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Index of Leaflets from Fine Gael January 16, 2012

This is the Index of Fine Gael/ Cumann na nGaedhael material posted to date.
Should there be any candidates you would like to see leaflets from I can check if I have it.

Cumann na nGaedhael

“The Roll of Dishonour” and “A Hot Record”- Two 1932 Election posters from Cumann na nGaedheal

‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters

From 1923 “The Challenge – Government and Order V The Irregulars and Anarchy” Cumann na nGaedhael

“Please! Don’t Commit any More Murders -Keep Your Bullwark Against The Terrorists Vote for Cumann na nGaedheal” -1932 Election

“No Land Annuities Till November 1934″ -William T. Cosgrave – 1933 GE Cumann na nGaedheal

Cumann na nGaedhael Posters from the 1932 General Election
“We Want No Reds Here!” -Cumann na nGaedhael Poster and ‘How Much is Freedom Worth’ Fianna Fail poster

From Cumann na nGaedhael 1932 “De Valera’s Policy All Along has been Un-Irish and Un-Catholic” , “Remember Spain and Mexico”

Cumann na nGaedheal posters and fliers “Fianna Fail V England” and more from exhibition in Tiesan Cafe, Harrington street

From 1932 “Cosgrave Works while De Valera swears -Vote Cumann na nGaedhael”

“Will You Vote For Fianna Fail?” “Bankruptcy Of.. Farmers And Indian Meal Porridge” -Cumann Na NGaedhael 1932

From 1932 ‘Farmers! Keep A Firm Grip Of Your Homesteads’ Vote Cumann Na NGaedheal 

“This Is What Cosgrave Will Do…” Cumann Na NGaedheal -1933 General Election


Fine Gael


“Fine Gael Through The Decades” Article From The 1999 Fine Gael Ard Fheis Booklet

From the 1981 Fine Gael Ard Fheis the motions on Health and Women’s Affairs

That there be “a Telephone in every school in the country” and other motions from the 1981 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

They Will Tax the Roof over Your Head” -Anti Property Tax Leaflet 1994
Flyer advertising anti Property Tax meeting 1994

Fine Gael Political Quiz #1 and #2 From the Fine Gael website in 1998

“Put The Right Man Back!” -Garret Fitzgerald Fine Gael Poster November 1982

“Put the right man back!”- Garret Fitzgerald led Fine Gael -November 1982 General Election

Leaflet with details of the 2007 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

November 1982 ‘Change for the Better’

“Friday June 5th: Payback Time” -Fine Gael leaflet from the 2009 Local Elections

Give Garret the go ahead -Feb 82

“Change The Law -Give Him An Equal Chance” 1980 Young Fine Gael Campaign To Give Rights To ‘Illegitimate’ Children

1987 ‘Guaranteed Irish Jobs’leaflet

From 1951 “For your family’s sake…. Vote Fine Gael”

From the 1948 General Election “To every voter under 30 .. Vote Fine Gael”

“JOIN THE TEAM IRELAND 2.0 ” Poster – Fine Gael 2011 GE

Fine Gael 2002- ‘Vision, With Purpose’

A problem between a search for a Fine Gael Councillor, the Fine Gael Website and Google?
‘Secret FF/PD Deals with IRA Killers? NO THANKS’ -Fine Gael 2007 General Election

Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave -Dun Laoghaire 1982
Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave- Dun Laoghaire Feb 1982

‘Partnership That Works’-Rainbow Coalition flyer 1997 Election

Rainbow Coalition ‘Partnership Works’ slogan 1997 Election

Taxing Farmers 1982

Alan Dukes- Fine Gael National Collection 1988

Fine Gael Membership form in Lithuanian
Welcome to Parlon Politics -NO THANKS -2007 GE

Fine Gael News -Junes 1985 edition
Fine Gael -‘Change for the Better’ 2007 GE
‘Settle Things, Vote Fine Gael’ -November 1982 General Election leaflet

The Fine Gael website from January 1998… includes “John Bruton TD, makes New Year pledge to internet users”
Enda Kennys website from May 2002
From the run up to the 2007 Election the Fine Gael Websites… and

Fine Gael Party Political Broadcast May 2007 -Contract For a Better Ireland
A 2004 Fine Gael Policy Document on Civil Partnership
“The Spark has gone… ..Now its time to move on” -Fine Gael Flyer from the 2007 General Election
A Manifesto for Young Ireland -Fine Gael 2004 -Includes an interesting “First Time Buyers” policy.
‘Let The Country Win’ -Fine Gael poster from the 1981 General Election

‘Action On Alcohol Abuse’  Policy Document from 2003

From Fine Gael in 1981 “Fianna Fail – Just how bad are they?”

