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1992 General Election- Can you add info? November 10, 2009

Carlow Kilkenny
Miriam Hogan – Pro Lfe

Cavan Monaghan
Mary Smith
Winston Turner -CRAG

Frankie Neylon -Ex PD
Michael McInerney

Cork East
Maurice H Quinlan

Cork North Central
Con O’Leary -Pro Life
Donie O’Leary
Gerry Duffy -Christian Centreist Party
John O’Mahony

Cork North West
Barbara Hyland -For a Legal ombudsman

Cork South Central
Con O’Connell
John Weldon
Liam Hurley
Nora-Anne Luck -Natural Law
Sean Twomey

Cork South West
Andrew Dillon
Kathleen Dwyer
Timothy O’Donovan

Donegal North East
Jim Devenney -Protestant (Donegal Progressive Party)
Patrick Doherty – Christian Centrist Party

Donegal South West
Benny Mooney
Fred Coll

Dublin Central
Niamh Nic Mhathuna -Pro Life
Tony Gregory -Ind Socialist

Dublin North
Betty Carr
Marie Blake

Dublin North Central
Finian McGrath -Ind Socialist
Mary M Doyle Dunne
Noel O’Hanrahan
Rosemary Burns
Sean Loftus -Family Values/Enivironment
Tony O’Byrne

Dublin North East
John Burns -Natural Law

Dublin North West
Desmond O’Malley -Ran for Labour in the 1991 Local Elections?
Gerard Doolan
Joe MacDonough -Christian Centrist Party
John Olohan
Bill Tormey -Ind Labour

Dublin South
Kevin S Blair
Owen Connolly
Richard Greene -Pro Life

Dublin South Central
Davy H Johnston
Mary Daly -Natural Law
Eamonn Murphy -Christian Centrist Party

Dublin South East
Ian Murray – Natural Law?
John Gallagher -Ind Left
Thomas J Mullins

Dublin South West
Anthony J Hubbard
Bob Byrne
Harry Richards
Peter Keogh

Dublin West
Joe Higgins -Socialist
Dr Liam Lynch
Marie Blake
Sean Lyons
Vincent Jackson -Ind Left

Dun Laoghaire
Martin J McAneny -Natural Law
Michael Quinn -Pro Life

Galway West
Darina Costelloe-Pro Life
Jim Walsh
John B Finnegan
Paddy Lally
Pol O Foighil -Ind FG

Kerry North
Michael Reidy

Kerry South
Liam West
P J Cronin -ex FF?
Pol O Criochain

Liz Garrett -Natural Law?
Nick Hegarty
Patsy Lawlor

Laois Offaly
Edward Delaney
Johnny Butterfield -ex FG
Joe McCormack

Limerick East
Augustine Dr Moore
Joe Harrington
Jude Williams

Limerick West
Bridget Randles
John B Fitzgibbon

Longford Roscommon
Mae Sexton – Longford Community Candidate
Martin Hogan -Pro Life
Tom Foxe -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee

Dessie Taaffe
Maimie Ahern
Thomas Bellew -ex FF

Mayo East
Mary Reilly – Ind Enironmentalist

Mayo West
Paraic Cosgrove -Ex FF

Brendan Cleary
Jack Fitzsimons- Anti Hare Coursing

Sligo Leitrim
John McGettrick -Arrow/Owenmore River drainage campaign
Patrick D Melly -Conservative and Unionist

Tipperary South
Joe O’Gorman
Seamus Healy -Ind Socialist

Breda Hayden
Tony Scott

Benny Cooney
Declan Geraghty
John Dunne
Mary Humphreys
Stephen Price -Pro Life

Michael O’Connor -Pro Life (later stood for CSP)

Barbara Hyland -For a Legal ombudsman
John Hartnett
Johnny Fox -ex FF
Leo Armstrong -later joined Greens
Pat Dunlea
Vincent McElheron


8 Responses to “1992 General Election- Can you add info?”

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    • Cashel Hill Says:

      Cosgrove in Mayo West was an ex FF’er who broke from the party before the 91 locals.

      In fairness, some of the names there are also in other elections, one in Laois-Offaly being a fine example, and are little more than fools who take up space on the ballot paper. We have a few of those locally sadly.

  2. Cashel Hill Says:

    Melly in Sligo/Leitrim was described as a ‘Conservative and Unionist’ candidate. His vote tells its own story.

  3. AJL Says:

    I defer to people locally but my old records suggest that Smith in Cavan-Monaghan was Pro-Life, Donie O’Leary in Cork NC was an Ecologist, Carr in Dublin N was a Women’s candidate, O’Hanrahan in Dublin NC was Independent Reform, Doolan in Dublin NW was a Gay Rights candidate, all 4 in Dublin SW were Heath/Hospital candidates, Cronin in Kerry S was ex-FF, Moore in Limerick East was Pro-Life while Harrington was an Independent Socialist, Randles in Limerick West was pro-Life while Fitzgibbon was former FF, Cleary in Meath was Pro-Life, O’Gorman in Tip S was Pro-Life, Scott in Waterford was Pro-Life, Hartnett in Wickow was CCP I think

    The majority of this comes from Irish Times constituency profiles I think but as I say I defer to anyone who knows better on the ground

  4. D J Says:

    In Kildare, Hegarty was a retired army officer who may have ran on army-related issues. Patsy Lawlor was ex-FG… ran for FG in ’82… mother of Tony Lawlor TD

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