Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Waterford no. 1 and Waterford no. 3 November 16, 2009

Waterford no 1
electorate 7945.
5 seats.
total poll 5055
Spoiled 55
Valid poll 5000
quota 834
Hayes (1st)
Walsh (6th)
Quinlan (6th)
Power (7th
Cullen (7th)

Hayes, Pat (Lab) 997
Quinlan, Hilary(FG) 669
Walsh, Davy (WP) 625
Brett, James (FG) 463
Power, Patrick (FF) 459
Cullen, Martin (PD) 419
McCarthy, Billy(PD) 309
Dower, Larry (FF) 299
White, Val (Ind) 286
Noel, Ryan (SF) 273
Guilfoyle, Joe (FF) 201

Waterford no 3
electorate 10,360.
5 seats.
total poll 6252
Spoiled 57
Valid poll 6195
quota 1,033
O’Shea (1st)
Gallagher (1st)
O’Regan (6th)
Browne (8th
Cummins (8th)

O’Shea, Brian (Lab) 1556
Gallagher, Paddy(WP) 1082
O’Regan, Martin (WP) 784
Cummin, Maurice (FG) 594
Browne, Tom (FF) 482
Murphy, Tom (FF) 386
Halligan, John (WP) 384
O’Neill, Michelle (PD) 359
Swift, Brian (FF) 335
O’Brien, Denis (SF) 187
Sweeney, Paudi (Ind) 46


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