‘Plane Daft -Berties Team leave Shannon Stranded” -Fine Gael leaflet on Shannon Airport

‘Win €100′ – Wonderful Fine Gael Crossword competition from 2008

“Fianna Fail are Rattled” -1965 General Election Fine Gael flyer

“Fianna Fail has milked the dairy farmers” – Fine Gael 1981 General Election

Some Fine Gael Slogans from the 2011 General Election

“Fine Gael Will Bring Prices Under Control” – Fine Gael Anti-Inflation Plan -1981 General Election

“In one year her grocery bill has risen 14%. But her housekeeping money hasn’t”-Fine Gael 1973″

Fine Gael 1992 -”The minute we take office mortgage holders will have less to worry about”

From Fine Gael 1979 “Due to 2 years of Government mismanagement -LOOK AT YOUR SHOPPING BASKET”

“Friday June 5th: Payback Time” -Fine Gael leaflet from the 2009 Local Elections

A Classic….”Promises or Performance? – Women Voters Nail The FF Propaganda” -Fine Gael 1977 General Election

From 1948 -”For Your Child’s Sake …. Vote Fine Gael”

From 1948 “Fine Gael is the party for MY vote” ..says a man with a hat

A ‘Vote Fine Gael’ Sticker from the 1981 General Election

“Fine Gael is opposed to the legislation of Abortion”. 2011 General Election Letter from Phil Hogan

From 1937 “A Victory for Fine Gael would Mean ….”

“The Contract For A Better Ireland…..” Fine Gael 2007 Leaflet

Some Fine Gael Election Leaflet Competitions… Win Tickets To Garth Brooks And Dinner For 2, Boyzone And €100 .

“I’ll Sack The Wasters Of Taxpayers Money.” And Other Enda Kenny Fine Gael 2007 General Election Ads

From 2011 – “Free GP Care For You Only With Fine Gael” 

From Fine Gael 1969 “Wouldn’t You Like A Better Social Welfare System?”

Some Pages From The 1986 Fine Gael Diary

From 1965 ‘Fine Gael And The Language’ Some Interesting Proposals On The Irish Language

From 2007 , Ads From Fine Gael About Their “Plans To Finally End Dublin’s Gridlock Misery” 

Vote Oliver J Flanagan For Vice President Flyer From The 1971 Fine Gael Ard Fheis


From 1937 – ‘Say No To The Constitution’ Ad From Fine Gael 

Yes to The Good Friday Agreement leaflet from Fine Gael

Fine Gael ‘Yes’ to Bail Referendum 1996.

Young Fine Gael- Yes Yes Yes To Amsterdam

Fine Gael – Yes To Nice Treaty

“YES TO RECOVERY – YES TO EUROPE” -Flyer from Eugene Regan Fine Gael Lisbon Treaty Referendum

“A personal message from Liam Cosgrave” Vote Yes to the EEC – 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC

“Say NO while you still have a chance” -Fine Gael -1968 Change in Voting system Referendum

Fine Gael Leaflet on Judges Pay and Oireachtas Inquiries – “Vote Yes on October 27th”

Garret Fitzgerald 1986 Divorce Referendum “I call on the women of Ireland to vote YES”

Brian Hayes Leaflet on the “Referendum on Euro Stability” …”Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery …”

“This Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery. It Protects All our Interests ..” Fine Gael Fiscal Treaty Leaflet

“For A Working Ireland … Vote Yes” Leaflet from Fine Gael

“Stability Treaty -A Yes Vote is a vital step in our recovery” Leaflet from Lucinda Creighton Fine Gael -Dublin South East

“Fine Gael Says Hold Fast To P.R.” Vote No – 1959 Referendum on the Voting System.

Children’s Rights Referendum Leaflet from Anne-Marie Dermody -Fine Gael

“Every Child Matters -Vote Yes” -Leaflet from Fine Gael for the Children’s Rights Referendum

Flyer For A Richard Bruton Meeting On The Seanad Referendum- 5th September 2013

From 2001 Richard Bruton -Yes To Nice, Yes To Abolition Of The Death Penalty, Yes To The International Criminal Court

“Fine Gael Says Hold Fast To P.R.” Vote No – 1959 Referendum On The Voting System.


1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis
1985 booklet for attendees at Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Discussion Paper on Energy from 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Discussion paper on Dail Reform from the 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

1985 Fine Gael Ard Fhies -Discussion Paper on Public Service (Public Sector Reform)

Discussion Paper on Womens Affairs and Family Law Reform from 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Discussion Paper on Forestry from the 1985 Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Young Fine Gael

“Change The Law -Give Him An Equal Chance” 1980 Young Fine Gael Campaign To Give Rights To ‘Illegitimate’ Children

From 2001 Young Fine Gael Conference -Profiles Of Candidates (Includes Lucinda Creightons Favourite Chat Up Line!)

