Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Index of Leaflets from Libertas January 14, 2012



“The Only Job Lisbon Saves Is His” and other Libertas Posters from Lisbon One and Two

“Be Pro-European , Be Pro-Growth , Be Pro-Recovery ..Reject the job-killing Fiscal Treaty” -Libertas Leaflet

“Cut the Bank Debt or No Deal!” and “NO” Fiscal Treaty Posters from Libertas

European Elections
Rebuttal of negatives issues leaflet for canvassers
Declan Ganley- Canvassers Newsletter May 2009
FAQ sheet for Libertas Canvassers -Declan Ganley 2009 European Elections
Caroline Simons -2009 European Elections Dublin

From 2009 “The Libertas Plan For Jobs”

The Declan Ganley Song

Declan Ganley Letter to Canvassers 2009 European Elections

Vote No 1 Declan Ganley -Libertas -2009 European Elections -Ireland North West

Leaflet from Raymond O’Malley -Libertas -2009 European Elections -Ireland East

Leaflet from Declan Ganley -Libertas -2009 European Elections -North West


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