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Index of Socialist Workers Party / People Before Profit Alliance Leaflets January 14, 2012

People Before Profit


“Resist Every Cut, Kick Out The IMF , General Strike Now” and Launch details of the United Left Alliance -People Before ProfitPeople and Planet before Profit

Bernadette McAliskey Election Broadcast

People Before Profit Party Political Broadcast -2011 General Election

“No More Bailouts -Scrap The IMF EU Deal” Leaflet from Richard Boyd Barrett

The Statement agreed at the foundation of the United Left Alliance (ULA) Ireland

“Protect Dublin Bay -No Drilling on Our Seafront” -Leaflet from Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit / United Left Alliance

“Bail Out People Not Banks -Vote No” -People Before Profit Poster

Letter from Richard Boyd Barrett concerning the People Before Profit national meeting on Sunday 14th October in Cassidys hotel.

Letter from Richard Boyd Barrett about the People before Profit Alliance National Meeting Sunday 21st April 2013



Dublin European Elections

Leaflet Introducing Brid Smith- People Before Profit Alliance- 2014 Euro Elections -Dublin

Dublin Central

Leaflet on Urban Regeneration from Colm Stephens -2009 LE North Inner City

Dublin North Central

Leaflet for John Lyons -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin North Central- 2011 GE

Leaflet From John Lyons -People Before Profit – Beaumont-Donaghmede

Dublin North West

Leaflet from Andrew Keegan- People Before Profit /United Left Alliance -Dublin North West

Dublin Mid West

“Why are they making the Unemployed suffer?” -Gino Kenny -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin Mid West 2011 GE

Gino Kenny -2007 Dublin Mid West

Leaflet From Gino Kenny -People Before Profit – Clondalkin -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Clondalkin Meterwatch Advertising A Street Meeting To Decide If Residents Want To Protest Against Water Charges

Dublin South

Leaflet from Nicola Curry -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) Dublin South 2011 General Election

Poster for Nicola Curry- People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)-Dublin South 2011 General Election

Leaflet And Video From John Flanagan -People Before Profit – Rathfarnham

Leaflet And Poster From Nicola Curry – People Before Profit – Glencullen Sandyford

Leaflet From John O’Dowd -People Before Profit -Dundrum -2014 Local Elections

Newsletter From Nicola Curry -People Before Profit -Glencullen Sandyford -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From John Flanagan -People Before Profit Alliance- Rathfarnham -2014 Local Elections

Dublin South Central

A Flyer from Joan Collins  -Crumlin Kimmage 2009 Local Elections

Flyer from Joan Collins-People Before Profit / United Left Alliance -2011 Dublin South Central

Letter from Brid Smith in support of Joan Collins-People Before Profit -2011 Dublin South Central

Newsletter From Tina MacVeigh -People Before Profit -Crumlin Kimmage -2014 Local Elections

Dublin South East

Rory Hearne -Dublin South-East 2007
Newsletter from Annette Mooney-People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin SE 2011 GE (with ULA logo)
Poster for Annette Mooney -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -2011 General Election Dublin South East

Leaflet From Sonya Stapleton -People Before Profit -Pembroke South Dock

Newsletter From Sonya Stapleton -People Before Profit -Pembroke South Dock -2014 Local Elections

New Leaflet From Kim O’Donnell -People Before Profit -Rathgar Rathmines

Leaflet From Kim O’Donnell -People Before Profit – Rathgar Rathmines -2014 Local Elections

Dublin South West

Newsletter From Nicky Coules -People Before Profit -Tallaght South

Dublin West

Leaflet From Memet Uludag -People Before Profit -Castleknock

Leaflet From Memet Uludag -People Before Profit -Castleknock

Dun Laoghaire

August 2011 Newsletter from Richard Boyd Barrett – People Before Profit (ULA) -Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet from Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit – 2011 General Election Dun Laoghaire

“People Before Profit Alliance Dun Laoghaire Newsletter” Winter 2010 -Richard Boyd Barrett , Hugh Lewis

Richard Boyd Barrett -Dun Laoghaire 2007

Leaflet for Hugh Lewis -People Before Profit -2009 LE Ballybrack

Another Leaflet from Hugh Lewis -People Before Profit -2009 Local Elections Ballybrack

“No More Bailouts -Scrap The IMF EU Deal” Leaflet from Richard Boyd Barrett

People Before Profit -Dun Laoghaire Newsletter Spring 2013

Leaflet From Hugh Lewis And Cillian Doyle -People Before Profit -Killiney Shankill

Canvass Card From Hugh Lewis, Cillian Doyle -People Before Profit Alliance- Killiney Shankill -2014 Local Elections

Canvass Card For Lola Hynes -People Before Profit Alliance- Blackrock -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Karl Gill, Melisa Halpin -People Before Profit Alliance- Dun Laoghaire -2014 Local Elections



Leaflet From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit -Maynooth

Spring Newsletter From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit- Maynooth

