Irish Election Literature

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November 1982 GE -Can you add Info? November 7, 2009

PD- Peoples Democracy
DSP – Democratic Socialist Party
IRSP – Irish Republican Socialist Party
CPI – Communist Party of Ireland

Carlow Kilkenny
  Eileen Brophy 
  Patrick Jones 

Cavan Monaghan 
 Sean O Neill MacGabhann 

  William Loughnane  -Ind FF

Cork East 
  Mary Duggan 

Cork North Central
  James Kenneally 

Cork South Central
  Garry O’Sullivan-DSP 
  James Lane  -IRSP
  Owen Casey -Ecology Party of Ireland

Cork South West
  Elizabeth Ryder  -Ecology Party of Ireland
  John O’Sullivan -Fishermans candidate

Dublin Central
  Tony Gregory -Ind Soc

Dublin North Central
  Andrew Dillon  -Ind Left?
  Bernadette McAliskey – ex Peoples Democracy
  Philip O’Connor  -DSP

Dublin North East
  Sean Loftus -Environment/ Family Values 

Dublin North West
  Billy Keegan  -Ind Labour

Dublin North West
  Francis Maguire 
  Michael Meagher 
  Patrick Mitchell 
  Richard Brady 

Dublin South
  Denis O’Connor  -DSP

Dublin South Central
  Brendan Moran 
  Seamus Rattigan-DSP 

Dublin South East
  Liz Noonan  -Gay Rights
  Seamus O’Daly 
  William Fitzsimon -joke? 

Dublin South West
  Ann Joyce  -Ind Traveller
  Noel Murphy  -CPI?
  Richard O’Reilly 

Dublin West
  John Montgomery  -CPI
  Michael Conaghan  -DSP

Dun Laoghaire
  Anthony Clarke  -Ind Socialist
  John De Courcy Ireland  -DSP

Galway East
  Brian Parker 

Kerry South
  Colm O’Sullivan 
  Joseph O’Shea -Fishermans Candidate
  Stephen Doyle 

  Michael McManus 
  Sean Thompson 

Laois Offaly
  Joe McCormack 

Limerick East
  Jim Kemmy  -DSP
  Patrick Moore 
  Richard Power -Ecology

  Aine Ni Ghidhir 
  Frank Godfrey
  Micheal O’Donnell 

Mayo East
  John Regan -Joke? (a Hairdresser from Kiltimagh)

Sligo Leitrim
  Declan Bree  -Sligo Leitim Ind Socialist Organisation
  Noel ‘Flukie’ Gorman -Sligo-Leitrim Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Constituents by Lying and Cheating Politicians 

  Terence Moroney – Youth Unemployment protest.
  Thomas Brennan -Previously a leading light in the Labour Party

  James Hayes 

  Liam de Siuin  -Ecology Party of Ireland


6 Responses to “November 1982 GE -Can you add Info?”

  1. AJL Says:

    C-K – Brophy was former Lab
    Dublin NC – Dillon was of the Young Ireland Party (anti-corruption)
    Dublin NW – Meagher was Ecology Party of Ireland
    Dublin SW – O’Reilly was an anti-Traveller candidate
    Louth – Was this O’Donnell the old AE candidate in 1977 – if so he’s probably dissident FF

    Again these are from my old records – I will defer to anyone with better knowledge locally

  2. Passer By Says:

    I see the Traveller candidate named as Ann Joyce, but she was named Nan after her mother Nan. Is Ann her official name, on her birth certificate, and Nan an informal name, or is Ann simply a spelling error?

    • In the election results I was using she was listed as Ann.

      • Passer By Says:

        God damn, what a fast reply! What took you so long?

        What results are you using – original printed election literature or a contemporary 1982 voting form, or the website (where they use “Ann” as well)? She is always known as Nan, which is why I felt the question was worth raising. So, may one inquire your source, please?

      • Would have used a variety of books (Nealons guide etc as well as and the Newspaper supplements from the time too which I still have!)
        Some have her as Nan, some as Ann.

  3. Passer By Says:

    (“What took you so long?” was a joke because you responded to me in just three minutes. Don’t be offended.)

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