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“A Day In The Life Of A T.D.” 2007 pamphlet from the Houses of the Oireachtas September 26, 2016

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“A Day In The Life Of A T.D.” a pamphlet produced by the Houses of the Oireachtas aimed at school children.
Also uploaded in pdf here
Many thanks to the sender.



From 2000 A message from Match Sponsor Sean Fitzpatrick of Anglo Irish Bank and an Anglo Irish Ad November 6, 2014

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Anglo Irish Bank sponsored the Rugby match between Ireland and The Barbarians in May 2000. Included here are an ad for Anglo Irish Bank and A message from Sean Fitzpatrick.



“Notice to ASTI Members” re funding for Junior Cert from the 1989 General Election April 16, 2012

From the 1989 General Election a “Notice to ASTI Members” regarding the various Political Parties positions on the funding for the new Junior Certificate.


A Blueprint For National Recovery March 16, 2011

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The Plan from Dermot Desmond , Denis O’Brien, Dick Spring, John Bruton, Peter Sutherland et al….

The Blueprint for National Recovery


“He Cannot Change His Spots” – “Vote No To Gerry Adams” February 21, 2011

More anti Gerry Adams material from Louth…
The sender notes

a poster printed by John V. Lennon one of Cork’s
most notorious eccentrics, who has a long history in political life
and public speaking, He was involved in campaigning for Michael D.
Higgins in the early days, both having gone to UCG. You are also
probably familiar with Bernie Murphy getting elected to Cork City
Council, which Lennon orchestrated. This week Lennon is going to Louth
to speak against Gerry Adams running for election, he is going to put
these posters up around the place as part of it. He spoke against
Adams before in UCC Philosophical Society in 1984 after which Adams
refused to shake his hand, which was a novel change. Lennon won the
debate in question by over 300 votes to 5.


Flyer for “Claiming Our Future” -30th October 2010 RDS October 15, 2010

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A flyer for the Claiming Our Future event on the 30th of October 2010 in the RDS.
Their website is where a host of documents are available.


Green Cross and ‘Release all Our Political Prisoners’ Christmas Cards April 24, 2010

A Green Cross 1977 Christmas Card and another ‘Release all Our Political Prisoners’ Christmas Card from the Late Seventies.
Amongst the groups to benefit were Free The Casement Accused , Anti Extradition Committee, Campaign against Strip Searching, Campaign for Lifers, Voice of the Innocent, Irish Political Prisoners in Europe Solidarity Group and Committee for the Transfer of Irish Prisoners.
many thanks again to the donor.



First Dail 1919 -Poster with picture of each member. February 25, 2010

This wonderful poster was produced by Michael Finneran TD to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the First Dail.
It contains a scene from the Dail as well as pictures of each of the members.
(Thanks to Liam Byrne for sending me this)
Click on the poster to enlarge


Self Aid – 17th May 1986 RDS January 5, 2010

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Found this in the attic over Christmas, the programme for the Self Aid concert in May 1986.  Lets Make it work…
The day itself was great fun, the musical highlights were many.. Rory Gallagher playing ‘Follow Me’ (The theme tune to MT USA)
..and lots more including of course U2s performance of Maggies Farm.

Yet why were all these people there? Why watch were all the people watching?
Unemployment. The political classes, Government and the State weren’t able to provide employment, so maybe a concert would?
Tony Boland and Niall Matthews message is whats relevant (ie a failure of State and political system) for this Blog.
Jobs were promised, the Self Aid Trust was set up …. did it have any long term impact?



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