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Index of Fianna Fail Leaflets January 14, 2012

This is the Index of Fianna Fail material posted to date.
Should there be any candidates you would like to see leaflets from I can check if I have it.


Fianna Fail video about the 2005 Budget

Mary Hanafins speech to the the 2005 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

John O’Donoghue Speech to the 2005 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

Brian Cowen and Bertie Aherns speeches to the 2005 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

“Arise and follow Charlie” -Fianna Fail 1981 General Election Song

Fianna Fail Advertising Hoarding at Ireland vs Hungary 1989 Lansdowne Road

“Fianna Fáil – Vote Yes to Lisbon Campaign” Party Political Broadcast

From 2007 Tom Fleming Campaign Song- “Kerry’s Greatest Man” by “Flemings Friends”

2007 Fianna Fail Election Podcast on the Peace Process featuring Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Bertie and more

Jack Lynch sings ‘De Banks’


1943 Fianna Fail General Election Pamphlet -“Ireland 1932 To 1942 – A Story Of Great Achievements”

Photo of First Dail with picture of each member -Michael Finneran

“One Nation” -1959 Fianna Fail Pamphlet of a Speech by Sean Lemass to the Oxford Union Society.

Leaflets from Eamon De Valera 1917 East Clare by-election

From 1924 a Share Cert and Refund from The Republican Press Fund a predecessor to the Irish Press

An Eamon De Valera badge

1931 Letter from Eamon De Valera to Irish Press Shareholder announcing that the paper was to be published on the following Saturday

From 1932 “End Unemployment-Vote Fianna Fail” and “Government For The rich… Vote For Fianna Fail”

Three vintage Fianna Fail election posters “The Straight Road is Shortest”,”Keep The Wheels Moving” and “Fianna Fail is Building Up”

“The Aims of Fianna Fail” -From a 1978 Membership booklet

Jack Lynch letter to voters- Fianna Fail -1979 European and Local Elections

From 1981 a Brilliant Fianna Fail ad looking for the Youth Vote!

Fianna Fail 1959 Referendum on change in voting system”Give Yourself a Really Effective Vote” -Vote Yes

From 1977 “Support the Fianna Fail Plan for National Reconstruction”

Old Fianna Fail Poster “Mr Cosgrave Will Think More About The Unemployed After The Elections – He’ll be One of Them”

Fianna Fail leaflet concerning the Partys Jobs programme from the 1932 General Election

Feb 1982-”The Coalition has taken away the right of YOUR child to enter this school at 4 years of age.Fianna Fail will Put This Right”

From 1961 “Fianna Fail’s New Deal for Rural Ireland” ..”For another Spurt forward Vote Fianna Fail”

From 1944 “The Taoiseach’s Message” -Eamon De Valera -Fianna Fail

“How Much Is Freedom Worth? – Will You Vote with your head up or your hand out?” Poster

From 1973 a “Welcome To Fianna Fail Country” Poster and Jack Lynch Poster

From 1920s Fianna Fail “With the Compliments and Thanks of The National Executive” notes

“What do they expect you to believe?” -Fianna Fail anti Labour and Fine Gael ad from the 1973 General Election
1927 ad for Fianna Fail “the only Party that can give it to you”

“Do The Right Thing Today -Stand By The Nation – Vote Fianna Fail”

‘Securing Prosperity and Jobs’ -Fianna Fail Document from the 2007 General Election

“Together … let’s create something great…” -Fianna Fail Membership form from 2006

“The Next Steps Forward For Ireland” -Fianna Fail 2007 General Election Website ‘’

From 1989 ‘Your Choice Is Stark.’ “Fianna Fail: Stable Government” “Coalitions: Multi Party Chaos”

From February 1982 ‘Getting Down To The Job’ And ‘Fianna Fails Fair, Realistic Budget’

“The Nation Needs Now! Clear Policy, Effective Leadership -Vote Fianna Fail”

1973 General Election -”What will this Election decide?” Vote Fianna Fail- For Progress with Stability

From Limerick in 1957 -”Fianna Fail Faces Facts , Fianna Fail for Future Freedom”

From 1977 -”The Fianna Fail Manifesto -an action plan for national recovery” – abridged version
Taoiseach’s Special Millennium Message -Bertie Ahern late 1999
“A Lot done, More to Do”- full 95 pages of the Fianna Fail 2002-2007 Manifesto.
The Fianna Fail Quiz – From the Fianna Fail Website in 1999
“We Want No Reds Here!” -Cumann na nGaedhael Poster and ‘How Much is Freedom Worth’ Fianna Fail poster

Éamon de Valera -’We Got Him Out To Put Him In’ poster
November 1982 -Haugheys Message to the electorate
Bertie- A Lot done, More to do

Fianna Fail-The best deal on tax, The best deal on Social Welfare 1992

1992 ‘Hard Labour’ leaflet

Alberts ‘Six Point Plan for National Progress’

Fundraising letter from Mr Haughey to business circa 1987

Fianna Fail-February 1982 with Haughesy message to the electorate

February-1982 ‘Nail the Lies’ leaflet

1987 ‘The Programme for National Recovery’ medium

1987 ‘Get Things Going’- ‘Programme for National Recovery’ pamphlet

1997- A Young Leader for a Young Country

1992 Anti Property Tax ad from Fianna Fail

A Receipt From The 1956 Fianna Fail National Collection. Signed By Neil Blaney

“Fianna Fail 1926 – 1947″ -Booklet Commemorating 21 Years Of Fianna Fail

1985 Fianna Fail National Collection

“Greyhound Supporters -Remember Your Friends -They Need Your Votes” -from the 1989 and 1992 General Elections

Invite to the 2005 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis
‘Who’ll protect my daughter from the pushers?’ -Zero Tolerance 1997

Charles Haugheys Message to the Electorate 1987

‘now, The Next Steps’ picture 2007 GE

Jack Lynch and Brendan Corish Posters from 1973 General Election

Skipper for this storm too -Eamon DeValera 1944 General Election

Fianna Fail Raffle Ticket

We’ve made a difference, You can too -Join Fianna Fail 2002

Offering “Justice and Brotherhood- not Flogging and Tortures” -Sinn Fein 1923 General Election

Fianna Fail 1933 “All Land Annuities will be reduced by one-half”

From 1989 “Some Notes on Ireland’s Premier Political Party’
Join Fianna Fail Maynooth College -1990
‘Back Lemass’ poster from the 1961 General Election

From 1951 -”Fianna Fail – for the Workers! ”

“Health Cuts Hurt the Old The Sick and The Handicapped” -Fianna Fail- 1987 General Election

“Fianna Fail Is Good For Dublin” – 1992 General Election Dublin Manifesto

Tánaiste Mary Coughlan and Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn-Their websites from 1999
“Fianna Fail -The party who care for the elderly, the young and those in need”
‘Win with De Valera’, ‘De Valera For President’ posters

Sallins Fianna Fail News – Summer 2010

Cheesy Fianna Fail Poster for next General Election

“Who’ll keep the pushers from our children?” -Fianna Fail -1997 General Election

“Fianna Fail Cares for Rural Ireland” -February 1982 General Election

From Cavan 1969 “Fianna Fail Stands For Progress And Prosperity”

A series of five Desktop images for your PC produced by Fianna Fail around 2001

Fianna Fail ad on Taxation from the 1979 Local Elections

Leaflet for “Fianna Fail Raceday 99″ – “A Day at the Races with an Extra Dimension”

From the 1977 Election a Fianna Fail ad -”The Coalition Shopping Basket” -”The Arabs put 12p on petrol- and the Coalition put 35p!”

A Brian Cowen Cardboard Cutout Face Mask

From 1948 “Fianna Fail has a Plan”

From 1998 an Ad for the Fianna Fail ‘Church Gate’ National Collection

The 40 page “Fianna Fail Canvassers’ Guide” from the 2011 General Election

Fianna Fáil Policy Guide Spring 2012

From The 1933 General Election “Fianna Fail Was Right All The Time”

“Farm Prices Must Be Kept At A Paying Level” -Fianna Fail 1938 General Election

From November 1982 “Your Safety is Secure With Fianna Fail”

Some Anti Treaty Posters

Two Anti-Treaty Political Cartoons from 1922

From 1977 “The Coalition Discriminates Against Women”- “Fianna Fail Will Put That Right”

“Remember When There Was No Housing Problem?” -Fianna Fail 1969 General Election

From Haughley Led Fianna Fail in 1989 “My Commitment- A Country We Can All Be Proud Of”

From September 1927 “Show Me Your Company ….. For the Sake of Ireland’s Honour Vote for Fianna Fail …”

Cathal Brugha Memorial Card from the mid 1920′s

From 1932 a Fianna Fail ad promoting protectionism.

