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1992 Leaflet for the Fianna Fail National Collection and Vote Yes to The Maastricht Referendum August 14, 2014

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From 1992 a leaflet advertising The Fianna Fail National Collection. On the reverse voters are asked to vote Yes in the Referendum on The Maastricht Treaty .




1999 Profile of Ronan O’Gara from the AIL League Final Match Programme. April 22, 2013

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From the programme of the 1999 AIL League final at Landsdowne Road between Cork Con and Garryowen a profile of a youngish Ronan O’Gara.
Not what I usually post but am currently doing a trawl in the attic and I’ve quite a few old match programmes from Soccer, GAA, and Rugby and thought this profile may be of interest.
Click on the image to enlarge.



A selection of US World War One posters October 15, 2012

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From a wonderful gallery of  US World War I posters here



A Barack Obama Presidential Campaign Leaflet March 5, 2011

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Not exactly Irish (although he has Irish roots!), but I thought this might be of interest. A leaflet from Barack Obamas 2008 Presidential Campaign.



“Per l’onore d’Italia”- A Mussollini sugar sachet January 14, 2011

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Not Irish I know but…. A friend was away in Italy and brought me back this a sugar sachet with ‘Il Duce’ on it. Unusual to say the least.
I presume “Per l’onore d’Italia ” is for the honour of Italy but I’m not too sure of its connotations.


A series of Posters protesting at the Popes visit to the UK. September 16, 2010

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A series of Anti Popes visit posters from the UK (with the final one being one from Australia in 2008). The posters are from the Protest the Pope website.
They are due to be used in a Protest on Saturday 18th September 2010 in London.



‘Culture Factory’ Local Election Leaflet -Newbridge 2009 Local Elections March 27, 2010

I received this today (many thanks) the donor notes…
“…here’s a plea to the voters of newbridge in the 2009 locals from Culture Factory who have been campaign for a dedicated creative and social centre in Newbridge, the leaflet succeeded in making youth facilities the major issue in the election and was delivered to over 8,000 homes by activists and members of the group.”


Graham Geraghty -Fine Gael -2007 GE Meath West March 26, 2010

From the 2007 General Election, Meath footballing legend Graham Geraghty running for Fine Gael in Meath West.
It was a suprise to many when he won a nomination, especially as it meant Fine Gael running 3 candidates in a 3 seat constituency. Geraghtys running mates were Damien English and Peter Higgins. Damien English was elected.
Graham Geraghty polled 1284 votes.



A selection of 1948 Election Posters January 18, 2010

I got emailed these by a kind donor, apparently they are from Life Magazine.
First off the Posters are all pasted on to the wall in billboard slots, not a poster to be seen on the lamppost!
The 1948 election will be remembered for the coming of Clann na Poblachta. Here in Dublin North Central constituency. (Result from they didn’t win a seat.
There is also a picture of Fine Gael Leader General Richard Mulcahy Fine Gael leader from 1944 to 1959. When Fine Gael did come to power in 1948 it was John A. Costello rather than party leader Mulcahy who became Taoiseach. This was due to Mulcahy having been in government during the post Civil War executions. In the 1948 government he held the role of Minister for Education.
Note how the Fianna Fail poster has been defaced with ‘And Emigrate!’.
The sender notes …”I found a TIME article about the election which stated that adulterating and appending derogatory statements to posters was a frequent occurrence during the campaign”



Joe Higgins- Militant Labour -1996 Dublin West By-Election (Leaflet 1 -Water Charges) December 1, 2009

Joe Higgins from the 1996 Dublin West by election, where Brian Lenihan junior won the seat caused by the death of his father Brian Lenihan senior.
Joe was standing for Militant Labour (the forerunner of the Socialist Party) and caused a major shock when he polled just 252 first preferences less than Brian Lenihan.
He was running on an Anti Water Charges platform and must have been very annoyed to find that his Water charges had been paid for him by the council!!



Fianna Fail – Sean Lemass Cumann Maynooth -‘Be a Driver not a Passenger’ leaflet from 1991 November 16, 2009

A leaflet from the Sean Lemass Cumann in Maynoth, explaining why they are so important . It also has an Ad form the ‘Highlight of the Cumann’s year’ .. the annual Ogra Fianna Fail conference…..  Admission  included to the  ‘BRILL. Party and Disco’….
The 1991 conference took place in Cork.



November 7, 2009

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You may notice a new “Others” Project link at the top of the page.

What is it?

I’m trying to identify as many as possible ‘others’ from previous general elections. Did they represent a small party, a group or an issue?

Have a look and see if you can help fill in the gaps. I’ve started off with the November 1982, the 1987 and the 1989 general elections.




Peter Considine, Raymond Greene, Josie Nevin-Fianna Fail – Ennis 1991 LEA October 22, 2009

Fianna Fail -Ennis 1991 LEA.
Just a simple card that would have been handed out on a canvass or at the polling station.
For the record Greene and Considine were elected.


20 Questions to Feargal Quinn- Seanad leaflet 1997 October 21, 2009

Feargal Quinn answers 20 questions….. Question is did he set the questions himself? 




Fine Gael 1982 -Taxing the Farmers October 19, 2009

Anyone who lived through the 70’s and 80’s will know what an issue taxing farmers was, especially in urban areas. Farmers were seen as gettingall the grants from Europe and not paying tax either.
Meanwhile the PAYE worker was the one left carrying the burden. Here Fine Gael claim that they tax the farmers more than Fianna Fail. I think that its from 1982 or else 1987.



Louis Belton, John Connor, Liam Naughten -Fine Gael 1992 Longford-Roscommon October 7, 2009

In 1992 the newly founded Longford-Roscommon constituency.  John Connor was the only one of the 3 candidates to be elected. The Jobs proposals may bring back memories of how desperate we were to create jobs and stop the awful flow of emigration.


Fine Gael Ballymote 1985 LE-Eddie Cogan,Leo Conlon,Neil Henry, Tommy Lavin, Tony McLoughlin, John Perry. October 5, 2009

The 1985 Local elections Ballymote LEA. The Fine Gael ticket of Eddie Cogan,Leo Conlon,Neil Henry, Tommy Lavin, Tony McLoughlin and John Perry. Current Fine Gael TD John Perry wasn’t elected. The leaflet also urges voters to ‘continue your preferences for the Labour Party’. There was no Labour Party candidate.



(Judge) Pat McCartan- Democratic Left -Dublin North East 1992 September 29, 2009

Another Judge who had a Political Career was Pat McCartan. Elected initially in 1987 for The Workers Party, he retained his seat in the 1989 General Election.
McCartan was One of the Six TDs that formed Democratic Left in March 1992. This Leaflet is for the Novemver 1992 election where he lost his seat. The list of organisations he is associated with is very much of the time, CND, The Irish Anti Apartheid movement etc. The DLs 7 point plan is there also.




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