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Podcast -Terence Moroney -Unemployed Candidate November 1982 Waterford -Episode 50 June 6, 2021

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In November 1982 Terry Moroney stood as a candidate in Waterford backed by various Unemployed Groups within the County. Moroney had been one of those that took part in the “March For Decent Jobs” from Dungarvan to Dublin that Summer. This episode tells the story of the march as well as the election campaign.

Jack Murphy and The Unemployed Protest Committee "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

In the 1957 General Election, Independent Unemployed Protest Committee candidate Jack Murphy caused a shock when elected to the Dail. This episode looks at Murphy and the Unemployed Protest Committee that he was a co-founder of.
  1. Jack Murphy and The Unemployed Protest Committee
  2. Peadar Cowan and Vanguard
  3. "Former Captain NI Football Team" Derek Dougan 1997 Election Campaign in East Belfast
  4. United Front Labour
  5. Ulster Christian Democrat Party

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