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1987 General election-can you add info? November 7, 2009

If you have any information on a candidate listed below please comment.

Tax Reform League
NLJAG = National Legal Justice Action Group
CPI = Communist Party of Ireland
DSP= Democratic Socialist Party
PPI = Peoples Party of Ireland
GOD- For Bible Readings in the Dail
UP – Ulster Protestant
Ind FF is not the Blaney group, rather an ex Fianna Failer

Cavan Monaghan
Padraig Duffy – Not the GAA director General by any chance?
Patrick McKiernan  -TRL

Brigid Makowski  -NLJAG
Thomas Brennan

Cork North Central
Bernie Murphy-Joke Candidate
Con O’Connell
Denis Tobin
Michael T Murphy
Noel Murphy  – CPI

Cork South Central
Bernie Murphy-Joke Candidate
Charlie Hennessy-Independent
Cornelius O’Donovan
Mary Dunphy
Michael T Murphy
Sean Beausang

Cork South West
Stan Davies -Unionist

Donegal North East
Michael Brooks  UP

Dublin Central
Alice Glenn  -Ind FG
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Tony Gregory -Ind Soc

Dublin North
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG

Dublin North Central
Austin McCoy  – Ind Left?
Barbara Hyland -NLJAG
Philip O’Connor -DSP
Sean Loftus  -Environment and family values

Dublin North East
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Paddy Healy  -Ind Left

Dublin North West
Agnes Cox  -Ballymun Community Candidate
Alison Larkin  -Green
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Gerard Doolan

Dublin South
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Mairead Duchon-TRL
Martin MacFeorais -Ind
Padraig O’Neill –
Thomas Sharkey -Wanted a national Government

Dublin South Central
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Deirdre Buggle  -CPI
Michael Wall  -CPI
Timothy Cahill -TRL

Dublin South East
Barbara Hyland -NLJAG
Gerry Brennan
Patrick Clarke

Dublin South West
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Diarmuid O’Flanagan
Eamonn Maloney  -DSP
Gerry Jago

Dublin West
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Brian McMenamy
Bridin O’Connor  -Green
Gerry Gallagher
Jean Roche  – CPI
John Montgomery  -CPI
Liam Skelly  -ex FG
Michael Conaghan  -DSP
Sean Lyons  -Ind

Dun Laoghaire
Ann McGoldrick  -Green
Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Patrick O’Reilly -Joke Candidate

Galway West
Brian Mannion
Dermot Shanley
Margaret Sweeney
Mary Duffy  -TRL
Michael Fahy  -Ind FF
Peadar O Tuathail

Kerry South
James Falvey
Marcus Counihan  -Green

Frederick Leavy

Laoighis Offaly
Joe McCormack – PPI
May Keeley

Limerick East
Declan O’Lehane  -Green
Denis Riordan  – Takes cases against the constitution
Jim Kemmy  -DSP
John Donovan
Martin Nugent  -NLJAG

Longford Westmeath
Peter Murphy

Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Charles Ross
Ronald Smith  -GOD
Thomas Bellew  -Ex FF

Camella Cummins –  TRL
Gerard Marry  -an FF connection?
Sean Gormley

Eithne Quinn  -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee

Sligo Leitrim
Declan Bree -Sligo Leitrim Ind Socialist
Noel Gorman  -All Night Party?

Tipperary North
Donal Kealy -NLJAG
Sean Deegan

Tipperary South
Nicholas Quigley
Patrick Ryan  -NLJAG
Seamus Healy  -Ind Soc
Sean Treacy  -Ind Lab

John Lanigan
Padraig Sweeney

Jim Tallon
Padge Reck  -ex FF

Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Liam de Siuin  -Green
Sean Wolahan


3 Responses to “1987 General election-can you add info?”

  1. liam ahern Says:

    stan davies ,unionist candidate ,lived in kinsale.

  2. injelpenviz Says:

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  3. Michael Ahern Says:

    Brigid Makowski (Clare) is a native of Derry ( of a noted republican family) and lived in Shannon, Co. Clare for many years with her husband Leo and family. Brigid was a founder member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party buy left that party along in the mid 1980’s.
    Brigid was a member of Shannon Town Commission/Council for many years and was respected by all for her outstanding work in the local community. Brigid is fondly remembered in Shannon as an energetic, helpful and and generous person.
    Brigid and Leo are currently living in Co. Donegal where she continues to be involved in the local community.
    P.S. Brigid was the subject of a highly regarded biography: “Daughter of Derry: Story of Brigid Sheils Makowski by Margie Bernard”. I believe it has recently being re-issued and is listed on Amazon.

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