“Hecklers! – We Love Them…” 1948 anti Clann Na Poblachta ad from Fianna Fail

From 1977 a “Bring Back Jack” – “Vote Fianna Fail” T-shirt

From 1923 “Voting for the Free State means keeping Ireland down … Vote Republican”

From Booterstown Church in Dublin a plaque on a pew for Dev and family

“The Industrial Drive Must Go On” – Fianna Fail – 1938 General Election

2011 GE Fianna Fail letter stating they “will oppose moves to legalise abortion in Ireland”

Easter Rising 1916 Commemorative Stamps, April 1966

From 1987 “Thatcher wants Garret … Do You? ” ….. Vote Fianna Fail

Fianna Fail Gender Equality Action Plan 2013-2018

“De Valera The Man I Knew” -1975 Article By Sean McEntee In ‘Iris Fianna Fail’

A 1975 “Join Fianna Fail” Leaflet With Message From Jack Lynch

“A Seanad For The People” – Fianna Fail Proposals On Seanad Reform

“Setting The Agenda” 1993 Interview With Albert Reynolds From Fianna Fail “Ceiliúradh An 60ú Árd Fheis” Programme

Albert Reynolds Message To Delegates From The 1993 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Clár.

From “Iris Fianna Fail” Winter 1975 …”Women -Why We Need More Of Them In Politics”

Programme For The 1987 Fianna Fail ‘Dinnéar An Taoisigh’ With Prizes, Menu And Cigars

“No More Rates” – Fianna Fail Leaflet From The 1973 General Election

The Fianna Fail Local Elections 2014 Style Manual


“There’s Someone We’d Like You To Meet More Often:.. Your TD.” -Fianna Fail Ad 1968 Voting System Referendum,

From 1972 “After May 10, things will never be the same again” Fianna Fail- Yes to joining the EEC
“Good For Ireland, Good For Europe – Vote Yes” Fianna Fail Lisbon One leaflet.. with Link to IBEC website!

Fianna Fail 1959 Referendum on change in voting system”Give Yourself a Really Effective Vote” -Vote Yes

“Yes To Lisbon” -Fianna Fail Dublin Mid West

“Demand Real Reform -Vote No” -Seanad Referendum Leaflet From Fianna Fail

“Fianna Fáil – Vote Yes to Lisbon Campaign” Party Political Broadcast

From Fianna Fail 1959 ‘Dev For President’ and ‘Abolish PR’

From 1937 “Vote “Yes” For The Constitution- Vote Fianna Fail”

“The Straight Vote is Simple, Fair, Democratic” -Fianna Fail Poster from the 1968 Referendum on the change of voting system

Fianna Fail -Yes to Common Sense Citizenship – 2004 Citizenship Referendum

“A YES Vote Is The Best Vote For JOBS and WORKERS’ RIGHTS” – Fianna Fail Yes to Lisbon 2 leaflet

From 1959 a flyer to Vote De Valera for President and Yes to the Change in Voting System

From 1972 Referendum on EEC Entry – Vote Yes ad from Fianna Fail

“The EEC and Prices -What Are The Facts?” -Fianna Fail- 1972 Referendum on EEC Entry

“Vote Yes for the Stability Treaty” Leaflet from Fianna Fail

“Protect Children Vote Yes” Leaflet from Lorraine Clifford -Fianna Fail- South West Inner City

“Protect Children -Vote Yes ” Leaflet from Fianna Fail

‘Unite With Europe – Vote Yes’ Flyer From Fianna Fail -1972 Referendum On Joining The Common Market

1992 Leaflet For The Fianna Fail National Collection And Vote Yes To The Maastricht Referendum

From Fianna Fail 1959 Referendum On Change In Voting System – “The Straight Vote Some Questions And Answers”


“Fianna Fail Will Never Take Risks With The Economy” -2005 Bertie Ahern Speech from Fianna Fail paper ‘The Nation’

Summary of Fianna Fails 1979 Accounts with note from Auditor and Party Treasurer

A list of hotels (with prices -Jurys for £11.90) from the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Clár

From 1980 Ads for the Fianna Fail ‘Disco Dance’ (with Larry Gogan) and the ‘Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Draw ‘

Fianna Fail 1979 National Collection Constituency Totals

Charlie Haughey’s message to delegates from the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

Profile of Dr Patrick Tubridy from the Fianna Fail 1980 Committee of Fifteen elections

From 1980 details of the number of Fianna Fail Cumainn nationally and report of the National Executive.

Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Report 1965

The Spring/Summer 2013 Edition Of The Fianna Fail Members Magazine ‘Cuisle’

‘Vote Kate Feeney No 1 for Uachtarán’ of Ogra Fianna Fail Leaflet

“Vótáil Maguire Uachtarán Ógra Fhianna Fáil” -Leaflet from Donnacha Maguire for Ogra FF President

Includes a young Willie O’Dea and Ryan Tubridys father -booklet for the ‘Committee of 15′ election from the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

Jennifer Allen -Fianna Fail – Committee of Twenty election 2008

Flyer for Kathryn Byrne- Fianna Fail Committee of 20

Declan Harmon- Ogra Fianna Fail National Youth Committee

Leaflet from Peter Doris- Ogra Fianna Fail Leas Cathaoirleach Election 2008

Geraldine Cole -Committee of Twenty -2007 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

Colin Joyce- Committee of Twenty -2007 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

Leaflet from John Ramsey -Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty 2012 Elections

Flyer from Donnacha Maguire -2012 Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty elections

“The Courage to Challenge” – Donnacha Maguire -Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty 2012

Flyer from Stephanie Murphy-Penn -2012 Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty election

Leaflet from Claudia Kennedy – Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty Elections

Leaflet from James Lawless -Fianna Fail Committee of Twenty elections 2012 Ard-Fheis

Leaflet from Lorcan Price – 2007 Election for Leas Cathaoirleach of Ógra Fianna Fail

Fianna Fail magazine – “Cuisle” -’The voice of the members’ Issue 01 Winter 2011

Issue 2 Spring 2012 of the Fianna Fail magazine ‘Cuisle’

Ad for “The Fianna Fail Insurance Package”

Flyer from Fianna Fail Belfast from the 2013 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Clar 2012 and some highlights from it…… including some motions.

Bertie Aherns 2006 New Year Message to Fianna Fail members

Fianna Fail “Organisational Reform Proposals” for the 2012 Ard Fheis

Leaflet from James Lawless – Committee of Twenty – 2012 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

The 2013 Ard Fheis Clár

Nollaig 1957 Edition Of The Fianna Fail Paper ‘Gleas’

“The Chief” Portrait Of Eamon DeValera From Arthur Griffin -Fianna Fail President’s Dinner 2013

Flyer for Gillian Coughlan -Fianna Fail Committee Of 20 Elections 2013

Flyer from Emer O’Donovan -Fianna Fail Committee of 20 Elections 2013

Flyer from James Lawless -Fianna Fail Committee of 20 Elections 2013

Flyer from Laura Reid -Fianna Fail Committee of 20 Elections 2013

Flyer from Hugh Conaghan – Fianna Fail ‘Committee Of 20′ Election 2013

Leaflet from Eoin Neylon -Fianna Fail ‘Committee of 20′ Election 2013

Leaflet from Eoin Muldoon -Fianna Fail ‘Committee of 20′ Election 2013

Leaflet from Oliver Golden -Fianna Fail Committee of 20 Elections

Flyer From Lorraine Clifford- Fianna Fail 2013 Committee Of 20 Election

“Keep The Wheels Moving” -Vote Niall Kelleher for Fianna Fail ‘Committee of Twenty’

Kathryn Byrne for Vice President of Fianna Fail Leaflet

Arthur Griffin “Vote 1 for Vice President” Fianna Fail

Letter from Gerry Bridgett -Fianna Fail Honorary Secretary Election 2013

The front and back covers to the 2007 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis Clar