More Candidate Profiles (Including Brendan Griffin) From The 2001 Young Fine Gael Conference

Some Pics From The Young Fine Gael Pages Of The 1999 Fine Gael Ard Fheis Booklet

Young Fine Gael Leaflet circa 1990

‘Futureline’ Young FG Magazine July 1992

Young Fine Gael – ‘Are You Being Served?’ 1990

Futureline Autumn 1992 -inludes John Bruton Interview and articles on Condoms

Young Fine Gael- Yes Yes Yes To Amsterdam

“Benefits Of Membership” Leaflet from Young Fine Gael circa 1998

“Politically & Socially The Best -Putting the Fun into Politics” -Young Fine Gael 1998

Leaflet for Carol Madigan Young Fine Gael Vice Presidential Election 2012

“Taylor Doing Things Differently” Colm Taylor -Young Fine Gael Vice Presidential Election 2012

South Dublin

Dublin Mid West

Joe MacEnri -2004 LE Lucan

Therese Ridge -Dublin Mid West 2002 GE

Letter re Development at Weston Aerodrome from Peter Brady -2004 Local Elections Lucan

Flyer for Derek Keating -Independent (Now Fine Gael) -2004 Local Elections Lucan

Dublin South

“..Property Tax is unfair and inequitable..” Leaflet from Olivia Mitchell -Fine Gael -Dublin South

Alan Shatter Time Magazine 2009
Nuala Fennell 1987

John Kelly -Dublin South 1987
Alan Shatter 1987

Alan Shatter ‘Star Trek -2007

Olivia Mitchell Luas leaflet- 2007 Dublin South

Alan Shatters X-Factor -2007
Jim O’Leary – Dublin South 2007 GE

‘Alan Shatter- His Record Speaks for itself’ -2007 GE Dublin South

George Lee leaflet 2009 Dublin South

George Lee as a Team player…..for Ballyboden in 1981

George Lee, Poster size Leaflet- 2009 Dublin South

Maurice Manning 1992 Dublin South

Brian Tector Letter -2004 LE Terenure /Rathfarnham
Mary Muldoon , Alan Shatter -1991 Local Elections Rathfarnham

Stanley Laing, Michael Mcloughlin, Brian Tector -Terenure -Rathfarnham 2004 LE

Mary Elliot, Paddy Hand, Michael O’Driscoll -Fine Gael -Dundrum 1999 Local Elections

Leaflet from Peter Matthews -Fine Gael -Dublin South

Alan Shatter Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011

Flyer from Olivia Mitchell- Fine Gael -2011 Dublin South

“Gay Mitchell For President” leaflet from Fine Gael Cllr Anne-Marie Dermody -2011 Presidential Election

“Keeping In Touch” leaflet from Cllr Neale Richmond -Fine Gael -Dublin South

Children’s Rights Referendum Leaflet from Anne-Marie Dermody -Fine Gael

‘Sorry I Missed You’ Card From Peter Mathews -Fine Gael -2011 General Election -Dublin South 

Winter 2013 Newsletter From Cllr. Neale Richmond -Fine Gael -Glencullen Sandyford

Dublin South Central

Gay Mitchell- Sorry I missed you
Ruairi McGinley, Gay Mitchell 1997 GE Dublin SC
‘A Woman’s place is in the House .. Leinster House!”-Catherine Byrne, Ann Marie Martin 2007 GE Dublin SC

“The Health Service Rejects Those Who Need It Most” Ruairi mcGinley- Crumlin Kimmage 2009 LE

Anne Marie Martin, Ruairi McGinley -South Central News -Fine Gael 2004 LE Crumlin Kimmage

Leaflet with details of Dart Underground going to Inchicore -Philip Nolan -Fine Gael -2009 Local Elections -Ballyfermot Drimnagh

Dublin South East

Leaflet from Garret Fitzgerald, Joe Doyle, Willie Egan -Fine Gael- Dublin South East- 1987 General Election

Garret Fitzgerald letter of retirement to constituents 1992

Lucinda Creighton Beer Mat 2007 GE- Dublin South East

Lucinda Creighton -2007 Dublin South East

“Lucinda’s Annual Review” -Lucinda Creighton -Summer 2009
‘Sometimes the Grass is Greener’ -Lucinda Creighton- 2007 GE Dublin SE