Winter 2013 Newsletter From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit -Maynooth/Clane/Kilcock


Leaflet From Alan Lawes – People Before Profit -Navan

Newsletter From Alan Lawes -People Before Profit -Navan -2014 Local Elections


Poster for Seamus O’Brien-People Before Profit -2011 Election Wexford


Leaflet From Sharon Briggs -People Before Profit – Bray -2014 Local Elections

New Leaflet From Jacqui Johnston -People Before Profit -Greystones -2014 Local Elections

Newsletter From Jacqui Johnston -People Before Profit – Greystones



Leaflet From Michael McCarthy -People Before Profit -Fermoy -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Rob Galligan-Long – People Before Profit – Ballincollig Carrigaline

Leaflet From Ed Harper – People Before Profit -West Cork -2014 Local Elections


Leaflet from Sean Moraghan -People Before Profit – Tralee TC 2009 Local Elections

Connaught /Ulster


Leaflet From Billy Banda -People Before Profit – Letterkenny -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Charlie McDyer -People Before Profit – Stranorlar


Leaflet From Seamus O’Boyle -People Before Profit – Sligo -2014 Local Elections

Northern Ireland


Leaflet for Eamonn McCann -People Before Profit -Foyle -2011 Assembly Elections

Eamonn McCann -2010 UK Election Foyle

Leaflet from Connor Kelly -People Before Profit- 2011 Local Elections -Cityside, Derry


Flyer from Gerry Carroll-People Before Profit -2011 West Belfast by-election

People Before Profit West Belfast Newsletter -March 2011

Leaflet from Brian Faloon -People Before Profit -Belfast South -2011 Assembly Elections

Leaflet from Gerry Carroll-People Before Profit- Belfast West – 2011 Assembly Elections

Mid Ulster

Leaflet from Harry Hutchinson -People Before Profit -Mid Ulster – 2011 Assembly Elections

Socialist Workers Party


Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001
“Labour’s Shame” Leaflet from the Socialist Workers Party
“The IMF Want to destroy public services with the help of the liars of Fine Gael and Labour” – SWP Leaflet
“Resist IMF EU attack” -Socialist Workers Party
Flyer for “The Horrible History of the House of Windsor” Speaking Tour -SWP
SWP -No to Racism flyer

An Appeal to Sinn Fein Members: Stay Out Of The Establishment -Socialist Workers Party 2005
Dublin Housing Action Campaign (DHAC) 1999 – SWP
Socialist Worker Team Aer Lingus Protest 1994

From November 2004 “Bertie says he is a socialist…. Get the Real Thing! ” Leaflet from the SWP

“Why Irish women must have the right to choose” -2002 Pamphlet from The Socialist Workers Party

“Before you make up your mind”- Secondary Schools Leaflet on Abortion from the Socialist Workers Movement 1992

“No More Deaths Abortion Rights Now! #Savita ” leaflet from the SWP

“Why You Should Protest Against The G8″ Leaflet from the Socialist Workers Party

“There can be no more delays, expert groups or excuses’ X-case leaflet from the SWP

December 2004 Leaflet from the Coolock/Artane Campaign Against The Bin Tax

From 2005 “For a new paper reflecting the new movements: Support the Socialist Worker financial appeal:”

Post 9/11 Special Two Page Issue Of ‘Socialist Worker ‘


Dublin Mid West

Leaflet from Gino Kenny -SWP -2004 Local Elections- Clondalkin

Dublin South Central

Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -Dublin South Central 1997

Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -2002 GE Dublin South-Central
Dun Laoghaire
Richard Boyd Barrett -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire

Richard Boyd Barrett ‘Scrap The Bin Tax’ Window Poster- SWP -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire
Leaflet from Dave Lordan -Socialist Workers Party -2004 LE Ballybrack

Dublin South East
‘Payback Time’ -Brendan Donohoe -SWP- South West Inner City 2004

Grace Lally -Socialist Workers Party – Rathmines 1999 LE

Leaflet from Brendan Donohoe- Socialist Workers Party – 2004 Local Elections -South West Inner City

Peadar O’Grady-Socialist Workers Party- Dublin south East 1997

Terry Connolly -Socialist Workers Party -Rathmines 2004 LE

Shay Ryan Election Newsletter -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections -South East Inner City

Leaflet from Shay Ryan -Socialist Workers Party -South East Inner City -2004 LE

Dublin North Central

Ritchie Browne -Socialist Workers Party -2004 LE Artane-Coolock

Ritchie Browne 1997 General Election Dublin North Central

Kevin Wingfield -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections -Ballymun


Roy Hassey -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Waterford No 3


John Carty -Socialist Workers Party -Gorey -2004 Local Elections


Catherine Kennedy -Socialist Workers Party -Wicklow 2002 General Election

Leaflet from Catherine Kennedy -Socialist Workers Party -2004 LE Bray West

Joyce Power -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Bray


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