‘Tiernan For Dublin’ Leaflet From Tiernan Brady – Fianna Fail Dublin European Election Selection Convention

Leaflet From Geraldine Feeney -Fianna Fail Dublin European Election Selection Convention

Leaflet From Mary Fitzpatrick -Fianna Fail Dublin European Election Selection Convention

 “Ideal As A Christmas Gift” An Ad For The 1989 Fianna Fail Diary

Profiles Of Candidates For Honorary Treasurer And Committee Of 15 Elections From The 1993 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis

1992 Leaflet For The Fianna Fail National Collection And Vote Yes To The Maastricht Referendum

Ogra Fianna Fail

Ogra FF Star Trek Spoof – “Fianna Fail The Next Generation … Join The Crew”

Ogra Fianna Fail – ‘Be a driver not a passenger’ -1991
Andy Warhol style Dev- Grassroots Newsletter no 6 -2005

Grassroots Issue 8 2006

From 2004 Issue 3 of the Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter ‘Grassroots”

From 2005 Issue 7 Of The Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter ‘Grassroots’

Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter Grassroots Issue 2 2004- includes nice shot of Brian Cowen and Tom Kitt singing together
Ogra Fianna Fail A-Team spoof with Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan, Mary Coughlan and Batt O’Keefe

Issue 1 2004 of the Ogra Fianna Fail Newsletter ‘Grassroots’

Ogra Fianna Fail Magazine ‘Grassroots’- Issue 10 , A 2006 Ard Fheis Special

From 2006, Issue 9 of Ógra Fianna Fáil Magazine Grassroots with details of the “Pimp My Party” Recruitment Campaign

“Be Part Of The Comeback … Join Fianna Fail Today” from Ogra Fianna Fail

“Lets make it…. Your Kind Of Country” -Fianna Fail 1977

The Programme For The 2007 Ogra Fianna Fail National Youth Conference.

‘Vote Kate Feeney No 1 for Uachtarán’ of Ogra Fianna Fail Leaflet

From 2009 “North Tipperary Ogra Monthly News” – Ogra Fianna Fail

“Vótáil Maguire Uachtarán Ógra Fhianna Fáil” -Leaflet from Donnacha Maguire for Ogra FF President

Leaflet from Lorcan Price – 2007 Election for Leas Cathaoirleach of Ógra Fianna Fail

Leaflet From John Regan- By-Election For Ogra Fianna Fail Policy And Campaigns Officer

John Keating For Ogra Fianna Fail “Policy And Campaigns”

Eoin Neylon For President Of Ogra Fianna Fail Leaflet

“Cllr. Naoise O’Cearúil For Ogra President” Leaflet

The Clar For The 2014 Ógra Fianna Fail Youth Conference -November 7th And 8th 2014

Some Pages From ‘Songbook Of The Rearguard’ From The Ogra Fianna Fail Wolfe Tone Cumman, TCD

“Vote No To Abolition …Reform Of Seanad Eireann ..Your Guide” Leaflet From Ogra Fianna Fail

Candidate Profiles (Including Micheál Martin, Sean Gallagher) From The 1984 Ogra Fianna Fail Conference Clár



“Arise and follow Charlie” -Fianna Fail 1981 General Election Song

“Goodbye to all that says CJH” 1992
Charles Haugheys Message to the Electorate 1987

Fundraising letter from Mr Haughey to business circa 1987

Fianna Fail-February 1982 with Haughesy message to the electorate

November 1982 -Haugheys Message to the electorate

Charlie Haughey’s message to delegates from the 1980 Fianna Fail Ard Fheis.

“What is Haughey’s Next Move?” -’Hello’ like interview with Haughey from 1970 (pre Arms Trial)

South Dublin

Dublin Mid West

John Curran Dublin MW 2002

Des Kelly -Lucan 2004 LE

Neil O’Neill -Clondalkin 2004 LE

 Letter from Ed O’Brien -Lucan -2004 Local Elections

“Education, Integration, Representation”- Shaheen Ahmed -Fianna Fail- 2009 Local Elections -Lucan

Flyer for Luke Moriarty- Fianna Fail- 2007 GE Dublin Mid West

Dublin South Central

Flyer For Sean Ardagh, Sonny Knowles, Gerrard Mullally And Seamus McGowan -Fianna Fail -Terenure -1985 Local Elections

Ben Briscoe no posters 1997

Michael Mulcahy-1997 Dublin SC

David Gaynor, Charlie Ardagh -Crumlin Kimmage -2004 Local Elections

Sean Ardagh 1997 Dublin South Central

“Mulcahy Calls For Crackdown On Loutish Behaviour” -Michael Mulcahy -Fianna Fail 2005

Daithí De Róiste -Fianna Fail -Ballyfermot Drimnagh -2014 Local Elections

Ad for Aoife ni Dhonnchadha -Fianna Fail Local Area Rep – Crumlin,Kimmage, Walkinstown,Terenure and Harolds Cross

Canvass Card From Catherine Ardagh -Fianna Fail -Crumlin Kimmage

Dublin South East

Noel Whelan , Eoin Ryan -1997 Dublin South East

Noel Whelan, 1997 Dublin South East

Mary McAleese, Eoin Ryan, Michael Donnelly, Gerard Brady -1987 GE Dublin South East

Mary Hanafin, Michael Donnelly, Gerry Kieran, Derek Mooney-Rathmines 1985

Mary Mooney -Dublin SE 1992

Loughlin Deegan, Michael Donnelly -Rathmines 1999 Local Elections

Garret Tubridys Video Diaries -2009 Local Elections
Flyer for Derek Mooney -1991 Local Elections Rathmines

Chris Andrews -1999 LE Pembroke
Loughlin Deegan -1999 Rathmines

Jim O’Callaghan Newsletter- 2004 LE Rathmines

Kathryn Byrne, Ciaran O’Loughlin, Eoin Ryan -1991 LE Pembroke

Flyer for Jim O’Callaghan -Fianna Fail- 2007 General Election Dublin South East

“I HAVE A DREAM” Leaflet from Garry Keegan -Fianna Fail -2005 Dublin South East

flyer for Mary McAlesse, Gerard Brady, Michael Donnelly, Eoin Ryan-Fianna Fail- Dublin South East 1987 GE

Flyer for Chris Andrews -Fianna Fail -Dublin South East 2011GE

“New Face, New Name, Fresh Start!” Éamonn Walsh -Fianna Fail SW Inner City 2008

Flyer from Sean Moore, Kit Robinson, Ciaran O’Loughlin -Fianna Fail -1979 Local Elections

Gerard Brady, Seamus Kenny, Pól Mac Murchú and Noirin Slattery- Fianna Fail 1979 Local Elections Area 9 Dublin

Flyer from Michael Donnelly, Mary Hanafin, Derek Mooney -Fianna Fail -1991 Local Elections-Rathmines

“Protect Children Vote Yes” Leaflet from Lorraine Clifford -Fianna Fail- South West Inner City

“Hecklers! – We Love Them…” 1948 anti Clann Na Poblachta ad from Fianna Fail

Newsletter From Lorraine Clifford -Fianna Fail -Pembroke South Dock -2014 Local Elections

Newsletter From Frank Kennedy -Fianna Fail -Pembroke South Dock -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From John Hanafin -Fianna Fail -Pembroke South Dock

“Good Morning” flyer from Chris Andrews “Representation with Integrity” – Fianna Fail -2011 General Election Dublin South East

Dublin South

Vote School Vote me -Kitt, Ormonde- Knocklyon school

Dublin South 1987 GE, Seamus Brennan, Tom Kitt, Ann  Ormonde

Stephen Riney, Damien Fee,Ann Ormonde- Rathfarnham 1991 LE

Tony Kelly anti Traveller Leaflet 1999

2001 leaflet where Tom Kitt discovers the Internet
‘Who is Alan Foran?’- Alan Foran 2004 LE Terenure/Rathfarnham

John Lahart 2004 Local Elections Terenure/Rathfarnham

Seamus Brennan Report circa 1998
Maria Corrigan -2007 GE Dublin South

Tom Kitt- Ole Ole -World Cup 2002

David Boylan -1999 Dundrum

Marie Ardagh -2004 LE Terenure Rathfarnham

Stephen Rineys Rathfarnham Heritage Map 1991 LE

Seamus Brennan Progress Report 2002 GE Dublin South
Ann Ormonde -1989 GE Dublin South

