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Index of Leaflets from the Socialist Party / AAA January 14, 2012

Socialist Party / Anti Austerity Alliance


The Statement agreed at the foundation of the United Left Alliance (ULA) Ireland
“Joe Higgins MEP says:Defend Workers’ rights & public services – NO to Lisbon II” -Socialist Party -Lisbon Referendum
“Build a national campaign to defeat Special Needs cuts” Leaflet from The Socialist Party
Socialist Party’s Party Political Broadcast for General Election 2011

‘No To The Race To The Bottom’ -Socialist Party 2005
Poster for “Eyewitness From Tunisia” -Meeting with Paul Murphy -Socialist Party 2nd June
Anti EU/IMF Austerity Leaflet from the Socialist Party

“Rotten to the core… Time to break with capitalism” leaflet from The Socialist Party

Leaflet From The Socialist Party Re Cuts To SNAs And Resource Hours

“Household Tax -Time to say No to Austerity Policies!” leaflet from the Socialist Party

“Come to the Summer Festival of Socialist Youth” -Socialist Party 2009
Leaflet for “No To The IMF/EU Bailout” Budget night protest 7th December 2010 6pm @ the Dail
“Demand Action to Stop Climate Change”- Leaflet from Socialist Youth 2007
Socialist Party-”Government and Bosses are not Our Partners” For a one day strike on 24 November
Would Obama Bring Real Change? -poster from UCC Socialist Youth Society 2008

“Abortion Rights Now!” Leaflet from the Socialist Party

“Fight the ban on abortion rights .. X is not Enough” Leaflet from the Socialist Party.

“X is Not Enough, Fight for Repeal..Abortion Rights Now” Leaflet from ROSA

Flyer for ROSA International Women’s Day Protest- Friday 8 March , The Spire O’Connell St

A 2004 ‘CIE, Aer Rianta: For A Co-Ordinated Campaign Of Strike Action’ Socialist Party Leaflet

“End The Rule Of The Billionaires” Leaflet From The Socialist Party

2005 Leaflet “Socialist Party Exposes GAMA Slave Labour Scandal”

“Recovery Will Only Be For The Rich …… Challenge The System Itself” -Leaflet From The Socialist Party

Labour Party Conference – Tralee 1989 – Vote No.1 Joe Higgins For Vice Chair And Administrative Council


“Scrap The Undemocratic Seanad” Leaflet From The Socialist Party

“Make Your First Seanad Vote The Last” , “Hypocrisy Matters” And Other Socialist Party Seanad Referendum Posters

“Vote No To The Austerity Treaty” -Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party March 2012 Newsletter

the first poster of the campaign? “Say NO to the EU Austerity Treaty – Bailout People Not Banks”

Socialist Party “Jaws” style Vote No Poster

“Economic Growth, Not More Austerity” -Vote NO Leaflet from Paul Murphy / Socialist Party

“Austerity Doesn’t Work” , “How Much More Austerity Will You Take” Vote NO Posters from the Socialist Party




Leaflet in English and French from Finghín Kelly -Gauches Communes list in Saint Gilles, Brussells

Leaflet from Finghín Kelly- Gauches Communes list in Saint Gilles- Brussels

South Dublin

Dublin South

Lisa Maher -Socialist Party -1997 Dublin South
Lisa Maher -Socialist Party -Dundrum 2004 Local Elections

“Put a real campaigner on the Council”-Lisa Maher -Socialist Party 2004 Local Elections Dundrum

Dublin South Central

Martin Walsh -Socialist Party -1997 GE Dublin South Central

Dublin South East

Diarmuid Naessens – Socialist Party 2004 South West Inner City

Dublin South West

Mick Murphy- Socialist Party -2002 GE Dublin South West
‘South West Socialist’ -Mick Murphy Socialist Party -2007 GE Dublin South West
Mick Murphy Manifesto -Socialist Party – Dublin South West 2002 General Election

Mick Murphy – Socialist Party 1999 Local Elections Tallaght Central
“Fine Gael/Labour – just the same as FF/PDs” -Mick Murphy -Socialist Party 2007 GE Dublin South West.

Leaflet from Mick Murphy -Socialist Party / United Left Alliance- 2011 Dublin South West

Flyer From Paul Murphy -AAA -2014 Dublin South West By Election

“Anti Austerity Voice” Newsletter From Paul Murphy -AAA Dublin South West

“We Can Beat The Water Charges” Leaflet From Paul Murphy -AAA -2014 Dublin South West By Election

Dublin Mid West
Poster for Rob Connolly -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Dublin Mid West 2011 General Election

Fundraiser Poster for Robert Connolly-Socialist Party (United Left Alliance)- Dublin Mid West 2011 GE

Leaflet from Rob Connolly- Socialist Party -Dublin Mid West -2011 General Election

North Dublin

Dublin North

From 2003 ‘Free Clare and Joe -No more jailings!’ -leaflet from the Fingal Anti Bin Tax Campaign

