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2011 Seanad Index March 27, 2011

Administrative Panel

Diarmuid Wilson -Fianna Fail- Administrative Panel

Leaflet from Mark Daly- Fianna Fail -Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Seamus Boland- Independent -Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Martin Brady -Fianna Fail- Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Agricultural Panel

John Hogan -Fianna Fail -Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Election

“With the Approval and Goodwill of Micheal Martin TD” -Denis O’Donovan-Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel-2011 Seanad Election

Martin Mansergh- Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel-2011 Seanad Elections

Jim Walsh- Fianna Fail-Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Brian Ó Domhnaill- Fianna Fail-Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Eamon Scanlon – Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Cultural & Education Panel

Leaflet for Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -Cultural & Educational Panel- 2011 Seanad Election

Labhrás Ó Murchú -Fianna Fail -Cultural & Educational Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Industrial & Commercial Panel

John Clendennen-Fine Gael -Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Averil Power -Fianna Fail -Industrial & Commercial Panel-2011 Seanad Election

Kathryn Reilly -Sinn Fein – Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Mel Casserly -Independent -Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

“Inspiring Hope” -Mary White- Fianna Fail- Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet for Aideen Hayden -Labour-Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer for Imelda Henry- Fine Gael -Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Election

Leaflet from Michael Sheehan -Fianna Fail -Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Senad Election

“With great pic of him and Michael Martin” -Kenneth O’Flynn -Fianna Fail- Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Labour Panel

“Nominated by the ICTU”- Ned O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail – Labour Panel

“Time for real change -Time for O’Brien”-Daragh O’Brien-Fianna Fail- Labour Panel

Flyer from Donie Cassidy -Fianna Fail -Labour Panel

Flyer for Marie Moloney -Labour Party -Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Tony Mulcahy -Fine Gael- Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer for Cait Keane -Fine Gael -Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Canvass Card from Declan Kelleher -NUI 2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer for Niall Ó Brolcháin -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer for John Kennedy -NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Francis Martin O’Donnell -NUI Seanad 2011

flyer for James O’Donoghue -NUI Seanad 2011
With endorsement from Denis O’Brien – Flyer from Regina O’Connor -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer from Bernadine O’Sullivan -NUI Seanad 2011

Posters for Paddy Healy -NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Daniel Sullivan- NUI Seanad 2011

Letter from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla -The Peoples Convention (CPPC)- NUI Seanad 2011
Flyer for Peter Mooney -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Ronan Mullen – Independent- NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from James Doorley -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer from Brendan Price -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer for James Coyle -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from John Crown -2011 Seanad Election NUI

Flyer for Linda O’Shea Farren -NUI Seanad 2011

Flyer for Helen Keogh – NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from David Thomas McCurtin -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Paul Lynam -NUI Seanad 2011

Leaflet for Eoin O’Broin -Sinn Fein -2011 NUI Seanad Election

Flyer for Mick Langan -NUI Seanad 2011

Trinity (Dublin University)
TCD candidate Jeffrey Dudgeon’s Seanad Election Diary
Flyer for Karin Dubsky -Trinity Panel Seanad 2011

Flyer from Iggy McGovern -Trinity Seanad 2011
Flyer from Dermot Sheehan -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer and Manifesto for William Priestley -TCD Seanad 2011
Leaflet from Dr. Maurice Gueret -Trinity Seanad 2011

Video from Robin Hanan -Seanad Trinity Panel 2011
Leaflet for Robin Hanan- Seanad Trinity Panel 2011

flyer for Dermot Frost – Trinity Seanad 2011
“Pictures are illustrative and do not signify endorsement of him by those depicted” -Marc Coleman -2011 Seanad
Leaflet for Fiona O’Malley -Seanad 2011

Rosaleen McDonagh For Seanad Campaign Video
“..running on five key principles: Courage, Conviction, Competence, Constructiveness and Clarity” -Marc Coleman -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer from David Martin -TCD Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Tony Williams -Trinity Seanad 2011

Flyer for Bart Connolly -TCD Seanad 2011

Flyer from Graham Quinn – TCD Seanad 2011

Video from Marc Coleman -TCD Seanad 2011

Letter from David Norris to Voters -TCD Seanad 2011

Leaflet from Ivana Bacik -Trinity Seanad 2011


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  1. mauricepollard Says:

    sorry to see sf wins

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