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Unionist Student -November 1986 -Queens University Unionist Association August 31, 2020

From November 1986 a copy of Unionist Student published by The Queens University Unionist Association. It covers some Unionist issues from the time including Robert McCartney’s “Campaign for Equal Citizenship”
I’ve scanned and uploaded in pdf format here
Many thanks to the sender.


“Early History and Settlement -Understanding Northern Ireland -A Part of the United Kingdom” -Professor Arthur Noble #Brexit November 1, 2019

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A leaflet picked up from Vote Leave Protesters in Westminster at the end of October 2019. It contains an incredible version of Irish History which maintains that the Plantation of Ulster was the original inhabitants returning to their rightful homeland.



From 1994 “Ulster’s Protestant Working Class – A Community Exploration” August 13, 2019

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From 1994 “Ulster’s Protestant Working Class – A Community Exploration” a pamphlet produced by The Springfield Inter-Community Development Project. Among the discussion group which produced the pamphlet were bIlly Hutchinson, Gusty Spence, Michael Hall, Chris McGimpsey, Joy Challis and Roy Gardland. It’s quite an interesting read. I’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf format here.


November 1990 issue of the UDA Magazine “Ulster” November 30, 2017

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The November 1990 issue of the UDA Magazine “Ulster” which I’ve scanned and uploaded in pdf here


1990 letter to UDA mag “Ulster” re Jack Charlton and The Irish teams choice of music October 12, 2017

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From the November 1990 edition of the UDA magazine “Ulster” , the correspondent isn’t too happy with Jack Charlton and the Irish team singing rebel songs!


Ulster Unionist Party “1905 -2005 ..Celebrating 100 Years of The Ulster Unionist Council” June 26, 2017

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A 2005 publication from the UUP to mark 100 Years of The Ulster Unionist Council. Quite interesting given similar material will be produced in the North for the Centenary celebrations of ‘The Treaty’ in 2021.  I’ve Uploaded in pdf format here
Many thanks to the sender


September 1983 edition of the UDA newsletter ‘Ulster’ October 25, 2015

The September 1983 edition of the Ulster Defence Association newsletter ‘Ulster’ which is in uploaded in pdf form.
Among the items covered are Anti Segregation protests, threats to criminals from the UDA, plenty of small pieces about Gerry Adams and Cardinal O’Fiach, a piece on Rose Harvey and Dominic McGlinchey.
Click on the image to launch in pdf


“Whats missing from this picture?… in a word,you. ” – 1970’s recruitment ad for the UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment) October 30, 2013

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A Recruitment ad for the now disbanded UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment).
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from The Ulster Young Unionists (Youth wing of the UUP) July 29, 2013

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A Leaflet from The Ulster Young Unionists (Youth wing of the UUP) from the most recent Freshers week in QUB. It gives details of activities, what the group stands for and so on.
Many thanks to the sender.




“It’s Right to Say No” -Good Friday Agreement leaflet from UK Unionist Party April 10, 2013

From the 1998 Referendum on the Good Friday Agreement a leaflet from Robert McCartneys UK Unionist Party with the slogan “It’s Right to Say No”.
The UK Unionists and The DUP were part of The ‘United Unionists..people with a heart for Ulster” that opposed the Agreement.



Leaflet about the 1973 Border Poll from the ‘Loyalist Association of Workers’ February 7, 2013

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From the 1973 Northern Ireland Border Poll a leaflet from a group called the ‘Loyalist Association of Workers’ with information about the poll and details of obtaining a postal vote.
Many Thanks to the sender.


“The Protestant Blu Print” editor Ian R. K. Paisley MP- 1987 Election Special February 6, 2012

The 1987 Election Special of “The Protestant Blu Print” edited by Ian Paisley. Its from around the time of the Anglo Irish Agreement and decries the forces of Dublin and London.



“Save Ulster with the Ulster Democratic Unionist Association” Leaflet ..from the early 80s? November 30, 2011

Got this recently , a leaflet from the ‘Ulster Democratic Unionist Association Co. Londonderry’, outlining their aims and objectives. I think its from the early 80s but can’t be sure. I can’t find anything online about them. I presume that they were linked to the Democratic Unionist Party.
If anyone has any details of the group I’d love to know.


“Boycott The Poll” Poster – Official Republican Movement – 1973 Northern Ireland Border Poll November 7, 2011

From the 1973 Border Poll (also known as the Northern Ireland Sovereignty Referendum) a poster from the Official Republican Movement urging a Boycott of the poll. The figure in the poster I think is that of the then Northern Ireland Secretary, William Whitelaw.
There were two choices and 591,280 people voted to stay part of the UK whilst , due to the boycott, just 6,463 voted in favour of a United Ireland.
I’ve a Ballot,Envelope, Polling card etc from the poll posted Here .

Many thanks to the sender.


“REFUSE Eire Money BOYCOTT all her goods…” -Ulster Constitution Defence Committee poster from the 1970s. June 10, 2011

A poster from the Ulster Constitution Defence Committee from the 70s with the quaint words
“Loyalists and Protestants. Hit Eire and Lynch where they will feel it most. REFUSE Eire Money BOYCOTT all her goods.To trade with Ulster’s enemies is Treachery. No Surrender.”

According to the CAIN website

The UCDC was established in 1966 and was made up of a committee of 13 with Ian Paisley as the head of the committee. The UCDC was the means by which Paisley led the protest against the reforms of Terence O’Neill in the late 1960s. The UCDC was also the ruling body of the Loyalist paramilitary style grouping the Ulster Protestant Volunteers (UPV).


Unionist Solidarity Posters (‘Ulster Says No’, ‘No Dublin Rule’, ‘Save The Union’) from the 1986 By-Elections in protest at the Anglo Irish Agreement. June 7, 2011

In the uproar that followed the Anglo Irish Agreement there were mass protests against it, now remembered for the “Ulster Says No” banners and Ian Paiselys “Never , Never, Never “. (A youtube clip of the speech below)
What is often forgotten is that in protest, Unionist MPs resigned their seats en masse. There were subsequently Unionist Solidarity candidates put up for the 15 By-Elections that followed on the 23rd of January 1986. Details of the by-elections can be found here
The Unionist Solidarity posters were modeled on the Polish solidarity, which must have been a deliberate affront at nationalists given the association the then Pope John Paul II  had with Solidarity in Poland.
In the end Unionists lost one seat with the UUPs Jim Nicholson losing to Seamus Mallon of the SDLP in Newry and Armagh.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Because we’ll stop immigration” -Ann Cooper -BNP -Belfast East 2011 Assembly Elections April 26, 2011

From the 2011 Assembly Elections a leaflet from Ann Cooper of The British National Party running in Belfast East.
BNP Assembly members “will give 10% of their Assembly salaries to good causes such as extra road grit in winter.”
The BNP oppose Mosques and will stop money being wasted on “Diversity” and “windfarms”



“Merry Bloody Christmas” card for domestic abuse and other Christmas Cards December 22, 2010

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Was sent these images, alas the sender does not have better quality images or the inside pages of the cards.
The first Christmas Card for Domestic abuse victims is very good and were anyone to have a better quality image or indeed the full card I’d love to post it.
We also have a card from the Orange Order and one of Marx with a Santa hat.



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