Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

1989 General Election-can you add info? November 7, 2009

GAY= Gay and Lesbian Equality Campaign
NLJAG = National Legal Justice Action Group
CPI = Communist Party of Ireland
DSP= Democratic Socialist Party
GOD= For Bible Readings in the Dail
Army Wives- Army Wives stood over barracks closures as their husbands could not be political.

Rod Licence- A rod licence fee had been introduced causing much dismay among anglers and tourist interests. They had an influence against Fianna Fail.

Cavan Monaghan
Damien Matthews
Joseph Duffy
Margaret Kiernan  -Army Wives

Cork East
William Fitzsimon  -Joke

Cork North Central
  Cornelius O’Leary
Michael T Murphy
Noel Murphy    -CPI
William Fitzsimon -Joke

Cork North West
William Fitzsimon -Joke

Cork South Central
  William Fitzsimon  -Joke

Cork South West
  Stephen O’Neill
William Fitzsimon  -Joke

Donegal North East
Anne Wilkinson -Ind Socialist

Donegal South West
Thomas Kennedy

Dublin Central
Maire Ni Dubgaill -Natural Law?
Tony Gregory-Ind Soc

Dublin North Central
Don Donnelly  -GAY
Sean Loftus  -Family Values/Environment/anti corrpution
Lord Tom Denning- Birmingham Six
Dublin North East
Angela Mulligan
Paddy Healy  -Independent Socialist ? (Brother of Seamus Healy)

Dublin North West
Gerard Doolan
Joan Byrne  – Ballymun Community Candidate

Dublin South Central
  Michael Foley -GAY

Dublin South East
Anthony(Tonie) Walsh -Gay and Lesbian Equality Campaign
Patrick McDonnell

Dublin South West
Alan Plummer

Dublin West
John Montgomery  -CPI
Michael Conaghan  -DSP

Dun Laoghaire
Ann McGoldrick  -Ind Green

Galway East
  Padraig O Ceallaigh

Galway West
Dermot Shanley
Paul O’Connor

Kerry South
  Barbara Hyland -NLJAG

Carol Tiernan -Army Wives

Laoighis Offaly
Joe McCormack

Limerick East
  Jim Kemmy -DSP

Longford Westmeath
Hugh O’Brien
June Kiernan -Army Wives

  Bernard Markey
Ronald Smith  -GOD

Mayo West
  Frank Durcan  -Rod Licence

Ailish Sherrard
William Battersby

Andrew Kerrigan
Tom Foxe -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee

Sligo Leitrim
Declan Bree -Independent Socialist

Tipperary North
William Fitzsimon -Joke

Tipperary South
Seamus Healy -Independent Socialist
William Fitzsimon  -Joke

Padraig Sweeney

Barbara Hyland  -NLJAG
Sean Wolahan


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