Colm Mac Eochaidh -Dublin South East 2002

Joe Doyle, William Egan -1991 LE Pembroke

Brian Gillen 2004 Local Elections Rathmines

Flyer from Eoghan Murphy -Fine Gael- 2011 Dublin South East

“Stability Treaty -A Yes Vote is a vital step in our recovery” Leaflet from Lucinda Creighton Fine Gael -Dublin South East

Leaflet from Michael McShane -Fine Gael -1991 Local Elections Rathmines

1979 leaflet for Fine Gael candidates Michael McDowell, Joe Doyle, Tommy Woods and Finola Gill

Leaflet for Garret Fitzgerald, Joe Doyle, Willie Eagan -1987 GE -Fine Gael -Dublin South East

Introduction Leaflet From Kieran Binchy -Fine Gael -Dublin -South East Inner City

Dublin South East Fine Gael Ad Featuring Lucinda Creighton

Dublin South West

“Brian Hayes TD Report -Summer 2011 Edition” -Fine Gael -Dublin South West

Brian Lawlor, Karren Warren /Gay Mitchell- 2009 Local and European Elections Tallaght South

Brian Hayes 2002-No to single party Government

Flyer from Brian Hayes -Fine Gael -2011 General Election Dublin South West

Brian Hayes Leaflet on the “Referendum on Euro Stability” …”Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery …”

Brian Hayes pictured at the 1992 Young Fine Gael Summer Bar-B-Que

“What we have done in Government” -Leaflet from Cáit Keane Fine Gael

“Brian Hayes TD – An Introduction” -Leaflet to new Dublin South West voters (ex Dublin South)

Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet From Garrett McDermott -Fine Gael -Killiney-Shankill 2014 Local Elections

Barbara Culleton, Donal Marren, Colm Brophy- 1991 LE Ballybrack
Dun Laoghaire Nov 1982 -Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave
Dun Laoghaire Barnes, Barrett, Cosgrave Feb ’82

Liam Cosgrave -Dun Laoghaire 1989
Monica Barnes, Sean Barrett, Liam Cosgrave -Dun Laoghaire Feb 1982

Sam Carroll -1991 LE Glencullen

Eugene Regan -2007 Dun Laoghaire

‘Dun Laoghaire Report’ -1985 Newsletter for FG in Ballybrack, Barbara Culleton, Jim Ansboro, Donal Marren, Steve Nalty

Sean Barrett Letter outlining Rainbow Governments achievements- 1997 Dun Laoghaire
“Thank You From Marie” -Marie Baker -2004 LE Blackrock

Neal Richmond Winter 2009 Newsletter -Glencullen Sandyford
Mary Rachel Brophy , William Dockerell -Fine Gael -1999 LE Blackrock

John Dockrell, Aine Elliott -1991 Local Elections Blackrock

‘Sorry I Missed You’ -Barry Ward -2009 Local Elections Blackrock

Dukes led FG- Dun Laoghaire 1989

“YES TO RECOVERY – YES TO EUROPE” -Flyer from Eugene Regan Fine Gael Lisbon Treaty Referendum

Flyer for Mary Mitchell O’Connor- Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire 2011 General Election

Flyer from Sean Barrett and Mary Mitchell O’Connor -Fine Gael -2011 Dun Laoghaire

‘Thinking Of Starting Your Own Business?’ Leaflet From Mary Mitchell O’Connor -Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire

Liam Cosgrave , Henry Dockrell -Fine Gael – 1948 General Election- Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Flyer for Deirdre Healy – 1991 Local Elections North Inner City

Michael keating, Kevin Byrne  1985 Local elections

Leaflet from Alice Glenn ,John Colgan, Michael Keating- Fine Gael- November 1982 Dublin Central.
‘The Alice Glenn Report’ May 1986

“Paschal Donohoe … On Health” -2007 General Election Dublin Central

‘Not all Politicians are the same’ -Paschal Donohue- 2007 GE Dublin Central

‘The Alice Glenn Report 1987 GE’
John Colgan meets Esther Rantzen and Dublin Central 1982, Glenn, Keating, Colgan

Letter from Dave Kearney to Voters -1991 LE North Inner City

Mary Banotti -1983 Dublin Central By-Election

‘Stoneybatter Matters’ Leaflet From Ray McAdam -Fine Gael

Dublin North

Flyer from Philip Jenkinson – Dublin North By-Election March 1998

Nora Owen, Cathal Boland- Dublin North 2002

‘People Power’ leaflet -Alan Farrell- 2009 Local Elections Howth-Malahide

Letter from Alan Farrell introducing himself to voters- Dublin North 2011 GE

‘Political Reform’ leaflet from Alan Farrell- Fine Gael- Dublin North

James Reilly letter to electors Dublin North -2011 General Election

Dublin North Central

Richard Bruton 1992 ‘A Fresh Start’ and letter to constituents

“Has your Labour Candidate been telling you the Truth?- NO!”- Pat Lee– 1992 Dublin NC

