Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Marriage Equality Referendum Leaflets May 16, 2015

“A Mother’s Love is Irreplaceable.. Vote No” -Iona Institute
‘Nine Reasons to Vote NO to same Gender “Marriage” ‘-Blanchardstown Baptist Church
“I want a mammy, NOT two daddies…” ad from Mothers and Fathers Matter
Mothers and Fathers Matter Leaflet
Standup4Marriage leaflet
‘Keith Mills’ Leaflet
Bishop Kevin Doran
“Definition of Natural Marriage and the Family”
Vote No from NO to go
“Same Sex Marriage Referendum…. A Cross Denominational Response”
Leaflet From The Archdiocese Of Dublin
Athlone Christian Fellowship Church

God Says No!, Nature Says No!

I’m Gay and Voting No -Mothers and Fathers Matter

Charlie Keddy

“10 Reasons Why ‘Homosexual Marriage’ Is Harmful And Must Be Opposed” ISCC

Sinn Fein
Ogra Fianna Fail
Yes Equality Flyers with Babs Keating etc
Yes Equality Flyers with Pat Carey, Rob Kearney etc
Fianna Fail
“Vótáil TÁ Comhionannas” bileog
Declan Burke
People Before Profit
Senator Katherine Zappone
Green Party
Labour Party
Labour Party flyer
Yes Equality – “Frequently Asked Questions”
Fine Gael


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