Vincent Kenny -2004 LE Terenure Rathfarnham

Flyer for John Phelan  -Rathfarnham 2009 Local Elections

Tony Fox -Dundrum 1999 LE

Leaflet from Trevor Matthews -Fianna Fail -Dundrum 2004 LE
1991 letter from Stephen Riney (Fianna Fail) outlining plans for the M50
“Local Review” Cllr John Lahart (Fianna Fail) -Summer 2001

“Possible LUAS Line E -Dundrum->Rathfarnham-> City Centre” -Maria Corrigan 2008
‘Fianna Fails policy on crime is to ensure that the laws of the land are implemented’ -Tom Kitt leaflet -1997 General Election Dublin South

Leaflet for Shay Brennan-2009 Dublin South By-Election

Leaflet from Maria Corrigan -Fianna Fail -Dublin South 2011

“The Free State has Brought Prosperity to the Free State Ministers …Vote For Lemass and a Fair Deal For All”

Flyer from Seamus Brennan, Tom Kitt, Ann Ormonde -Fianna Fail -1992 General Election Dublin South

Post Budget Newsletter From Pat Hynes -Fianna Fail -Dundrum

Flyer From Pat Hynes -Fianna Fail Local Area Rep Dundrum

Newsletter From Sarah Ryan -Fianna Fail -Dundrum -2014 Local Elections

‘Your Guide To Budget 2014′ -Leaflet From Sarah Ryan -Fianna Fail -Dundrum

Leaflet From Fianna Fail Dundrum Local Area Rep Sarah Ryan.

Flyer From John C Byrne -Fiannna Fail -Glencullen Sandyford

Leaflet From John C. Byrne -Fianna Fail – Glencullen Sandyford -2014 Local Elections

Dublin South West

Sean Walsh, Chris Flood Dublin South West 1987

Thank You from Conor Lenihan

Charlie O’Connor Canvass Card-Dublin South West
“Sorry I missed You” -Dermot Flanagan -2009 LE Tallaght South

Conor Lenihan Newsletter Winter 2010

‘Childrens Hospital in Tallaght Not Closing’ -Charlie O’Connor Dublin South West

“….I do not , nor will I ever walk away.” Letter from Conor Lenihan -Fianna Fail- Dublin South West

“Congratulations to Tubridy on important book” -Charlie O’Connor -Fianna Fail -Dublin South West 2011

Calling card from Fianna Fails Conor Lenihan -2011 General Election Dublin South West

“Cllr John Hannon is the ONE” – Fianna Fail 2009 Local Elections Tallaght South

“Water Charges – We Need A Fairer System” -John Lahart -Fianna Fail -2014 Dublin South West By Election

Canvass Cards And Letter To Voters From John Lahart -Fianna Fail -2014 Dublin South West By Election

Newsletter From Éamonn Walsh -Fianna Fail -Terenure Templeogue -2014 Local Elections

“Restoring Public Faith In Our Charity Sector” Leaflet And Meeting Notice From Emma Murphy -Fianna Fail -Rathfarnham

Leaflets From Emma Murphy -Fianna Fail -Rathfarnham -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From John Lahart -Fianna Fail -Rathfarnham -2014 Local Elections

Dun Laoghaire

Flyer from David Andrews -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire 1997 General Election

Judge Adrian Hardiman, Elizabeth Gregan, Betty Coffey,William Harvey, 1985 Local Elections
Dun Laoghaire Nov ’82 -David Andrews, Lady Valerie Goulding, Martin O’Donoghue, Owen Hammond

1997- Mary Hanafin- ‘A legislator for the 21st Century’
Richard Conroy, Mary Gray, Owen Hammond, David Kane- Ballybrack 1985

Betty Coffey – Dun Laoghaire 1989

 1989 FF “Dun Laoghaire News” – Andrews, Coffey, Hillery
Noirin Butler, Owen Hammond, Richard Conroy, Noel Long -Ballybrack 1991 LE

Owen Hammond letter to Electorate-November 1982 -Dun Laoghaire

Larry Butler -1991 LE Glencullen

Anne Brady, Michael Cotter, Paddy Madigan -1985 LE Blackrock
Michael Cotter -1985 Local Elections Blackrock
Barry Conway -Blackrock 2004 Local Elections
Andrews, Goulding, Hammond , O’Donoghue Canvass Card – November 1982 GE Dun Laoghaire

Canvass Card From Paddy Madigan- Fianna Fail -1985 Local Elections- Blackrock

1945 Local Elections Leaflet for Dun Laoghaire Borough
Lorcan Mooney- 2004 LE Blackrock

Betty Coffey in Black and White .. “A Voice For The Liberal Agenda In Fianna Fail” -1992 GE -Dun Laoghaire

Sean Lemass Cumman Densgrange Spring 1990 Newsletter
Paddy Madigan -1991 Local Elections- Blackrock
Gerry Horkan -Stillorgan -2009 Local Elections

From February 1982 ‘Voters of Dun Laoghaire. For Your Future’ Vote Andrews, O’Donoghue, O Méalóid
Leaflet for Richard Conroy – 1987 General Election Dun Laoghaire.
Flyer for Barry Andrews -2002 GE Dun Laoghaire

Flyer for Brian Hillery -1989 General Election- Dun Laoghaire

“My family has tried to serve this area with integrity and honest commitment for almost 50 years” -Barry Andrews -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire 2011

Christmas Newsletter From Cormac Devlin – Fianna Fail – Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet From James McCann (FF) Dun Laoghaire Offering “Refreshments” For Voters At His Home In Sallynoggin

1997 Leaflet From Mary Hanafin -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet From Vinny Durán-Kearns -Fianna Fail -Killiney Shankill -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card For Jennifer Cuffe / Mary Fitzpatrick -Fianna Fail -Killiney Shankill / Dublin

Newsletter From Jennifer Cuffe -Fianna Fail – Killiney Shankill -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet Advertising A Water Charges Meeting From Jennifer Cuffe -Fianna Fail -Killiney Shankill

Leaflet From Cormac Devlin -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From James McCann -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Kate Feeney -Fianna Fail -Blackrock -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Kate Feeney -Fianna Fail -Blackrock -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card And Poster From Mary Hanafin -Fianna Fail -Blackrock

Letter To Postal Voter From Mary Hanafin -Fianna Fail -Blackrock -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Liam Dockery -Fianna Fail – Stillorgan -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Gerry Horkan -Fianna Fail -Stillorgan -2014 Local Elections

North Dublin

Bertie/Dublin Central

From Bertie Ahern in 1994…. “Easter Greetings From your Local T.D.”

From 1992 “Good Morning Message from your local TD Bertie Ahern -Minister For Finance”

Berties Electoral Machine
Berties Newsletter

Tony Kett 1991 and 1985 Local Elections

Tom Leonard -1983 Dublin Central by-election

1992 Bertie Ahern, Olga Bennett and Dermot Fitzpatrick

Tom Stafford-‘He’s a true Blue’

Bertie Ahern. George Colley, Tom Leonard Nov 1982 Dublin Central

Olga Bennett -‘Why Me?’ 1992

The Letter that got Cyprian Brady Elected- Dublin Central 2007

Leaflet Advertising ‘Berties Walkabout’ 1993

Dermot Fitzpatrick -1992 Dublin Central

‘Good Morning Voter, from your Local Representative’- Bertie Ahern 2007 -Dublin Central

‘Dear Friend’ -Berties letter to voters 1992 GE- Dublin Central

‘I’m Backing Bertie’ sticker from 2007

Tony Kett, Ernie Beggs, Tom Stafford -1991 LE North Inner City

Bertie Letter looking for Support for Maurice Ahern 2009

A Bertie Ahern leaflet from the 1985 Local Elections
Christmas Card from Bertie Ahern and Cyprian Brady

From 1986- Bertie Ahern TD -Advice Centres leaflet

From 1997 – “Election Message from Bertie Ahern T.D.”

Flyer for Dermot Fitzpatrick -Fianna Fail -Dublin Central 1992 General Election.

