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The ‘New’ Parties and the Next Election. December 2, 2010

Since the Last General Election what must be a record number of Political parties have been set up. Some like The Priorities Party lasted a while whilst others have stayed the course.
Social Networking, Message Boards and splits from other parties have all played a large part in allowing people to focus on their common beliefs.
So who are these new parties and will we be seeing them on ballot papers come the next election?

Amhran Nua

To give you a brief idea of what we’re doing now, we’re setting up regional groups in the municipal centres and embarking on a media campaign to raise public awareness of who we are and what we do in the run up to the election. We’d like to have candidates in the GE, but time is short, that is the goal however

Irish Liberal Party

As for candidates, we’re working those details out. So I can’t preempt outcomes at the moment. My outlook is that there will definitely be a new registered party before the election with candidates.

Direct Democracy Ireland

the short answer is yes .however we need to register as a political party first which we are in the process of working towards

Fís Nua

Fís Nua intends to be a registered party in time for the General Election, and will have candidates standing. These candidate have yet to undergo a selection process, which is in progress.

Possibly the newest party is An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC)

“do intend having candidates, however these are to be selected by citizens throught their Peoples Conventions and therefore won’t be available for a few weeks yet. CPPC is not yet registered officially as a ‘party’ but will be.”

Then there is the recently launched Independents’ Movement of Ireland (IMI).

IMI is not a party, but a platform designed to encourage Independent candidates, in every constituency in Ireland, to run for office, and also to encourage voters to back them, en masse, and break the stranglehold the political parties have over us.

There is also The Democratic Reform Party which I was unable to get in contact with.

I’m unaware if éirígí intend standing candidates or not.

Ross O’Mullane stood for United Minds in the 2009 Dublin South By-Election. I’m unaware if United Minds intend standing a candidate.

The Seniors Solidarity Party stood John Wolfe in the 2009 Local Elections in Howth/Malahide where he received 1,319 votes (5.9%) but was not elected. They hoped to have candidates at the forthcoming Election but again I was unable to contact them.

The Letterkenny Residents Party and the South Kerry Independent Alliance which both have elected councillors but I gather that they wont be fielding candidates.

There is another group ‘Citizens First’ but I’m unsure if they are still around.


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