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Podcast- National Action July 24, 2021

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The Taxation Justice Alliance -Episode 70 "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

Growing from the Anti Water Charges movement in the mid 90's, The Taxation Justice Alliance included The Socialist Party, Seamus Healy, Paddy Mulcahy and Owen Poole and contested the 1997 General Election. Aside from being anti Service Charges, it wanted a fairer tax system for PAYE workers, changes to allowances and the wealthy to be taxed more.
  1. The Taxation Justice Alliance -Episode 70
  2. Independent ex Fianna Fáil candidates in the 1937 General Election
  3. Youth Defence and the 1992 General Election
  4. Franklin Dee -Episode 67
  5. National Association of Tenants Organisations running in Drogheda 1991 and 1994

National Action Booklet from 1952 October 13, 2016

National Action were a Fascist style party that fielded one candidate, Séamus Murphy in the 1954 General Election in Dublin North East where he polled 1430 votes.It’s a sizeable booklet so it’s in pdf
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