Bertie Ahern letter in Support of Cyprian Brady- 2011 General Election Dublin Central

Ernie Beggs -1991 LE North Inner City

1989 Leaflet for “Devoted Dub” Bertie Ahern, Dermot Fitzpatrick, John Stafford (Eileen Lemass, Niall Andrews)- Fianna Fail -Dublin Central

Leaflet from John Stafford -Fianna Fail -1989 General Election -Dublin Central

Seaghan Kearney -2009 LE Cabra Glasnevin

“Not Just at Election Time” -Maurice Ahern -2009 Dublin Central By-Election

Letter from Mary Fitzpatrick -Fianna Fail-2011 Dublin Central

‘We have many reasons to be hopeful’ -’Evening of Election Letter’ From Cyprian Brady- 2011 General Election -Dublin Central

“Cyprian Brady sets the record straight” -Fianna Fail- Dublin Central 2011

From 2000 “Feng Shui our streets” – Article from the Fianna Fail Website from Marian McGennis TD

‘Good Morning Voter from your Local Representative’- Cyprian Brady -Fianna Fail Dublin Central 2011

Leaflet for Matt Stafford, Thomas Mullen, James Hannon, Eugene Timmons, Kathleen Clarke -Fianna Fail 1942 Local Elections Dublin Corporation Area 2

‘Not Just At Election Time’ 2007 Bertie Ahern Flyer giving details of clinic times and more….

From 1992 “Election Message from Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D., Minister for Finance” -Fianna Fail -Dublin Central

“Mary Fitzpatrick Is Seeking Your No.1 Vote For David Costello” Fianna Fail -Cabra-Finglas

Leaflet From David Costello -Fianna Fail – Cabra Finglas -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Darren Lehane -Fianna Fail – Cabra Finglas -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Brian Mohan- Fianna Fail – North Inner City

Dublin North

ex Dublin GAA Goalkeeper- John O’Leary -Dublin North 2007

‘No Giant Sewerage Plant’ Sign From Fianna Fail

“No Giant Sewerage Plant” Newsletter/Poster From Averil Power, Sean Paul Mahon, Tom Brabazon- Fianna Fail

Newsletter From Adrian Henchy- Fianna Fail -Swords -2014 Local ELections

Flyer From Darragh Butler -Fianna Fail -Swords -2014 Local Elections

Dublin North Central

1992 leaflet from Ivor Callely, Sean Haughey, John Stafford- Fianna Fail -Dublin North Central

Ivor Callely 1992
The Casino at Marino -Sean Haughey
Ivor Callelys Internet Safety Message

Ivor Calelly 2007 GE Dublin North Central

Ivor Callely 2009 Newsletter includes a section “How to cope through Difficulties’

“Fighting Crime” -Ivor Callely 1992 GE
If you would like to Contact Ivor Callely to offer help in his election campaign, to seek his advice or assistance…
Ivor Callely urging a ‘Tattooing and Piercing info campaign’ -From 1999

From 2003…Ivor Calellys “History Of Leinster House” Leaflet

“Get Things Moving- with Sean Haughey” -1997 GE Dublin North Central
Ivor Callelys ‘Nike’ inspired ‘Just doing it… ” leaflet from 1997

Ivor Callelys guide to Budget 2011… with nice FF style logo… and mor

“2004 Budget Highlights” leaflet from Ivor Callely -Fianna Fail -Dublin North Central

Flyer with no Fianna Fail logo from Sean Haughey- Fianna Fail -Dublin North Central 2011

Leaflet about pollution on Bull Island- Stephen Egan -1999 Local Elections Clontarf

“Wrong Tax Wrong Time -Now Is Not The Time For Property Taxes” Leaflet from Deirdre Heney -Fianna Fail -Clontarf

Newsletter From Sean Haughey -Fianna Fail -Clontarf -2014 Local Elections

Dublin North East

“Keep Sinn Fein Out!” -‘Vote Power No 1’ -Averil Power -Fianna Fail-Dublin North East 2011

“A Worker on the Ground – Always Around” Martin Brady -Fianna Fail -1997 General Election -Dublin North East

“A Fresh Voice for Portmarnock” -Averil Power -Fianna Fail -2009 Local Elections Howth Malahide

Michael Woods -Sorry I Missed You

“Averil called ……” – Averil Power -Fianna Fail 2009 Local Elections Howth Malahide

Leaflet from Jimmy Guerin -Fianna Fail (ran as an Indo) -2009 Local Elections Howth/Malahide

Martin Brady gives Berties Commitments for Dublin Airport 1997

Dublin North West

Shame on them!- Pat Carey 1997
Tony Taafe 1997

Flyer for Pat Carey , Noel Ahern – 1997 GE Dublin North West

Noel Ahern Letter -Dublin NW 1997

Martin McGettigan -Donaghmede 2009 Local Elections
Noel Ahern Leaflet-1997 Dublin North West

Dublin West

Leaflet for Brian Lenihan, David McGuinness -Fianna Fail -Dublin West 2011

Flyer for David McGuinness, Brian Lenihan -Fianna Fail -2011 GE Dublin West

Litir um Toghchán from David McGuinness -Fianna Fail – 2011 Dublin West By-Election

Leaflet from David McGuinness -Fianna Fail -2011 Dublin West By-Election

Ad from David McGuinness – Fianna Fail -2011 Dublin West By-Election

Brian Lenihan, Gerry Lynam -Dublin West 2007 GE
Idowu Olafimihan -2009 Local Elections Mulhuddart

Brian Lenihan TD – ‘Making Ireland Greener and Cleaner’ – 2006 Newsletter

Brian Lenihans ‘Health’ Newsletter 2007 GE
Letter from Brian Lenihan re a school extension -2011 General Election Dublin West

“Ignore All The Promises – Examine The Facts” Brian Lenihan -Fianna Fail -Dublin West 2011

“Dublin 15 News April 2012″ from David McGuinness Fianna Fail

Flyer from Brian Lenihan -Fianna Fail -1996 Dublin West By Election

Leaflet from David McGuinness- Fianna Fail- introducing himself to voters in the new section of Dublin West

From 1999 Christmas Greetings from Liam Lawlor -Fianna Fail -Dublin West

Flyer From Eileen Lemass -Fianna Fail -1982 Dublin West By Election

Leaflet From Edward MacManus -Fianna Fail – Castleknock

“Blanchardstown Update Winter 2013″ From David McGuinness -Fianna Fail -Mulhuddart

“Property Tax And Irish Water Scandal” Leaflet From Jack Chambers -Fianna Fail -Castleknock

Letter Re Public Consultation On Cycle Lane From Jack Chambers -Fianna Fail -Castleknock

Dublin- Euro
From Mother Theresa to Dickie Rock -John Stafford Euro 1994

Niall Andrews Euro 99

Olive Brainden Euro 94

All main Fianna Fail manifestos for Euro 94

From 2004 “Give Dublin a Fresh Start in Europe” -Vote Royston Brady -Fianna Fail

Royston Brady ‘Missing’ poster 2004
Eileen Lemass 1989 Euro Elections

John Stafford Flyer -1994 European Elections
John Stafford (and Jack Chartons) USA 94 fixture guide

Eoin Ryan , Barry Andrews, Mary Hanafin -”Your team at home and away” – 2004 European Elections Dublin

“You can trust Eoin Ryan in Europe” -Eoin Ryan -Fianna Fail -2009 European Elections

Leaflet from Olive Braiden, Niall Andrews, John Stafford -Fianna Fail -1994 European Elections -Dublin

Ruairi Brugha, Sile De Valera, Joe Fox and Michael Yeats -Fianna Fail -1979 European Elections

Niall Andrews, Eileen Lemass, Jim Tunney -Fianna Fail -1984 European Elections -Dublin

Ben Briscoe “The European voice for Dublin” -Fianna Fail -1999 European Elections Dublin

Leaflet from Niall Andrews, Eileen Lemass- Fianna Fail -1989 European Elections Dublin

Leaflet From Niall Andrews, Eileen Lemass, Jim Tunney -Fianna Fail -1984 European Elections -Dublin


Leinster Euro

Seamus Kirks Mock GAA Programme Euro 2004

All main Fianna Fail manifestos for Euro 94
Paddy Lalor ,Jim Fitzsimons- Euro 89 Leinster

Paddy Lalor -1989 Euro Elections Leinster

Carlow Kilkenny

Evelyn White -Carlow Kilkenny 1992
Kevin Fennelly, Liam Aylward, MJ Nolan, Evelyn White- Carlow-Kilkenny 92

