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Podcast – The United Labour Party August 19, 2022

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Founded in 1924 , the Party was a split from Cumann na nGaedheal caused by the treatment of Army Officers in the 1924 Army Mutiny. This episode covers the Party as well as the Army Mutiny. The Group were also known as The National League and National Party
  1. The National Group
  2. The Independent Dublin Dream Team Band
  3. Post Office Candidates in Roscommon in 1991
  4. The United Labour Party
  5. Militant Labour

Founded in 1978, The United Labour Party contested a number of elections in Northern Ireland. A Socialist Non Sectarian Party, among those involved were Paddy Devlin and John Coulthard. They petered out around 1984, with some members later becoming part of the Labour 87 group.


Leaflet from Brian Caul -United Labour Party – 1982 Belfast South By-Election October 9, 2016

A leaflet from Brian Caul of THe UNited Labour Party standing in the 1982 South Belfast By-Election. He polled 303 votes. He was the second and last candidate put forward by the Party which had been founded by former SDLP man Paddy Devlin. More on the United Labour Party here



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