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Poster for Exhibition of posters, leaflets from Ireland’s EEC accession referendum in 1972 in Culture Box 16th to 22nd November October 15, 2013

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A poster advertising a forthcoming exhibition of posters, leaflets and newspaper adverts from Ireland’s crucial EEC accession referendum in 1972. The exhibition is in The Culture Box, East Essex Street in Temple Bar. It runs from Saturday 16th to Friday 22nd November 2013. It looks very interesting.
The Facebook page for the exhibition

The collection comes from long-time Campaigner against EU encroachment on Irish sovereignty Anthony Coughlan.
Material on exhibit includes stuff from both sides in the 1972 Debate
– Lamp-post posters
– Pamphlets
– Door leaflets
– Notices of Public Meetings
– Internal bulletins for the campaign groups

Many thanks to the sender.
Some of the material posted here from that 1972 Referendum on EU Entry


“Peoples News -An introduction to the ESM” – The Peoples Movement May 20, 2012

From The Peoples Movement campaign in the Fiscal Treaty Referendum “Peoples News -An introduction to the ESM”.
I’ve also Uploaded it in PDF



“Vote No to The Permanent Austerity Treaty” -Leaflet from The People’s Movement May 9, 2012

From the Fiscal Treaty Referendum a leaflet from the People’s Movement “Vote No to The Permanent Austerity Treaty”.
many thanks to the sender.
Their Website



“Warning! Permanent Austerity Ahead -Vote NO” -Poster from the People’s Movement May 2, 2012

From the Fiscal treaty Referendum a “Warning! Permanent Austerity Ahead -Vote NO” -Poster from the People’s Movement.
Their website
Many Thanks to the Sender


“Water Charges and the EU Water Framework Directive” -Peoples Movement 2009 August 1, 2010

A leaflet I picked up from The Peoples Movement entitled “Water Charges and the EU Water Framework Directive“.
The Peoples Movement in part blames the EU for the prospective introduction of Water Charges.



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