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Podcast – Aontacht Éireann -Episode 33 February 5, 2021

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The story of the Aontacht Éireann party founded by former Fianna Fáil Minister Kevin Boland in 1971. More Republican than Fianna Fáil they were Initially popular, however the party went downhill, losing all it’s seats in the 1973 General Election and 1974 Local Elections.

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Leaflet from James Kelly – Aontacht Eireann – 1973 General Election -Cavan September 14, 2020

From the 1973 General Election a leaflet from James Kelly running for Aontacht Eireann in Cavan where he polled 2068 votes. Formerly Captain James Kelly he came to National Attention during the arms trail, where he was acquitted.



“Britain Must Decide To Go” Aontacht Éireann pamphlet from 1975 June 18, 2020

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“Britain Must Decide To Go” a 15 page pamphlet from Aontacht Éireann in 1975 which I’ve scanned and uploaded in pdf format here
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet and Poster from Aontacht Eireann urging a No vote on Irish Entry to the EEC December 18, 2013

From the 1972 Referendum on entry to the EEC a leaflet and poster from Aontacht Eireann urging a No vote.
Many thanks to the sender.
Aont Eir Reject the Terms



Ad for Irene King -Aontacht Eireann -1973 GE Galway West October 26, 2010

From the 1973 General Election an Ad for Irene King the Aontacht Eireann candidate in Galway West. The Ad refers to a rally to be addressed by the late Kevin Boland. Its interesting that the Troubles or the North are not mentioned in the Ad. Instead its prices and benefits. I’ve also included a profile of the candidate which mentions the role of her Father in the war of Independence and Civil War as well as the impact of it. Irene King polled 416 votes.
Aontacht Éireann was founded in 1971 after Kevin Boland resigned from Fianna Fail in protest at the dismissal of Neil Blaney and Charles Haughey as well as Party Policy on The North. They Fielded 12 candidate (according to wikipedia) in the 1973 General Election but failed to win any seats. Boland resigned as leader in 1976 and the party was wound up in 1984.
Ad taken from the wonderful Galway Advertiser site.



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