Naoise Ó Muirí -2004 LE Clontarf

‘Seeking Your Support’ Richard Bruton -1992 Dublin North Central

“Crime -Together We Will Crack It!” -Pat Lee -Fine Gael -1992 General Election Dublin North Central

Gerry Breen, Tom Halligan  -1999 Local Elections -Clontarf

“See the difference -You can check the record” -Richard Bruton 1997 Election Leaflet with the Rainbow Governments record

Leaflet for Cathy Fay -Fine Gael -1997 GE Dublin North Central

Flyer For A Richard Bruton Meeting On The Seanad Referendum- 5th September 2013

From 2001 Richard Bruton -Yes To Nice, Yes To Abolition Of The Death Penalty, Yes To The International Criminal Court

Dublin North East

Muriel O Tiarnaigh -1985 Local Elections -Howth

Brody Sweeney – Dublin North East 2007

Politicians Dont Listen -Dan Sullivan -2004 LE Artane

‘Has Someone Promised You The Sun, The Moon and The Stars Recently?’ -Dan Sullivan 2004 LE Artane

Flyer from Terence Flanagan- Fine Gael Dublin North East- 2007 General Election

‘Sick of hearing about Irelands problems?’ -Pat Crimmins -2009 LE Donaghmede

‘They’ve Blown It! FF/PD Government Squander 5 Golden Years’ -Gavin Doyle, Michael Joe Cosgrave -2002 GE Dublin North East

“Doing It For You”-Dan Sullivan – Fine Gael -Artane 2004 LE

Letter from Fine Gaels Terence Flanagan to voters in Dublin North East -2011 General Election

Leaflet From Pat Crimmins -Fine Gael -Donaghmede -2004 Local Elections

Leaflet From Terence Flanagan- Fine Gael- 2011 General Election Dublin North East

Dublin North West

Flyer for Mary Flaherty -Fine Gael -Dublin North West -1997 General Election

“Group Fixtures & Venues 2002 World Cup Korea Japan” -Brendan Brady -Fine Gael- 2002 General Election Dublin North West

“Your Vote Counts” and other Election Leaflet cliches -Bill Tormey -Fine Gael -2007 GE Dublin North West

Brendan Brady 1997 Dublin North West
Mary Flaherty 1997 Dublin North West

Odd flyer for Gerry Breen Fine Gael -Dublin North West -2011 General Election

Summer 2013 Newsletter From Noel Rock, Fine Gael Local Rep For Glasnevin And Ballymun

Dublin West

Leaflet from Liam Skelly- Fine Gael -1982 Dublin West By-Election

 ’12 reasons to vote for Leo Varadkar -2007 Dublin West
Leo Varadkar 2006 invite to an ‘Evening with Enda’

Gary O’Connor -2004 LE Mulhuddart

  “For the record, I strongly support Metro North” – Letter from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West 2011 General Election

Kieran Dennison -Fine Gael -2009 Local Elections Mulhuddart

“Dublin 15 Update” -Leo Varadkar Post Election Newsletter

“On Thursday Vote For The Only Government Candidate” -Eithne Loftus-Fine Gael- Dublin West By-Election 2011

Leaflet for Eithne Loftus – Fine Gael -2011 Dublin West By Election

“New Government has delivered on 5 point plan” -Eithne Loftus -Fine Gael – 2011 Dublin West Bye Election

Letter and email from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -2011 Dublin West

Letter from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West -2011 General Election

“Friday June 5th: Payback Time” -Fine Gael leaflet from the 2009 Local Elections

Featuring Keith Duffy… Leo Varadkar 2007 General Election leaflet

“Know Where You Stand” Leo Varadkars “guide to tax and entitlements 2012″ -Fine Gael -Dublin West

Leaflet From Maria McGrail -Fine Gael -2014 Local Elections -Mulhuddart

Leaflet From Philip O’Callaghan -Fine Gael – 2014 Local Elections Mulhuddart

Leaflet From Fine Gael Castleknock Local Election Candidate Henry Minogue, Introducing Himself To Voters.

Posters For Kieran Dennison, Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West 2011 General Election.