John Pender -2004 LE -Tullow, Carlow

Leaflet From Michael Shelly -Fianna Fail -1927 Carlow Kilkenny Bye-Election

John Coonan -2009 LE Kilkenny

Canvass Card From Fintan Phelan -Fianna Fail -Carlow -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Pat Fitzpatrick – Fianna Fail – Castlecomer -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From John Coonan -Fianna Fail -Kilkenny West -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Paddy McKee -Fianna Fail -Kilkenny City West -2014 Local Elections

Kilkenny Senior And Intermediate Hurling Fixture List From Joe Malone -Fianna Fail -Kilkenny City West

Leaflet From Ger Frisby -Fianna Fail – Piltown -2014 Local Elections

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor -Fianna Fail (very small) -Carlow-Kilkenny 2011 GE

Letter to Constituent from John McGuinness- Fianna Fail -2011 General Election Carlow Kilkenny 2011


Flyer from Naoise Ó Cearúil -Fianna Fail -Maynooth Local Area Rep

Newsletter From Naoise Ó Cearúil -Fianna Fail -Maynooth -2014 Local Elections

Gerry Brady, Mairead Byrne,Tim Cotter -Celbridge LEA 1991 , letter from Charlie McCreevey

Aine Brady- 2005 Kildare North by-election
Tim Cotter -1991 Local Elections Celbridge

  Michael Fitzpatrick -2007 General Election Kildare North

James Lawless – Naas -2009 Local Elections
Mairead Byrne -1991 Local Elections Celbridge

PJ Sheridan -2009 Local Elections Clane

Paul Ward -Fianna Fail -2009 Local Elections Celbridge

Calling card from Aine Brady -Fianna Fail- Kildare North -2011 General Election

Leaflet in Polish from James Lawless – Fianna Fail -2009 Local Elections Naas

“Sallins Newsletter” From James Lawless -Fianna Fail -Naas

Canvass Card From James Lawless -Fianna Fail -Naas -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From James Lawless -Fianna Fail -Naas -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Seán Power – Fianna Fail -Newbridge Kildare

“Keep A Councillor In Kilcock/Newtown” Leaflet From Paul Ward -Fianna Fail -Maynooth

Flyer From Paul Ward -Fianna Fail -Maynooth -2014 Local Elections

Laois Offaly

Brian Cowens Final Election Message -Laois/Offaly 2007

Brian Cowen sorry I missed You -2007 GE Laois Offaly

Una Collison, Joe Dooley, Jim McNamara, Pat Moylan -1999 Local Elections Birr
Brain Cowen, Sean Fleming, John Foley, John Moloney -Laois Offaly 2007 GE
Brian Cowen Football team pics from 1980 and 1981

“It Happened Under Fianna Fails Watch” -Leaflet for Barry Cowen , Sinead Dooley, Danny Owens -2009 LE Tullamore

Leaflet for Fianna Fail candidates Tullamore TC and Offaly Co Council -2009 Local Elections

Shane Murray -2009 LE Tullamore

Leaflet for Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney -Fianna Fail -Laois Offaly

“Portlaoise needs a TD who will give the area top priority”- Letter from Sean Fleming- Fianna Fail- Laois Offaly 2011

 “Offaly News” -Barry Cowen with a message from Brian Cowen -2011 GE

Leaflet from Eddie Fitzpatrick- Independent (Joined FF recently) -Laois Offaly 2011 GE

Flyer From Padraig Fleming-Fianna Fail -Graiguecullen-Portarlington -Laois 2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From David Ryan -Fianna Fail – Portlaoise -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Sinead Dooley -Fianna Fail – Tullamore -2014 Local Elections


Seamus Kirk, Dermot Ahern, Jimmy Mulroy -Louth 89

Michael Coyle 1999 LE Drogheda

Frank Maher leaflet -2002 GE Louth

Lynda Gibney, Tommy Murphy -1999 LE Drogheda

Flyer for Declan Breathnach, James Caroll -Fianna Fail -Louth 2011 GE


Michael Lynch Meath 1987
Cllr Tommy Reilly -The Man who never stood -Meath

Noel Leonard 2004 LE- Dunshaughlin

Shane Cassells 2005 Meath By-Election

Johnny Brady, Noel Dempsey -2007 Meath West

Oliver Brooks -2004 LE Dunshaughlin

‘Bertie’s Team’ -Noel Dempsey -2007 GE -Meath West

From Meath East in 2007 an invitation to a visit by ‘An Taoiseach , Mr Bertie Ahern T.D.’ to Dunboyne from Mary Wallace

Litir um Thoghchán from Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -2013 Meath By-Election

Flyer from Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -2013 Meath East By Election

Canvass Card From Ronan McKenna -Fianna Fail -Trim -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Jenny McHugh -Fianna Fail -Navan -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet And Letter From Ronan Murtagh -Fianna Fail -Kells -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Bryan Reilly -Fianna Fail -Kells -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Claire O’Driscoll -Fianna Fail – Ashbourne -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Seán Smith -Fianna Fail -Ashbourne -2014 Local Elections


1987 Flyer and specimen Ballot paper for Albert Reynolds

(Judge) Henry Abbott – 1987 Longford-Westmeath

PJ Coghill, Sean Fallon, George Ledwith, Kieran Molloy, Egbert Moran, Cieran Temple -Athlone LEA 1991

1987 letter from Albert Reynolds to Constituents asking for support.

“Straight Talking . Experienced . Honest” – Mary O’Rourke -Fianna Fail -Longford Westmeath 2011 General Election

1987 leaflet from Mary O’Rourke, Albert Reynolds, Henry Abbott- Fianna Fail -Longford Westmeath

Flyer From Aengus O’Rourke -Fianna Fail – Athlone (Westmeath)

Flyer And Letter To Voters From Tom Allen (TR Dallas) -Fianna Fail – Athlone (Westmeath) -2014 Local Elections


Tony Dempsey Wexford 2002
Lisa McDonald – 2007 GE Wexford

JFK Themed Poster From Fianna Fail New Ross Councillor Michael Sheehan

Flyer for John Browne -Fianna Fail -Wexford 2011

1981 leaflet for Lorcan Allen, Sean Browne, Gus Byrne, Hugh Byrne -Fianna Fail- Wexford


Leaflet from Dick Roche -Fianna Fail- 1989 General Election Wicklow

Dick Roche 1987
Christmas Card from Dick Roche
Joe Behan -Wicklow 2007 GE

Dick Roche 1997 Wicklow

Michael D Lawlor -2009 LE Brays

Dick Roche Newsletter from 1989 GE in Wicklow

“Decent” Dick Roche -Fianna Fail- Wicklow 2011 General Election

1967 poster for Michael Cullen, Edward Hynes, Roger Miley and Basil Phelan- Fianna Fail -Wicklow Local Elections

A Vote No. 1 Nail File from Fianna Fails Dick Roche

Ads For The Fianna Fail Team In Wicklow From The 2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Taragh Hanley -Fianna Fail -Greystones -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From David Grant -Fianna Fail -Bray -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Pat Vance – Fianna Fail -Bray -2014 Local Elections


Munster Euro

Gerry Collins Euro 99

Brian Crowley 1999 Euro Elections

All main Fianna Fail manifestos for Euro 94

2012 Leaflet from Brian Crowley MEP -Fianna Fail -Ireland South

Jerry Cronin, Noel Davern, Sean French, Michael Herbert, Chub O’Connor- Fianna Fail -1979 European Elections Munster

Leaflet for Sylvester Barrett, Gene Fitzgerald, Noel Davern -Fianna Fail -1984 European Elections -Munster

Leaflet from Gerry Collins -Fianna Fail -1994 European Elections

Leaflet from Gerry Collins, Brian Crowley -Fianna Fail -1999 European Elections Munster

From 1998 “European News” From Gerard Collins MEP Vice-President European Parliament


Peter Considine, Raymond Greene, Josie Nevin -Ennis 1991 Locals

Flyer For Sylvester Barrett -Fianna Fail -1968 Clare By-Election

Vote No 1 Dr John Hillery -Fianna Fail -Clare -2011 General Election

From 1917 “A Message to the electors of East Clare from the people of Limerick… Vote for Eamonn De Valera”

“Which? Vote for de Valera, a Felon of our land.” – Eamon De Valera Poster from the 1917 East Clare By Election


