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“De Rossa Wins, Dublin Wins” Proinsias De Rossa -Workers Party -1989 European Elections -Dublin May 23, 2016

“De Rossa Wins, Dublin Wins” a large leaflet from Proinsias De Rossa of the Workers’ Party from the 1989 European Elections in Dublin. De Rossa was elected.
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Flyer for a 1979 European Election “Say No To EEC!” Meeting April 20, 2016

From May 1979 a flyer advertising a meeting “Say No To EEC!” organised by The Anti-EEC Committee urging a boycott or a spoiling of Ballot papers in the European Elections due to take place in June 1979.
Among those addressing the meeting were Kadar Asmal, Des Bonass (SLP),Jimmy Graham, Daltun O’Ceallaigh and writer ANthony Cronin.



“Fr. Sharkey for Europe” flyer for Father Liam Sharkey -Independent -1999 European Elections June 9, 2015

From the 1999 European Elections a flyer for Father Liam Sharkey who ran as an Independent in Connaught Ulster. As far as I know he is the last Priest to stand for election here. He polled 5,334 votes and missed out on a seat.
His Website is archived here
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Leaflet from Niall Andrews, Eileen Lemass, Jim Tunney -Fianna Fail -1984 European Elections -Dublin December 30, 2014

From the 1984 European Electionsa leaflet for Niall Andrews, Eileen Lemass and Jim Tunney who were running for Fianna Fail in Dublin. Niall Andrews and Eileen Lemass were elected.
Result here.



Litir um Thoghchán from Phil Prendergast – Labour -Ireland South -2014 European Elections May 6, 2014

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The Litir um Thoghchán from Labour MEP Phil Prendergast who is running to retain her seat in Ireland South.
She is on Twitter @PrendergastMEP
Her Website
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Leaflet from Diarmuid O’Flynn -Independent -Ireland South -2014 European Elections April 28, 2014

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A leaflet from Diarmuid O’Flynn who is running as an Independent in Ireland South for a seat in the European Parliament. A noted sports journalist he is involved with the “Ballyhea Says No” group.
The leaflet carries endorsements from Clare Daly, Joan Collins, Maureen O’Sullivan, Thomas Pringle and Constantin Gurdgiev (there are further endorsements on the Campaign website)
He is on Twitter @ballyhea14
The Campaign Facebook Page
His website
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Flyer for Jim Higgins -Fine Gael -Midlands North West -2014 European Elections April 22, 2014

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A flyer from Fine Gael MEP Jim Higgins who is running in the new Ireland Midlands North West constituency to retain his seat in the European Parliament.
He is on Twitter @MEPJimHiggins
His Facebook Page
His Website
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