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2011 index February 3, 2011

An Index of 2011 Material posted to date

“Olli Rehn for Taoiseach” Poster

Drivetime to date and a picture of most of my collection……

A “No Junk Mail ….” sign

2011 Election Lookalikes- Part 1

“He Cannot Change His Spots” – “Vote No To Gerry Adams”

“ABA -Anybody But Adams -Jean or Gerry the choice is yours!” -Leaflet from Louth 2011 General election

“Keep It Carlow” – Our county needs Two Strong TDs So We don’t get Left Behind”

Christian Solidarity Party

An Ad for Christian Solidarity Party candidate Daire Fitzgerald running in Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet from Manus MacMeanmain -Christian Solidarity Party -Meath West

Jane Murphy -Christian Solidarity Party / Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South 2011 GE


Leaflet from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla- An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention (CPPC)- Cork South Central

Leaflet for Cork Selection Conventions of An Chomhdháil Phobail I The People’s Convention (CPPC)-2011 GE

Poster from An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC) Dublin Launch Rally 18th January

Leaflet for Patrick Bullman – CPPC – Cork East -2011 General Election

Direct Democracy Ireland

Poster for Paul Clarke -Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin North Central -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Gerry Kelly- (Independent) Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South Central

Fianna Fail


“Keep Sinn Fein Out!” -‘Vote Power No 1’ -Averil Power -Fianna Fail-Dublin North East

Calling card from Fianna Fails Conor Lenihan -2011 General Election Dublin South West

Flyer for Chris Andrews -Fianna Fail -Dublin South East

Letter from Brian Lenihan re a school extension -2011 General Election Dublin West

Letter from Mary Fitzpatrick -Fianna Fail-2011 Dublin Central

‘We have many reasons to be hopeful’ -’Evening of Election Letter’ From Cyprian Brady- 2011 General Election -Dublin Central

Leaflet from Maria Corrigan -Fianna Fail -Dublin South

“Congratulations to Tubridy on important book” -Charlie O’Connor -Fianna Fail -Dublin South West

“Ignore All The Promises – Examine The Facts” Brian Lenihan -Fianna Fail -Dublin West

“Cyprian Brady sets the record straight” -Fianna Fail- Dublin Central

“My family has tried to serve this area with integrity and honest commitment for almost 50 years” -Barry Andrews -Fianna Fail -Dun Laoghaire

Flyer with no Fianna Fail logo from Sean Haughey- Fianna Fail -Dublin North Central

‘Good Morning Voter from your Local Representative’- Cyprian Brady -Fianna Fail Dublin Central

“….I do not , nor will I ever walk away.” Letter from Conor Lenihan -Fianna Fail- Dublin South West

Bertie Ahern letter in Support of Cyprian Brady- 2011 General Election Dublin Central


Calling card from Aine Brady -Fianna Fail- Kildare North -2011 General Election

Jennifer Murnane O’Connor -Fianna Fail (very small) -Carlow-Kilkenny 2011 GE

Leaflet for Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and John Moloney -Fianna Fail -Laois Offaly

“Decent” Dick Roche -Fianna Fail- Wicklow 2011 General Election

Flyer for John Browne -Fianna Fail -Wexford

“Portlaoise needs a TD who will give the area top priority”- Letter from Sean Fleming- Fianna Fail- Laois Offaly

“Offaly News” -Barry Cowen with a message from Brian Cowen -2011 GE

Flyer for Declan Breathnach, James Caroll -Fianna Fail -Louth 2011 GE

Letter to Constituent from John McGuinness- Fianna Fail -2011 General Election Carlow Kilkenny


Ad for Martin Mansergh-Fianna Fail -Tipperary South 2011 General Election

A 2011 Election flyer from Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn

‘Budget Guide 2011′ from Billy Kelleher- Fianna Fail -Cork North Central

‘Check out’, ‘Support Willie on Facebook’ -Willie O’Dea 2011 General Election Flyer.