John Dennehy, Batt O’Keeffe, Michael Martin, Barry Coogan -1987

Flyer for Micheál Martin ‘Securing Cork’s Future’ -2007 GE Cork South Central

A 2011 Election flyer from Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn

‘Budget Guide 2011′ from Billy Kelleher- Fianna Fail -Cork North Central

Micheál Martin -”Towards Better Health” -Newsletter from the 2007 Election

Donal Moynihan 1997 Cork North West

Frank O’Flynn, Kevin O’Keefe -1999 Fermoy

Denis O’Donovan -Cork South-West 2007 GE
Micheal Martin – Cork South Central 2007 GE

Batt O’Keeffe -1992 Cork South Central

Michael McGrath -Cork South Central 2007 GE

Cancer Awareness Leaflet from Noel O’Flynn 2009
Gary O’Flynn -2004 LE Cork North Central

Micheál Martin “A politician who makes a Difference” – Cork South Central 2007
“You Live in this Area- Vote for this Area” -Noel O’Flynn -2002 GE Cork North Central

Fianna Fail -Liam Healy Cumman – Autumn Newsletter 2010
Marie ‘The Shamrock’ Murphy -Kanturk 2004 Local Elections

“Delivering for COBH” -Michael ahern -Fianna Fail -Cork East -2011 General Election

Flyer from Kevin O’Keefe -Fianna Fail -Cork East -2011 General Election

From June 1927 “Vote Fianna Fail and save the Country from Bankruptcy” Fianna Fail Cork West, Jeremiah McCarthy, George Ross and Tom Mullins

“I retain many happy memories of our association” – Letter of retirement and thanks from Batt O’Keeffe to a ‘supporter’

1997 flyer from Michael Martin, Batt O’Keefe, John Dennehy -Fianna Fail -Cork South Central

Leaflet from Seán Martin (Brother of Micheál Martin)- Fianna Fail -2004 Local Elections -Cork South Central

Leaflet from Domhnall Mac Carthaigh -Fianna Fail – Cobh Town Council -2009 Local Elections

Jack Lynch sings ‘De Banks’

Leaflet from Padraic Vallely- Fianna Fail -Carrigaline -Cork

Newsletter From Pádraic Vallely- Fianna Fail – Carrigaline

Leaflet From Margaret Murphy O’ Mahony -Fianna Fail – Bandon Kinsale -2014 Local Elections

“Win With O’Flynn” – Canvass Card From Frank O’Flynn -Fianna Fail -Fermoy

Canvass Card From Michael Ahern -Fianna Fail -Cobh -2014 Local Elections

“…A Name Renowned For The Delivery Of Genuine Politics.” Kevin O’Keefe -Fianna Fail -Fermoy -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card As Béarla Agus As Gaeilge Le Pádraig O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail -Cobh

Flyer In English Agus As Gaeilge From Pádraig O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail -Cobh

Leaflet From Niall O’Neill -Fianna Fail -East Cork -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Aaron O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail -East Cork -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Aaron O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail -East Cork -2014 Local Elections

Flyer For Dan Joe Fitzgerald -Fianna Fail -Kanturk Mallow -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Kate Martin -Fianna Fail – Cork South East -2014 Local Elections


Flyer from Dan Moloney -Fianna Fail -1956 Kerry North Bye Election

Tom Doherty -1999 LE Killarney

1981 Ad For John O’Donoghue, Chub O’Connor, John O’Leary-Fianna Fail -Kerry South

2011 Election flyer with No Fianna Fail Logo from Thomas McEllistrim-Fianna Fail -Kerry North West Limerick

John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fail -Kerry South 2011 General Election

eaflet From Mark Daly – “The History Of The Flag” And Profile Of Thomas Francis Meagher

From 2007 Tom Fleming Campaign Song- “Kerry’s Greatest Man” by “Flemings Friends”

“Let Lemass Lead On”- 1965 leaflet from Honor Crowley, Tim ‘Chub’ O’Connor -Fianna Fail -Kerry South

Leaflet from Joe Hoare -Fianna Fail -2004 Local elections -Tralee UDC

November 1982 Leaflet for Dan Kiely, Denis Foley , Tom McEllistrim -Fianna Fail -Kerry North

From 1981 a leaflet for (a 25 year old) John O’Donoghue, Tim Chub O’Connor and John O’Leary- Fianna Fail -South Kerry

From 1977 leaflet for Denis Foley, Kit Ahern and Tom McEllistrim -Fianna Fail – Kerry North

‘A Chat with Páidí’ 2004 interview with Páidí Ó Sé from Ogra FF magazine ‘Gtrassroots’

Leaflet from Norma Foley -Fianna Fail- 2004 Local Elections -Tralee

Leaflet For 1999 Killarney UDC Fianna Fail Candidates Sheila Dickson-O’Shea, Pat F O’Connor, Tom Doherty, Maurice O’Donoghue

Leaflet From Ted Fitzgerald -Fianna Fail – Tralee

Poster For Thomas McEllistrim -Fianna Fail -Tralee -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From John Francis Flynn -Fianna Fail -South And West Kerry

Leaflet From Michael D. O’Shea -Fianna Fail – South And West Kerry -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Jimmy Moloney -Fianna Fail -Listowel -2014 Local Elections

Poster And Leaflet From Anne McEllistrim – Fianna Fail -Killarney -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Niall Kelleher -Fianna Fail -Killarney -2014 Local Elections

Ambulance For Niall Kelleher -Fianna Fail -Killarney

“Save Lives -Stop Cuts To Killarney Ambulance Services” Leaflet From Niall Kelleher, John Joe Culloty,John O’Shea- Fianna Fail -Killarney


Leaflet from Des O’Malley – Fianna Fail -1968 Limerick East By-Election

Flyer For Gerry Collins -Fianna Fail -1967 Limerick West By-Election

Noreen Ryan- 2007 Limerick East

Joe Wallace 2009 LE -Rathkeale

‘Nobody Works Harder For The People- Willie O’Dea 2007 GE Limerick East

‘Murder Needs a Limit’ -Christy McInerney-2009 LE Limerick

Michael Mulcair -2009 Local Elections Rathkeale
Card from Willie O’Dea with Clinic Details

2002 Article by Willie O’Dea – “Fine Gaels Future Looks Bleak”

‘Check out’, ‘Support Willie on Facebook’ -Willie O’Dea 2011 General Election Flyer.

Poster for Niall Collins -Fianna Fail -Limerick 2011 General Election

“Sorry to have missed you” -Noreen Ryan- Fianna Fail- Limerick East- 2007 General Election

Pre 1981 General Election profile of Willie O’Dea – “William O’Dea: A first step into the Limelight”

Michael J Collins, Patrick Costello, Jack Dillon, Patrick C Fitzgerald, Michael Noonan -Fianna Fail -Bruff -1979 Local Elections

Leaflet From Joe Pond – Fianna Fail – Limerick City East -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Kieran O’Hanlon -Fianna Fail -Limerick City East


Leaflet From Michael O’Kennedy , Michael Smith -Fianna Fail- Tipperary North -1987 General Election

Flyer from Michael O’Keenedy and Michael Smith- Fianna Fail -1987 General Election -Tipperary North

Sean Ryan, Seamus Hanafin -2009 LE Thurles

Maire Hoctor card/calender 2007

“Bertie Backs a Winner” -Maire Hoctor Newsletter -2002 GE Tipperary North

Leaflet for Noel Davern, Martin Mansergh -Tipperary South 2002 GE

‘Arise and Follow Mattie’ -another 2007 Mattie McGrath song
Mattie McGrath Song from 2007

Mattie McGrath Spring 2009 Newsletter

Ad for Martin Mansergh-Fianna Fail -Tipperary South 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Gerard O’Brien- Fianna Fail -Thurles Town Council 2009 Local Elections

Lorraine O’Keefe – Fianna Fail -2009 Local Elections -thurles

Flyer From Bill Dwyer -Fianna Fail -Thurles Town Council -2009 Local Elections

“Thurles To Win with Fianna Fail” – Leaflet from Michael Smith -Tipperary North 1997 General Election

‘Tipperary North Ógra’ Fianna Fail ‘Monthly News -June 2008′

1952 Letter From Bill Quirke (FF General Secretary) Listing Subscriptions Towards A Presentation To Former TD Andy Fogarty

