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Podcast – The Irish Housewives Association September 24, 2020

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In the 1957 General Election, The Irish Housewives Association stood three candidates.
Mairead McGunness in Dublin North East, Beatrice Dixon in Dublin South West and Kathleen Swanton in Dublin North Central.
This episode is about the campaign, a brief history of the Irish Housewives Association as well as touching on Women in Politics.

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My Patreon Page September 17, 2020

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This Patreon is to support my work on the Alan Kinsella podcast “The Others” and to support the work I do on the Irish Election Literature Website.
I would love if you could help support this work.

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Podcast – The National Progressive Democrats

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Latest episode of the podcast covers The National Progressive Democrats. A left wing party set up by Noel Browne and Jack McQuillan in the late 1950’s.
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Podcast – Unionist Dáil candidates in the 1980’s and 90’s September 10, 2020

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A look at the campaigns of four different Unionist candidates that ran for the Dáil in the 80’s and 90’s. Stan Gebler Davies in Cork South West in 1987, Michael Brooks in Donegal North East in 1987, Patrick Melly in Sligo Leitrim in 1992 and John McDonald in the 1998 Dublin North Bye-Election.
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Podcast – Poblacht Chríostúil (Christian Republic) September 3, 2020

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Poblacht Chríostúil (Christian Republic) was an Irish political party active from 1956 to the late 1960s. It advocated Catholic social teaching, a planned economy and national self-sufficiency.



Podcast -The Cork Socialist Party and Independent Youth candidates from the 1974 Local Elections August 28, 2020

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This episode covers The Cork Socialist Party which existed in Cork in the mid 1940’s. Also how the voting age change in 1973 led to a number of Independent Youth candidates standing in the 1974 Local Elections


Podcast -Army Wives Candidates in the 1989 General Election August 20, 2020

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This episode covers the Army Wives Campaign in the 1989 General Election as well as The National Army Spouses Association.


The Cannabis Legalisation Party and Ubi Dwyer’s Justice Party. Podcast episode 10 August 13, 2020

This episode covers The Cannabis Legalisation Party who ran two candidates in The 1997 General Election and The Justice Party of Ubi Dwyer who ran in two of the elections in the early 80’s. Theres an obituary of Ubi Dwyer here which gives a great insight into his time in the UK especially.
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Podcast – The Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) -Episode 9 August 5, 2020

The latest episode of “The Others -The Alan Kinsella Podcast” This episode covers The Internationalists, Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) and their affiliated groups.


Guest on The Irish History Show Podcast August 2, 2020

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Had the pleasure of being a guest on the Irish History Show Podcast and you can listen to it here
or listen here…..

Of course you can listen to my own podcast too here
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