Vote No 1 Dr John Hillery -Fianna Fail -Clare -2011 General Election

2011 Election flyer with No Fianna Fail Logo from Thomas McEllistrim-Fianna Fail -Kerry North West Limerick

Poster for Niall Collins -Fianna Fail -Limerick 2011 General Election

“Delivering for COBH” -Michael ahern -Fianna Fail -Cork East -2011 General Election

John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fail -Kerry South 2011 General Election

Flyer from Kevin O’Keefe -Fianna Fail -Cork East -2011 General Election


“Dolan For The Dáil” – Campaign Song for Michael F Dolan -Fianna Fail Galway East

Leaflet in Irish for Frank Fahey-Fianna Fail -Galway West-2011 General Election

Flyer for Ivan Connaughton -Fianna Fail-Roscommon South Leitrim-2011 General Election

Ad for Lisa Chambers and Dara Calleary- Fianna Fail- Mayo

“Save Our Services” -Leaflet from Fianna Fail Roscommon based Ivan Connaughton -2011 GE

Fine Gael

“JOIN THE TEAM IRELAND 2.0 ” Poster – Fine Gael 2011 GE


Flyer from Olivia Mitchell- Fine Gael -Dublin South

Flyer from Sean Barrett and Mary Mitchell O’Connor -Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire

Flyer from Eoghan Murphy -Fine Gael- Dublin South East

Letter from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West -2011 General Election

Flyer from Brian Hayes -Fine Gael -2011 General Election Dublin South West

Letter from Alan Farrell introducing himself to voters- Fine Gael Dublin North 2011 GE

Alan Shatter Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011

Odd flyer for Gerry Breen Fine Gael -Dublin North West -2011 General Election

Letter from Fine Gaels Terence Flanagan to voters in Dublin North East -2011 General Election

‘Political Reform’ leaflet from Alan Farrell- Fine Gael- Dublin North

Letter and email from Leo Varadkar -Fine Gael -Dublin West

Leaflet from Peter Matthews -Fine Gael -Dublin South

Flyer for Mary Mitchell O’Connor- Fine Gael -Dun Laoghaire 2011 General Election


Keyring from John Paul Phelan -Fine Gael -Carlow Kilkenny 2011 GE

Cllr Martin Heydon ‘Your General Election Candidate’ -Fine Gael- Kildare South 2011

Flyer for Anthony Lawlor -Fine Gael -Kildare North -2011 General Election


“Rebuilding Shannon” -Leaflet from Joe Carey -Fine Gael -Clare 2011 General Election

Flyer for Michael Murphy -Fine Gael- Tipperary South 2011 General Election

Flyer for John Deasy -Fine Gael -Waterford

“Lets take Our Country Back” – Noel Coonan with images of Michael Collins -Fine Gael Tipperary North


Flyer from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael- 2011 General Election Mayo

‘Castlebar Leaflet’ from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael -Mayo -2011 GE

“Vote No 1 Denis” -Denis Naughten- Fine Gael -Roscommon South Leitrim

“SF swing can make Gilmore Taoiseach” – Letter from Denis Naughten – Fine Gael -Roscommon South Leitrim 2011 GE

Fis Nua

Video for Gerry Kinsella -Independent / Fis Nua -Wicklow 2011 General Election

Poster for Pat Kavanagh -Fís Nua -Wicklow 2011 General Election

Window Poster for Liam Johnston -Independent Fís Nua Candidate- Dublin Central

Leaflet from Ben Nutty -Fís Nua -Waterford -2011 General Election

Green Party

“Why the Green Party called this election” -Letter from John Gormley -Green Party- Dublin South East

Flyer for Ciaran Cuffe -Green Party -Dun Laoghaire -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Trevor Sargent -Green Party -Dublin North -2011 General Election

Green Party Senator , Mark Deareys Guaranteed Irish Website

“Honest and True” -Dan Boyle -Green Party -Cork South Central-2011 General Election

Card and poster for Oisín Ó hAlmhain -Green Party -Dublin South Central

Leaflet from Eamon Ryan -Green Party -Dublin South 2011 General Election

Flyer from Paul Gogarty -Green Party -Dublin Mid West

“Judge of the Nations, spare us yet – Lest we forget, lest we forget” -Dan Boyle 2011 Leaflet

Litir um Thoghchán -Vótáil #1 Niall Ó Brolcháin -Comhaontas Glas -Iar Gaillimh



Flyer for Dylan Haskins -Independent -Dublin South East

Excellent Video for Dylan Haskins -Independent -Dublin South East

“I’m No George Lee” -Paul Sommerville – “Catalyst for Change” -Independent -Dublin South East 2011 General Election