Letter From Minister Leo Varadkar Outlining Grants Issued By Him To ‘Residents Of Blackhorse Avenue And Neighbouring Areas’

Dublin- Euro
Richie Ryan, Mary Banotti -1984 Euro Elections Dublin

Chris O’Malley 1989 European Elections

Vote No 1 Jim Mitchell, 2 Mary Banotti- Richard Bruton Euro 1994

Jim Mitchell 2004 European Elections

1989 letter from Garret Fitzgerald urging a vote for Mary Banotti

Jim Mitchell ‘Straight Talking’ leaflet -1999 European Elections

From 2004 “6 reasons to elect Gay Mitchell …”

From 2004 Gay Mitchell (with an odd looking Enda) “On your Side in Europe”

“Send Your Best To Europe” Leaflet From Mary Banotti, Richie Ryan-Fine Gael- 1984 European Elections Dublin

Flyer From Chris O’Malley -Fine Gael -1989 European Elections -Dublin 


European Elections

Paddy Cooney, Charlie McDonald- 1989 Euro Elections Leinster
Mairead McGuinness letter to electors 2004 Ireland East

Leaflet from Avril Doyle -Fine Gael -2004 European Elections Ireland East

Flyer for Avril Doyle, Alan Gillis -Fine Gael -1999 European Elections Leinster

Carlow Kilkenny

Phil Hogan, John Browne, Andy Cotterell-Carlow-Kilkenny 1992

Keyring from John Paul Phelan -Fine Gael -Carlow Kilkenny 2011 GE


Alan Dukes, Bernard Durkan -Kildare 1992
Bernard Durkan, Gerard Callery, Catherine McGarry-Celbridge 1991

Senan Griffin -1999 LE Leixlip Kildare

Emer McDaid, Alan O’Kelly and Darren Scully -Naas TC 2009

Anthony O’Donnell (Now an FG councillor) -2002 University of Dublin Seanad

Billy Hillis -2009 LE Athy

Cllr Martin Hendon ‘Your General Election Candidate’  Kildare South 2010

Flyer for Anthony Lawlor -Fine Gael -Kildare North -2011 General Election

“Straight Talking” – Darren Scully -Fine Gael -Kildare North 2007 General Election

(with pic of ‘Naas Ball’) “Be On The Ball – Naas needs a TD Now!” -Darren Scully -Fine Gael -2007 General Election -Kildare North

Laois Offaly

‘Keep Olwyn Working For You’ -Olwyn Enright -Fine Gael 2007 General Election- Laois Offaly
‘Wake Up’ ….. to a new Tullamore -Vinnie O’Brien 2009 LE

An Invitation To The 1976 Fine Gael Borris In Ossory ‘First Annual Dinner & Dance’ … Music By ‘The Cufflinks’

Vote Oliver J Flanagan For Vice President Flyer From The 1971 Fine Gael Ard Fheis


Michael O’Dowd -2004 LE Louth
Eamonn O’Boyle -2009 LE Dundalk

Christopher Douglas -1999 LE Drogheda East

Flyer from Brendan McGahon, Lord Henry Mountcharles -Fine Gael- 1992 General Election -Louth

Card from Owen McGahon- Fine Gael -Dundalk No.1- 1945 Local Elections

1982 Seanad Administrative Panel Leaflet from Brendan McGahon -Fine Gael

Flyer For Johnny McGahon Fine Gael – Dundalk-Carlingford – 2004 Local Elections

Flyer From Jim D’Arcy -Fine Gael -Louth – 2007 General Election


From Fine Gael in 1938 – “Meath Wants No More Migrants!! “

John Bruton -Meath 2002

Graham Geraghty -2007 GE Meath West
Damien English -2002 GE Meath

Shane McEntee -‘Gaelic Football Man Through and Through’ 2005 Meath by-election

2010 Leaflet from Damien English on Navan Hospital -”Fine Gael is committed to the cause of Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan..”

Regina Doherty -Meath East 2007 GE

Post 2011 Budget Leaflet from Meath Fine Gael TD Shane McEntee “We made a commitment -Now We have Delivered…”

“McEntee For Meath” -Shane McEntee -Fine Gael -2005 Meath By Election

Litir Um Thoghchán From Helen McEntee -Fine Gael -2013 Meath East By-Election

Leaflet From Helen McEntee- Fine Gael -2013 Meath East By-Election

With Statue Of The Virgin Mary… Leaflet From Regina Doherty- Fine Gael- Meath East 2007 General Election 

Westmeath /Longford

George Allen ,Pauline Coughlan,Vincent Dooley ,Brendan McFadden, Dick O’Brien-Athlone-1991 LE

George Allen assists the Presiding officer -Athlone 1991 LE

Mick O’Connells Beer Mat 2009 LE Athlone TC

Leinster House Visitors Guide -Nicky McFadden

The system (PR) of voting in Ireland -Paul McGrath 2001

Paul McGraths 2002 World Cup Fixture Guide

Louis Belton, John Connor, Liam Naughten -1992 Longford-Roscommon

Leaflet from Paddy Cooney,Colm Smyth and Seamus Finnan -Fine Gael -1987 General Election -Longford Westmeath

