthony O’Donnell -2002 University of Dublin Seanad
David Norris 2002 Election Leaflet

Ronan Mullen -‘endorsed by Eddie O’Sullivan’- 2007 Seanad Election

Mark Garavan -Independent -2007 Seanad NUI Election

Leaflet from Susan Philips -Independent 2007 Seanad Elections -NUI

Leaflet from John McGilligan -1989 Seanad Elections NUI

Senator Katherine Zappone Newsletter Autumn 2011

Senator Rónán Mullens Christmas and New year Newsletter 2009

2002 Election Leaflet endorsement from Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary for Sean Barrett – Trinity Seanad

Seamus Boland- Independent -Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Mel Casserly -Independent -Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Canvass Card from Declan Kelleher -NUI 2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer for John Kennedy -NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Francis Martin O’Donnell -NUI Seanad 2011

flyer for James O’Donoghue -NUI Seanad 2011
With endorsement from Denis O’Brien – Flyer from Regina O’Connor -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer from Bernadine O’Sullivan -NUI Seanad 2011

Posters for Paddy Healy -NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Daniel Sullivan- NUI Seanad 2011

Letter from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla -The Peoples Convention (CPPC)- NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Peter Mooney -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Ronan Mullen – Independent- NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from James Doorley -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer from Brendan Price -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer for James Coyle -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from John Crown -2011 Seanad Election NUI

Flyer for Linda O’Shea Farren -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer for Helen Keogh – NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from David Thomas McCurtin -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Paul Lynam -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet for Eoin O’Broin -Sinn Fein -2011 NUI Seanad Election

Flyer for Mick Langan -NUI Seanad 2011

TCD candidate Jeffrey Dudgeon’s Seanad Election Diary
Flyer for Karin Dubsky -Trinity Panel Seanad 2011

Flyer from Iggy McGovern -Trinity Seanad 2011
Flyer from Dermot Sheehan -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer and Manifesto for William Priestley -TCD Seanad 2011
Leaflet from Dr. Maurice Gueret -Trinity Seanad 2011

Video from Robin Hanan -Seanad Trinity Panel 2011
Leaflet for Robin Hanan- Seanad Trinity Panel 2011

flyer for Dermot Frost – Trinity Seanad 2011
“Pictures are illustrative and do not signify endorsement of him by those depicted” -Marc Coleman -2011 Seanad
Leaflet for Fiona O’Malley -Seanad 2011

Rosaleen McDonagh For Seanad Campaign Video
“..running on five key principles: Courage, Conviction, Competence, Constructiveness and Clarity” -Marc Coleman -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer from David Martin -TCD Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Tony Williams -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer for Bart Connolly -TCD Seanad 2011

Flyer from Graham Quinn – TCD Seanad 2011

Video from Marc Coleman -TCD Seanad 2011

Letter from David Norris to Voters -TCD Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Ivana Bacik -Trinity Seanad 2011


Dana Rosemary Scallon -1997 Presidency
Adi Roche 1997 Presidency

Derek Nally -1997 Presidential Election

2011 Leaflet from Dana Rosemary Scallon “Putting Ireland first- a President you can trust”

“Putting Ireland First” – Dana Rosemary Scallon for President -2011 Presidential Election

Mary Davis Litir um Thogchán

“What I stand for is YOU” – Mary Davis Presidential Election Broadcast

‘Pride at Home, Respect Abroad’ Leaflet from Mary Davis – 2011 Presidential Election

“Seeking A Nomination” leaflet from Mary Davis -2011 Presidential Election

“Pride At Home, Respect Abroad” – Poster for Mary Davis -2011 Presidential Election

Mary Davis sticker and postcard

Mary Davis poster as Gaeilge

Leaflet from Sean Gallagher -Independent -2011 Presidential Election

Poster (‘Print-Out’) for Sean Gallagher -Independent -2011 Presidential Election

Presidential Election Broadcast from Sean Gallagher -Independent -2011 Presidential Election

Sticker from Sean Gallagher -Independent -2011 Presidential Campaign

Leaflet from David Norris “Norris For President -Changing Ireland for the better”-2011 Presidential Election

Flyer for “Nominate Norris Day” -Saturday 24th September, 12-4pm, Grafton St, Dublin

From the 1945 Presidential Election -”McCartan for President”


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