Leaflet from Clare Daly -Socialist Party -1997 General Election- Dublin North

Clare Daly Balbriggan Newsletter -Socialist Party -2007 GE Dublin North
Clare Daly Flyer -Socialist Party -2007 General Election Dublin North
‘Dublin North Transport Newsletter’ -Clare Daly -Socialist Party – 2007 General Election
Clare Daly Letter urging a vote for Terry Kelleher -Socialist Party -Balbriggan Locan Elections 2009
Terry Kelleher -Socialist Party -2009 LE Balbriggan

“No To Water Charges” Leaflet From Denise Parker, Terry Kelleher , Maurice Sweeney -Anti Austerity Alliance -Balbriggan

Dublin North East

Flyer for Brian Greene- Dublin North East United Left Alliance Launch 3rd February

Dublin West
Susan Fitzgerald -Socialist Party -2004 LE Castleknock
Helen Redwood -Socialist Party 2004 Local Elections Mulhuddart

Leaflet from Joe Higgins -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) – 2011 Dublin West
“A final message from Joe Higgins”-Socialist Party /United Left Alliance -Dublin West -2011 General Election
Flyer with Martyn Turner Cartoon from Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party -2011 Dublin West By-Election
“Austerity Isn’t Working” -Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party / United Left Alliance -2011 Dublin West By Election
Leaflet from Ruth Coppinger -Socialist Party / ULA – 2011 Dublin West By-Election
Posters for Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party / United Left Alliance – 2011 Dublin West By-Election
Video from Ruth Coppinger – Socialist Party/ United Left Alliance -2011 Dublin West By-Election
Newsletter from Ruth Coppinger -Socialist Party – 2011 Dublin West By Election

Leaflet for Ruth Coppinger , Denis Keane -Socialist Party -Mulhuddart 2009 Local Elections

Joe Higgins- Militant Labour -1996 Dublin West By-Election (Leaflet 1 -Water Charges)
Joe Higgins- Militant Labour- (Leaflet 2) 1996 Dublin West By-Election

Leaflet from Mick Cheevers -Socialist Party -Castleknock – 1999 Local Elections

“Elect Two Socialist Party Councillors” – Ruth Coppinger, Helen Redwood -Socialist Party 2004 Local Elections -Mulhuddart

Leaflet from Denis Keane -Socialist Party -2009 Local Elections Mulhuddart

Leaflet From Joe Higgins Urging A Vote For Ruth Coppinger In The Dublin West By-Election

“Introducing The Anti Austerity Alliance” Mulhuddart Leaflet -Annette Hughes, Jimmy Keenan, Ruth Coppinger, Bernadette Rynne

European Elections

Paul Murphy MEP Newsletter Summer 2011 -Socialist Party

Joe Higgins -Socialist Party -Leaflet for the 2009 Local and European Elections

Socialist Party -Joe Higgins Euro 99

‘No To Forced Emigration’ Leaflet From Paul Murphy MEP -Socialist Party -Dublin

“Water Tax Will Sink Households” Leaflet From Paul Murphy -Socialist Party -Dublin


Carlow Kilkenny

Leaflet for Conor Mac Liam -Socialist Party(United Left Alliance)-Carlow Kilkenny- 2011 General Election

“Oppose Water Rip-Off!” Leaflet From Conor Mac Liam -Anti Austerity Alliance -Kilkenny West

Laois Offaly

Flyer from Ray Fitzpatrick- Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Laois Offaly


Leaflet from Frank Gallagher- Socialist Party – 2009 Local Elections Drogheda

“Drogheda Socialist” Newsletter From Ciarán McKenna -Anti Austerity Alliance -Drogheda




“Kick Fianna Fail Out” Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party -Limerick City -2011 GE

Poster for Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party (part of the United Left Alliance) -2011 Election Limerick City

Join The ‘Anti-Austerity Alliance’ Leaflet From The Limerick Anti-Austerity Alliance

Poster for the ‘United Left Alliance Cork Public Launch Rally’ on the 12th January 2011

On The Buses …. Mick Barry -Socialist Party -2011 Cork

Video from Mick Barry Socialist Party/ United Left Alliance Cork North Central “on Why Everybody Should Vote”

“Launching a Left Challenge for the Next General Election” featuring Cian Prendiville ‘Dail Candidate for Limerick’ -Socialist Party 2010

“Limerick Socialist” April 2012 -Newsletter of the Limerick Socialist Party

From 2004 “Bin Charges … Don’t let the Council scrap the waiver” -Limerick Socialist Party

Leaflet for Mick Barry -Socialist Party -Cork North Central 2007 GE
Posters for 2009 Joe Higgins Election Fundraiser in Dingle
Ad in Evening Echo for Mick Barry -Socialist Party -2004 Local Elections
Dave Keating -Socialist Party -2009 Local Elections Cork North East

Leaflet From Mick Barry Advertising The Socialist Party ‘National Collection 2010′


Leaflet from Paddy Meehan- Socialist Party -South Belfast -2011 Assembly Elections

Leaflet from Pat Lawlor -Socialist Party -West Belfast- 2011 Assembly Elections
Socialist Party Broadcast for the Assembly and Local Elections May 5th 2011
Donal O’Cofaigh -Socialist Party -Enniskillen -2011 Local Elections
Poster for Tommy Black -Socialist Party -East Belfast -2011 Assembley Elections
Paul Dale -Socialist Party – Enniskillen 2005 Local Elections


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