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Index of Workers Party Leaflets January 14, 2012

Workers Party


From December 1977 -Sinn Fein The Workers Party ‘Notes & Comments’

Two Anti Sectarianism Posters from The Workers Party / Republican Clubs

‘Why There is No Alternative to Reconstitution’ -Workers Party Discussion Document February 1992 (pre DL split)

The Workers Party- Programme for a Democratic Future 1991
The Workers Party – A Democratic Convention in Defence of Public Life from 1991
‘Fight your corner -Dont Emigrate’ -Sinn Fein / Republican Clubs posters from the 1970s
“End Unemployment – Nationalise the Banks..” Sinn Fein posters from the 1970s
‘Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland’ leaflet -Support Sean Garland Campaign 2010

“Septic Tank Inspection Charges” leaflet from The Workers Party
“The Workers Voice in Europe”- Sinn Fein The Workers Party -1979 European Elections
“Boycott The Poll” Poster – Official Republican Movement – 1973 Northern Ireland Border Poll
Copy of “The Irish People” 2nd April 1976
“Tomás” -A Tribute to Tomás Mac Giolla

Tomás Mac Giolla Remembrance Card
From 2003 Submission by The Workers Party on Seanad Reform to Seanad Sub Committee on Procedure and Privileges
1986 letter from The Workers Party to the Communist Party of The Soviet Union (CPSU) looking for Funds

“The EU Fiscal Treaty -A Charter for Permanent Austerity …Vote No” Leaflet from The Workers’ Party

“In the 1930s the USA ended its Great Depression with the ‘New Deal’- Where is Europe’s New Deal?” Vote No poster from The Workers Party

“If In Doubt Vote No” -Official Sinn Fein – 1972 Referendum On EEC

Official Sinn Fein Badge For The First Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday

“Eolas” – International Newsletter Of Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party -November/December 1977

Workers’ Party Poster For A No Vote In The Seanad Referendum

“Election News” – Official Sinn Fein Leaflet From The 1973 General Election

From December 1977 -Sinn Fein The Workers Party ‘Notes & Comments’

Workers Party Youth

1990 Leaflet on Overcrowding in College from The Workers Party

All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991
“Students- Everything you wanted to know about the Workers’ Party” -circa 1990
International Bulletin of Workers Party Youth -Summer 1991
Workers Party Youth – 1991
Socialist Student (Workers Party) – 1991

South Dublin

Dun Laoghaire

Workers Party 1991 Gilmore et Al– ‘Do You Remember 1985?”
Leaflet for Marian White -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Blackrock
Marian White Leaflet -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Blackrock
Marian White -Workers Party 1991 LE -Blackrock

Leaflet for Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party – 1989 General Election Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet from Eamon Gilmore- Workers Party- 1989 General Election -Dun Laoghaire

Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party -1987 General Election Dun Laoghaire
‘We buy our homes and developers buy the big parties’-Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party-1989 Dun Laoghaire
“150 words about local issues in Dun Laoghaire” Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party- 1989 GE
Eamon Gilmore- Workers Party -1985 Local Elections -Ballybrack
Eamon Gilmore – Workers Party- Dun Laoghaire- November 1982

Flyer for Eamon Gilmore and Sylvie Batt -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Ballybrack
Win £10 – ‘Dun Laoghaire People’ – Eamon Gilmore -Workers Party 1986

Dublin South
Eamonn O’Liatháin- Workers Party -Dublin South 1987 General Election

Dublin South Central
Campaign News -The Workers’ Party Crumlin-Drimnagh -Brendan Phelan -2004 Local Elections

Leaflet From Peigin Doyle – Official Sinn Fein – Dublin South Central -1973 General Election

Dublin South East

Tom Crilly -Workers Party -1985 LE Pembroke
‘A Voice For Donnybrook’ -Tom Crilly, Angie Murphy -Workers Party- 1991 Local Elections
Tom Crilly, Angie Murphy -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Pembroke
Newsletter from Tom Crilly -Workers Party- 2002 General Election Dublin South East
Tom Crilly -Workers’ Party -1997 GE Dublin South East
Tom Crilly , Andy Smith – Workers Party 1987 Dublin SE

Dublin Mid West

Leaflet from Michael Finnegan -Workers Party- Dublin Mid West- 2011 GE
Mick Finnegan-Workers Party 2007 Dublin Mid West

‘Dublin Mid-West News’ -Workers Party Leaflet From Lorraine Hennessey (Clondalkin) And Michael Finnegan (Lucan)

Leaflet From Lorraine Hennessey -The Workers Party – Clondalkin -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From Michael Finnegan -The Workers’ Party -Lucan -2014 Local Elections

“Water Is A Human Right” Leaflet From Michael Finnegan , Lorraine Hennessy -Workers Party – Lucan / Clondalkin

Dublin South West
Pat Rabbitte – Workers Party – Dublin South West 1987

“Reject the Old Politics -Vote Pat Rabbitte Number 1″ -Workers Party -1989 General Election -Dublin South West

