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Election Results etc. November 7, 2009

In Excel Format Old Local Election Results

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The 1999 Local Election Results with Full Count Details

As they are unavailable on I’m also putting up some of the 1994 Town Council and UDC election results and have also started putting up 1991 local election results that are missing from there.

1994 Town Council and UDC Results

1991 Local Elections

1979 Local Elections

The Full 1999 local Election Results (with count details) are available on DOE site here


Finding Out what those Classed as Independents Stood For

Readers here may have gathered my main interest is in elections, indeed part of the reason for the site is that people may be able to see literature not just from the larger parties but also from the small parties, groups or independents that stood for election.
I’ve begun compiling lists of candidates that were classed as ‘Others’ and where possible putting a party/group or motive beside their name.

Have a look and see If you can help. If you can add to the information about a candidate as to why they stood etc then please add a comment to the relevant election page.

1992 General Election

1989 General Election

1987 General Election

November 1982 General Election


Electoral Analysis – A series of Articles I’ve written for the Cedar Lounge Revolution reproduced here.

The Polls…Labour, The Left and The Greens

MRBI Poll Dec 16th and more…

The Country Fucked and Fianna Fail Fucked too.. How Fianna Fail cant have an effective electoral strategy.

.               The New Parties and The Next Election

An Analysis of the Late September/Early October polls

An analysis of the 2009 Local Election Results in Dublin

Looking Forward to the Next Election…..

Fianna Fails Prospects

Labours Prospects

Green Party Prospects

Sinn Feins Prospects

People Before Profit and The Workers Party

The Socialist Party and WUAG

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