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Good Friday Agreement Referendum leaflet from the Referendum Commission “Arguments For and Against” April 27, 2020

From The Good Friday Agreement Referendum, a leaflet from the Referendum Commission giving “Arguments For and Against”
I’ve uploaded it in pdf here
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Yes to The Good Friday Agreement leaflet from Fine Gael December 11, 2012

From the Referendum on The Good Friday Agreement and Amsterdam Treaty a leaflet from Fine Gael asking for a Yes vote in both. This Munster based leaflet featured then Fine Gael MEP John Cushnahan.



‘Say Yes For The Union’ -Ulster Unionist Party Good Friday Agreement Leaflet June 25, 2010

‘Say Yes For The Union’ an Ulster Unionist Party Leaflet in favour of the Good Friday Agreement.
Pictured outside Stormont are David Trimble and John Taylor.The UUP portray the Agreement as good for The Union.
The change in articles 2 and 3 of the Constitution (The Republics ‘illegal territorial claim‘) get a good mention as do plenty of other key phrases like securing the Union.



SDLP – Yes to The Good Friday Agreement 1998 May 30, 2010

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From the 1998 Good Friday Agreement Referendum campaign, a leaflet from the SDLP asking for a Yes vote.
A happy looking family on a merry go round (was there some significance in the choice of a merry go round?) with a message from John Hume and other key points.



‘ITS RIGHT TO SAY NO’ – Democratic Unionist Party – No to the Good Friday Agreement May 22, 2010

From the 1998 Good Friday Agreement campaign a DUP (or Ulster Democratic Unionist Party as the good Doctor refers to them in his message) leaflet urging voters to vote No to the Agreement.
‘The Pan Nationalist Front wants a ‘Yes’ vote to wreck the Union.’

Worthwhile reading all the objections and then seeing how much progress has been made in the last 12 years.
Ian Paisley concludes his ‘Dear Friend and Voter’ message with..
“The Agreement is a staging post to a united Ireland and has come about by abject surrender to IRA/Sinn Fein.
A “Yes” vote is a vote which the enemies of our Province and those who have surrendered to them are calling for.
You have the opportunity to save Ulster for the Union and for your offspring by voting “No”.
• A “No” vote means a positive and decisive blow struck at the heart of Ulster’s enemies.
• A “No” vote will block the slide to increased and eventual total Dublin rule.
• A “No” vote will save the RUC from destruction.
• A “No” vote will keep Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness out of any future government of Northern Ireland, and
• A “No” vote will demonstrate the determination of the Ulster people not to be bombed into Dublin rule by terrorist gangsters.
Stand up for Ulster! Stand up for your children and your heritage! Stand up for your children and your children’s children! Let the world know that the Ulster people will not be bullied, bribed or butchered into accepting fascist rule. It is suicidal to do otherwise. Your Friend and European Member of Parliament. For God and Ulster …”



Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) – ‘Saying No means NO FUTURE’ -Good Friday Agreement May 4, 2010

A leaflet from the UDP in favour of the Good Friday Agreement.
The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) were a small Loyalist party allied to UDA. They disbanded in 2001.
The UDP were formed in 1989 from the Ulster Loyalist Democratic Party (UDLP) which had been set up by the UDA in 1981. In this leaflet the leader of the party is Gary McMichael whose father John McMichael, had previously been leader of the UDLP. John McMichael was killed in 1987.
From the 1996 Forum elections the party were alloted 2 seats, taken by Gary McMichael and John White. These seats entitled them to a place in the all-party talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement.
In the 1998 Assembly elections the party failed to win any seats. They held a number of council seats until their demise in 2001.

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Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition – Yes to the Good Friday Agreement Flyer April 26, 2010

From the 1998 Good Friday Agreement Referendum , a flyer urging a Yes vote from the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition (NIWC).
Founded in 1996 by Monica McWilliams and Pearl Sagar, the NIWC won 2 seats in the 1996 Northern Ireland Forum Elections. The Party then won 2 seats in the 1998 Assembly elections through Monica McWilliams and Jane Morrice. In the 2003 Assembly elections both seats were lost and in 2006 the party wound down.



Yes to the Good Friday Agreement flyer- Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) 1998 April 24, 2010

A Yes to the Good Friday Agreement flyer produced by The Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) in 1998. The PUP were seen as the political wing of the UVF so their approval (along with that of the UDP) was seen as vital for the passing of the Referendum in May 1998. Many thanks to the donor.



Yes to the Good Friday Agreement – Labour Party 1998 December 16, 2009

A Labour Party Leaflet urging a Yes vote for the Good Friday Agreement.
Many of the implications of the ‘Yes’ vote came through.
“A Yes Vote will mean more jobs and prosperity” The Good Friday Agreement is rarely cited when talking of the Celtic Tiger. It must have had a large impact. Ireland in the glare of the worlds media at the centre of a global good news story. American and other investment must have seen us through green tinted glasses. Of course it wasn’t the only reason for investment, but it shone a positive global light on our country.



Good Friday Agreement- Referendum Commission booklet October 16, 2009

The booklet produced by the Referendum Commission for The Good Friday Agreement Referendum in 1998




Republican Sinn Fein- NO to The Good Friday Agreement and NO to Amsterdam September 11, 2009

A leaflet from Republican Sinn Fein opposing The Amsterdam Treaty and The Good Friday Agreement. Links the push to open Croke Park to the Agreement as well as offending  Trinity College.  It also gives RSFs federal Ireland proposal as well as much much more.



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