Leaflet from James Bannon -Fine Gael -Longford Westmeath 2011 General Election


Paddy Kavanaghs ‘Free Draw’ -Enniscorthy 2004

Ivan Yates, Louise Hennessy, Michael Darcy -Fine Gael -Wexford 1981 General Election

“Put Gorey in Government” -Leaflet from Michael D’Arcy -Fine Gael -Wexford 2011 General Election


Gemma Hussey, Godfrey Timmons- 1987 Wicklow

Important Message for West Wicklow -Billy Timmins 2002

Lorcan McMahon -2009 LE Blessington
George Jones -Godfrey Timmins -1989 GE Wicklow

Tom Honan -Wicklow 1997 General Election

“Less Talk … More Action” -James O’Sullivan -Fine Gael -Greystones TC 2009 Local Elections

Dirty Tricks Anti Shane Ross Leaflet from the 1991 Local Elections


European Elections

Sean Kelly -2009 European Elections -South

From 1979 leaflet for John Blair, Alan Dukes, Tom O’Donnell, Jim O’Keefe -Fine Gael- Munster -European Elections

Leaflet from Tom O’Donnell and Tom Raftery -Fine Gael- 1984 European Elections -Munster

Leaflet for John Cushnahan-Fine Gael -1989 European Elections -Munster

From circa 1987 – “Student Guide To Europe” from Tom Raftery M.E.P. – Fine Gael -Munster

2013 Newsletter (With A Good Competition) From Sean Kelly MEP -Fine Gael

Sean Kelly MEP Cyber Bullying Newsletter


“Rebuilding Shannon” -Leaflet from Joe Carey -Fine Gael -Clare 2011 General Election

Madeleine Taylor-Quinn -Seanad 2002


Peter Barry, Hugh Coveney -Cork South-Central 1987
Dino Cregan 1992 Cork SC

Derek Connolly -Cork North East 2004 LE

Leaflet from David Stanton -Fine Gael -Cork East -2011 General Election

‘Fine Gael In Government – Delivering For You’ Leaflet From Jerry Buttimer -Cork South Central -Fine Gael


Flyer for Tadgh O’Sullivan -Fine Gael – 1999 Local Elections Killarney

Letter from Senator Paul Coghlan -Fine Gael- 1999 Local Elections Killarney

Sheila Casey -Fine Gael -1999 Local Elections -Killarney

Vote 1 Jimmy Deenihan “The People’s Champion” -Fine Gael -1989 General Election -Kerry North

Leaflet From Tom Sheahan -Fine Gael – Kerry South -2011 General Election


Mary Jackman -1998 Limerick East by-Election
Patrick O’Donovan -2009 LE Newcastlewest

Kieran O’Donnell- 2007 GE Limerick East

“A message to all my supporters from Michael Noonan TD” – Denis McCarthy -Fine Gael -2009 LE Limerick East

Stephen Keary – Rathkeale 2009 LE

1987 leaflet from Michael Noonan , Tom O’Donnell -Fine Gael -Limerick East


Flyer From Michael Lowry, Denis Ryan -Fine Gael -1987 General Election -Tipperary North 

Flyer for Michael Murphy -Fine Gael- Tipperary South 2011 General Election

“Lets take Our Country Back” – Noel Coonan with images of Michael Collins -Fine Gael Tipperary North

Leaflet From Tom Hayes- Fine Gael -2000 Tipperary South By-Election


Eddie Collins, Austin Deasy – 1987 Waterford

Flyer for John Deasy -Fine Gael -2011 Waterford

Crossword Puzzle flyer for Noel McDonagh -Fine Gael -1985 Local Elections Tramore

Simon Hanley, Jim Harty, Jerry O’Brien, Garry O’Halloran, Michael O’Riordan, Richard Walsh-Fine Gael -Dungarvan 1985

From 1973 A Letter From Fine Gael TD Eddie Collins In Reply To Someone Looking For A Seat On The RTE Authority


European Elections

You’ve got to have a Harte -Paddy Harte, Angela Lupton, Joe McCartin- Euro 1989 Connaught-Ulster


Laurence Blake, Joe O’Donnell, JJ Reid – Letterkenny 1985 le

Seamus Gill, Mary McGroarty, Bernard McGuinness -Buncrana 1991 LE

“Sorry I Missed You” from Barry O’Neill – 2010 Donegal South West By-Election
Video from Barry O’Neill  -Donegal South West By-Election 2010