Leaflet From Andrew Fogarty, Thomas Joseph McDonagh And Mary Bridget Ryan -Fianna Fail -Tipperary North -1948 General Election

Flyer From PJ English -Fianna Fail -Clonmel -2014 Local Elections

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year From Jackie Cahill -Fianna Fail -2014 Local Elections Thurles/Templemore

Leaflet From Eamonn Spillane -Fianna Fail -Nenagh -2014 Local Elections


Jackie Fahey Letter and FF Waterford 87

Ollie Wilkinson -Wateford -2007 General Election

Leaflet for Joe Cummins, Patrick Power, Tony Roche -Fianna Fail -Waterford 1985 Local Elections

Leaflet From Mary Butler -Fianna Fail -Comeragh -Waterford -2014 Local Elections

“Pension Disgrace Your Choice” – Liz Murphy -Fianna Fail -Waterford City East


Connaught/ Ulster Euro

“Don’t let them sweep your jobs aside!” -Fianna Fail ad for Sean Flanagan, Ray MacSharry 1984 European Elections

All main Fianna Fail manifestos for Euro 94
Sean Doherty and Mark Killilea Euro 89

Paschal Mooney-2009 Euro Elections

Pat The Cope Gallagher, Mark Killilea -1994 European Elections

Flyer from Pat the Cope Gallagher -Fianna Fail -2009 European Elections Ireland North West

Cavan Monaghan

Niamh Smyth -2009 LE Bailieborough, Cavan

Canvass Card From Niamh Smyth – Fianna Fail – Bailieborough-Cootehill

Flyer From Fergal Curtin -Fianna Fail -Bailieborough-Cootehill -2014 Local Elections

From Cavan 1969 Richard Black, Seamus Doran,Paddy Smith “Fianna Fail Stands For Progress And Prosperity”


1991 Buncrana, includes Paddy Keaveney and Hugh Conaghan

Flyer From Hugh Conaghan -Fianna Fail -1976 Donegal North East By-Election

Cecilia Keaveney- 2007 Donegal North East

Flyer for Brian O’ Domhnaill 2010 Donegal South West By-Election
“Donegal South West Nuacht” – Brian Ó Domhnaill 2010 By Election

“Fighting For Your Future” -Brian Ó Domhnaill Manifesto -Donegal South West By-Election

Canvass Card From Liam Blaney -Fianna Fail -Letterkenny -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From James “Pat” McDaid -Fianna Fail -Letterkenny

Leaflet From John Watson -Fianna Fail -Letterkenny -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Gerry Crawford -Fianna Fail -Stranorlar -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Patrick McGowan -Fianna Fail -Stranorlar -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Martin McDermott -Fianna Fail -Inishowen -2014 Local Elections


Michael Crowe, Éamon Ó Cuív and Frank Fahey -Galway West 2007

Val Hanley -2009 LE Galway West

Frank Fahey 2007 leaflet with details of Galway Bypass and lack of Tolls

Noel Tracey , Michael Kitt, Joe Callanan – 2007 GE Galway East

From 1977 “Support the Fianna Fail Plan for National Reconstruction” Galway West
Bobby Molloy, Maire Geoghegan Quinn, Frank Fahey, Nicholas O’Connor and Mark Killilea-Galway West Feb 82

“Dolan For The Dáil” – Campaign Song for Michael F Dolan -Fianna Fail Galway East 2011

Leaflet in Irish for Frank Fahey-Fianna Fail -Galway West-2011 General Election

Featuring Éamon Ó Cuív .. 1987 and 1992 General Election Ads from Fianna Fail Galway West

Canvass Card From Gerry Finnerty – Fianna Fail -Loughrea -2014 Local Elections


Frank Chambers – Mayo 2007

“A News Brief from Beverley” -Beverley Flynn Summer 2008 Newsletter

Ad for Lisa Chambers and Dara Calleary- Fianna Fail- Mayo 2011

Leaflet from Seamus Hughes -Fianna Fail -Mayo -1997 General Election

Leaflet From Brendan Mulroy -Fianna Fail -West Mayo -2014 Local Elections

Flyer From Paul McNamara -Fianna Fail -West Mayo -2014 Local Elections


Michael Finneran Longford-Roscommon 1992

Photo of First Dail with picture of each member -Michael Finneran

Rachel Doherty -2009 LE Boyle

Sean Doherty , Terry Leydon -1981 General Election Roscommon

Leaflet From Paddy Kilduff – Fianna Fail – Athlone (Roscommon) -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Rachel Doherty -Fianna Fail -Boyle

“Save Our Services” -Leaflet from Fianna Fail Roscommon based Ivan Connaughton -2011 GE

Flyer for Ivan Connaughton -Fianna Fail-Roscommon South Leitrim-2011 General Election

Flyer From Ivan Connaughton – Fianna Fail – 2014 Roscommon South Leitrim By Election

Letter To Voters From Ivan Connaughton -Fianna Fail – Roscommon/South Leitrim Bye Election

Sligo Leitrim

“Water Charges Rip Off!” Leaflet From Senator Marc MacSharry -Fianna Fail -Sligo North Leitrim

 From 1974 A ‘Vote No. 1 Michael (Boxer) Conlon’ Rosette -Fianna Fail -Ballymote

Leaflet From Tom MacSharry -Fianna Fail -Sligo -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Eamon Scanlon -Fianna Fail – Ballymote Tubbercurry

Flyer From Paul Taylor – Fianna Fail -Ballymote-Tubbercurry -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card From Rosaleen O’Grady -Fianna Fail -Sligo -2014 Local Elections


Mary Hoade -2002 Seanad Election

Diarmuid Wilson -Seanad 2002

Diarmuid Wilson -Fianna Fail- 2011  Administrative Panel

Leaflet from Mark Daly- Fianna Fail -Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Martin Brady -Fianna Fail- Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Election

John Hogan -Fianna Fail -Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Election

“With the Approval and Goodwill of Micheal Martin TD” -Denis O’Donovan-Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel-2011 Seanad Election

Martin Mansergh- Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel-2011 Seanad Elections

Jim Walsh- Fianna Fail-Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Brian Ó Domhnaill- Fianna Fail-Agricultural Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Eamon Scanlon – Fianna Fail- Agricultural Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet for Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -Cultural & Educational Panel- 2011 Seanad Election

Labhrás Ó Murchú -Fianna Fail -Cultural & Educational Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Averil Power -Fianna Fail -Industrial & Commercial Panel-2011 Seanad Election

“Inspiring Hope” -Mary White- Fianna Fail- Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet from Michael Sheehan -Fianna Fail -Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Senad Election

“With great pic of him and Michael Martin” -Kenneth O’Flynn -Fianna Fail- Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

“Nominated by the ICTU”- Ned O’Sullivan -Fianna Fail – Labour Panel

“Time for real change -Time for O’Brien”-Daragh O’Brien-Fianna Fail- Labour Panel

Flyer from Donie Cassidy -Fianna Fail -Labour Panel

Flyer for Mary Fitzpatrick- Fianna Fail -Administrative Panel- 2011 Seanad Elections

“Easter Rising 1916 -95th Commemoration 2011″ -Jim Walsh -Fianna Fail -2011 Seanad Election- Agricultural Panel

Don Lydon- Seanad 2002

Marc McSharry – Seanad 2002
Margaret Forde 1997 Seanad

Mary Hoade -2002 Seanad Election

Leaflet from Francis O’Brien -Fianna Fail – Agricultural Panel -2007 Seanad Election


Brian Lenihan 1990 Presidency

From 1997 Mary McAleese

From Fianna Fail 1959 ‘Dev For President’ and ‘Abolish PR’

A ‘De Valera For President’ Paper Badge- 1959 Presidential Election

Erskine Childers -“A President for all the nation” -1973 Presidential Election

Flyer From Erskine Childers – 1973 Presidential Election

Ad for a Brian Lenihan Presidential Campaign Rally

From 1966 a “President Of The Nation -Vote De Valera” Poster

From 1945 Sean T. O’Kelly for President “A Life-times work for the Nation….”

Leaflet from Erskine Childers – Fianna Fail -1973 Presidential Election

From 1959 a flyer to Vote De Valera for President and Yes to the Change in Voting System

Leaflet from Eamon De Valera -1966 Presidential Election


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  1. Caroline McKenna Cooper Says:


    Do you have anything on my grandfather Joseph Brennan TD, Ceann comhairle. My son is doing. History project in school.

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