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Linda Kavanagh -Workers Party -1997 Dublin Central
Mike Jennings Letter re “Blessington Basin” -Workers Party 1991 Local Elections

Leaflet for Malachy Steenson- Workers Party -2011 GE Dublin Central
Flyer from Michael White -The Workers Party -1983 Dublin Central By Election.
Michael White- Workers Party- 1982 (November)
(Judge) Michael White- Workers Party- 1983 Dublin Central By-Election.
Flyer for Monica Ryan -Sinn Fein – 1967 Local Elections Dublin

Dublin North West
John Dunne – The Workers Party -1997 Dublin North West

Leaflet from Owen Martin -Workers Party -2004 Local Elections – Finglas

Leaflet From Owen Martin -The Workers Party -Ballymun -2014 Local Elections

“Owen Martin For Ballymun” Leaflet From Owen Martin -Workers Party -Ballymun

Dublin European

Prionsias DeRossa – Workers Party Euro 89
Des Geraghty -Workers Party 1984 Euro Elections
Tomas MacGiolla -The Workers Party-1994 European Elections
Tomás MacGiolla -’Dublin People’ -Workers Party Paper- 1994 European Elections.
Tomas MacGiolla Workers Party -Euro 94 – Pub Quiz


Catherine Murphy , Michael Enright -Workers Party- Leinster 1989 Euro Elections
Michael Enright , Catherine Murphy -The Workers Party -1989 European Elections Leinster

Carlow Kilkenny

Leaflet From Sean Walsh -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party -1977 General Election – Carlow Kilkenny


‘Workers Party News and Views’ – Kildare 1990
Catherine Murphy -The Workers Party -1989 General Election -Kildare
“Stand Up For Kildare” – Catherine Murphy -Workers Party -1991 Local Elections Celbridge

Sean Walsh -Workers Party – Piltown – Kilkenny 1985 Local Elections


Leaflet for Seamus McDonagh -Workers Party -Meath West 2011 GE

Litir um Thoghchán from Seamus McDonagh-The Workers’ Party- 2013 Meath East By-Election

“North Meath News” From Seamus McDonagh -Workers’ Party -Kells -2014 Local Elections

Dermot Tobin- Workers Party -Wicklow 1989
Jimmy Hogan -Workers Party -Greystones TC 1985
John McManus- Workers Party- 1985 LE
Liz McManus, Dermot Tobin, Anne Egan -Workers Party 1991 Local Elections -Bray
Leaflet from John McManus -Sinn Fein the Workers Party -1977 General Election Wicklow



Leaflet from Joe Sherlock -Workers Party-1984 European Elections -Munster

Leaflet from Martin O’Regan -Workers Party 1994 European Elections Munster

“Forward Working People” -Mick Dunphy -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party -Munster- 1979 European Elections


Mick Crowley -Workers Party -2004 LE Cork North West

Kathleen Lynch -The Workers Party -1987 GE Cork South Central
Leaflet For Ted Tynan -Workers Party -Cork North Central 2011 General Election
Ted Tynan Newsletter-Workers Party 2004 Local Elections
Joe Sherlock -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party – 1981 General Election Cork East

Leaflet from Ted Tynan -Workers Party- 2002 General Election -Cork North Central

2002 Leaflet from Ted Tynan -Workers Party -Cork North Central

Leaflet From Ted Tynan -Workers Party -Cork North East

Canvass Card From James Coughlan -Workers Party – Cork City North West -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet Introducing James Coughlan -The Workers’ Party -Cork North West -2014 Local Elections

Leaflet From James Coughlan -Workers Party -Cork City North West -2014 Local Elections


Tommy Foley, Donal Tobin – Workers Party -Tralee -1985 Local Elections

Redmond Sullivan- Sinn Fein The Workers Party -1977 General Election Kerry South


Tomas MacGiolla -Sinn Fein -Tipperary North 1961 General Election

Joe Tobin -Workers Party -Waterford -2011 General Election
Paddy Gallagher, Tony Wright – Workers Party 1987 Waterford.

Leaflet from Paddy Gallagher -Sinn Fein The Workers’ Party- 1981 General Election -Waterford

Leaflet From Davy Walsh , Brian Hearne -The Workers Party -Tramore And Waterford City West

Leaflet From Willie Moore -The Workers’ Party -Waterford City South

Connaught/ Ulster


Flyer from Paddy Lynn- Workers Party -2001 Westminster Election -Belfast South
flyer for John Lowry -Workers Party- 2011 Assembly Election West Belfast

Paddy Lynn -Workers Party -Belfast South -2011 Assembly Elections


Ad for Tony Coffey -Sinn Fein the Workers Party -Galway West 1977
Liz Hackett, Michael Donnelly and Stan McEoin -Workers Party -1991 LE Galway
Renee Prendergast -Official Sinn Fein -1975 Galway By-Election
Jimmy Brick, Tony Coffey,Billy Dillon -Sinn Fein The Workers Party -1979 Local Elections Galway


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