Pól ‘Báinín’ O’Foigil – litir um thoghchan – as gaeilge

Hildegarde Naughton, John Mulholland -2009 LE Galway West

Leaflet for John Donnellan, Fintan Coogan, John O’Malley -Fine Gael – Galway West -1987 General Election

Fidelma Healy Eames, Sean Kyne, Padraic McCormack -2007 GE Galway West

Fine Gael Ad with message from Liam Cosgrave for Paul Connaughton, John Mannion -1975 Galway West and Galway North East by-elections


Enda Kenny poster from the 1975 Mayo West by-Election

1977 Flyer for Enda Kenny and Myles Staunton -Fine Gael -Mayo West

Flyer from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael- 2011 General Election Mayo

‘Castlebar Leaflet’ from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael -Mayo -2011 GE

“Let’s get Mayo moving … Don’t heed the spin of others!” -Michelle Mulherin -Fine Gael -Mayo 2011 General Election

“Fine Gael -One Year in Government On The Right Track” Leaflet from John O’Mahony

“Fixing The Country For A Better Future” Leaflet Giving Details Of Fine Gaels Performance In Government From John O’Mahony


“Dear People of Roscommon ….” -James Reilly letter with assurances over Roscommon Hospital from the 2011 General Election

Louis Belton, John Connor, Liam Naughten -1992 Longford-Roscommon

Leo Cox -2004 Local Elections, Strokestown, Roscommon

John Connor -1989 Roscommon-East Galway
Denis Naughten -1997 GE Longford -Roscommon

Laurence Fallon -2009 LE Mid Roscommon
Dermot Kelly  -Athlone (Roscommon) 2009 LE

“Vote No 1 Denis” -Denis Naughten- Fine Gael -Roscommon South Leitrim

“SF swing can make Gilmore Taoiseach” – Letter from Denis Naughten – Fine Gael -Roscommon South Leitrim 2011 GE

Sligo Leitrim

Eddie Cogan,Leo Conlon,Neil Henry, Tommy Lavin, Tony McLoughlin and John Perry -Fine Gale Ballymote 1985 LEA

Joe Leonard, John Perry and Gerry Reynolds -1997 Sligo-Leitrim

John Perry -– Sligo Leitrim 2002 GE

(With Airbrushed Enda) John Perry – Fine Gael -2007 General Election Sligo North Leitrim


1982 Seanad Administrative Panel Leaflet from Brendan McGahon -Fine Gael

Madeleine Taylor-Quinn -Seanad 2002

Flyer for Imelda Henry- Fine Gael -Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Election

Tony Mulcahy -Fine Gael- Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer for Cait Keane -Fine Gael -Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Anne-Maria Irish -Fine Gael- Cultural & Educational panel- 2011 Seanad Elections

“9,233 Good Reasons to Vote For Me” -Pat Burton-Fine Gael- Agricultural Panel- 2011 Seanad Elections

Postcard from Gerry Breen- Fine Gael- Industrial & Commercial panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Laura McGonigle -Fine Gael- Industrial & Commercial Panel- 2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet from Neale Richmond- Fine Gael -Labour Panel 2011 Seanad Election

Flyer for John Kennedy -NUI Seanad 2011

John Clendennen-Fine Gael -Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Leaflet from Gemma Hussey -1981 Seanad Election NUI

Leaflet from James Dooge – 1983 Seanad Elections – NUI

Leaflet from Frances Fitzgerald- Fine Gael- 2002 Seanad Election Administrative Panel

“Travel Safely -A Guide For People Travelling Abroad” From Senator Maurice Cummins -Fine Gael

Leaflet From Bill Tormey -Fine Gael -2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet From Fidelma Healy Eames- Fine Gael -2011 Seanad Election


From The 1966 Presidential Election An ‘O’Higgins For President’ Advert From Woman’s Way Magazine

Austin Currie -1990 Presidential Election
Mary Banotti -1997 Presidential Election

Ad for Tom O’Higgins -Fine Gael -1973 Presidential Election

Tom O’Higgins -Fine Gael -1966 Presidential Election

From 1945 “Vote 1 MacEoin for President” -General Sean MacEoin- Fine Gael

“Gay Mitchell For President” leaflet from Fine Gael Cllr Anne-Marie Dermody -2011 Presidential Election

Gay Mitchell Leaflet with his life in pictures and more ….

Green, Yellow and Blue Gay Mitchell leaflets -2011 Presidential Election

Flyer from Gay Mitchell -Fine Gael- 2011 Presidential Election

Gay Mitchell for President Video

Presidential Election Leaflet from Gay Mitchell – Fine Gael -2011 Presidential Election


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