Flyer from Shane Ross -Independent- Dublin South 2011 General Election

Poster for Dr Mark Harold -Independent -Dublin North

Flyer for Jimmy Guerin- Independent -Dublin North East

Michael J Loftus -New Vision- Dublin North West

Flyer from Paul Sommerville -Independent- Dublin South East

Flyer from Paul King -Independent -Dublin South Central

Flyer for Peter O’Neill -Independent- Dublin South Central

Vote John Hyland -”Independent ‘Write In’ National Candidate” -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Hugh Sheehy -Independent -Dublin South East

“A Message of Support from Paul McGrath” -Victor Boyhan- Independent- Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet from Jim McHale -Independent -Dublin Mid West

Flyer From Christy Burke -Independent -Dublin Central

“Asset seizure from Financial Criminals”Flyer and Leaflet from Cieran Perry -Independent -Dublin Central

“A Strong Independent Voice For You” -Cieran Perry -Independent- Dublin Central

Leaflet from Shane Ross -Independent -Dublin South

“Gissa Job” -Sean Connolly Farrell -Independent -Dublin South Central

Leaflet for Hussein Hamed -Independent-Dublin South 2011 General Election

Flyer in post from Dylan Haskins -Independent -Dublin South East

“You’re Angry, I’m Angry, Let’s make a difference.” -John Doyle -Independent Dublin South

Flyer for Clement Esebamen- Independent -Dublin West 2011 GE

Flyer for Raymond Sexton -Independent- Dublin North East

Flyer from Mannix Flynn -Independent -Dublin South East 2011 GE

Maureen O’Sullivan -Independent- Dublin Central -2011 General Election


Flyer for John McGuirk- Independent – Cavan Monaghan-2011 General Election

“Tea with Mrs Sweeney” and ‘Tiger Soup’ posters from Ann Sweeney-Donegal South West -2011 GE

Gabriel McSharry -Independent -Sligo-North Leitrim 2011 GE

Flyer for Ryan Stewart -Independent-Donegal North East 2011 General Election

“Action Not Reaction” -Tim Broderick-Independent- Galway East 2011 General Election

‘Tips for Canvassers’ from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan -Independent -Roscommon South Leitrim

‘Let Me Represent You’ -Flyer for Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Independent-Roscommon South Leitrim

John McDermott- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Roscommon-South Leitrim- 2011 GE

Leaflet for Seamus Treanor -Independent -Cavan Monaghan

Flyer for Loretta Clarke -Independent -Mayo -2011 General Election

Stickers from Uinseann Holmes -Independent- Galway West

Ad for Veronica Cawley -Independent- Sligo North Leitrim

“The answer, my friend is blowin in the Wind!”- Dermot McDonnell -Independent- Mayo

Fleyer for Sean Canney -Independent -Galway East -2011 GE


Flyer for David Bradley -Christian Candidate -Louth 2011 GE

Flyer from Luke Martin -Independent -Louth -2011 GE

Flyer for Mick Wallace -Independent- Wexford -2011 General Election

“I Promise Never To ‘To hold “clinics”’, ‘attend a funeral..’ -Eric Doyle-Higgins- Kildare North

Leaflet for Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran -Independent (ex FF) -Longford Westmeath -2011 General Election

Flyer for Gerry Crilly -Independent -Louth -2011 General Election

“We don’t need empty election promises, we need change”- James Fanning -Independent -Laois Offaly

Flyer from Rotimi Adebari -Independent-Laois Offaly -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Thomas Clarke -Independent -Wicklow -2011 General Election

Leaflet for Clifford T Reid -Independent- Kildare South -2011 General Election

“They Dont All Have to Be The Same -Wallace For Wexford” – Mick Wallace Poster

“Scruff Of The Neck” and “Fight Back” , “Wallace For Wexford” posters -Mick Wallace -Wexford 2011 General Election

Flyer for Donal Kiernan -Independent -Wicklow -2011 General Election

“Send home the clowns”-John Dwyer -Independent -Wexford

Leaflet from Siobhan Roseingrave- Independent- Wexford

Flyer From John Bracken -Independent -Laois Offaly

Leaflet from Joe Behan -Independent -Wicklow

Flyer from Daithi Stephens -Independent -Meath West

Flyer from Stephen Donnelly -Independent -Wicklow

“Win with Donnelly – Phone A Friend”- Stephen Donnelly -Wicklow 2011 GE

Flyer for Liam Dumpleton -Independent -Laois Offaly 2011 GE

Leaflet from John Bracken -Independent- Laois Offaly-2011 GE

“To All Leixlip Voters” -Catherine Murphy -Independent -Kildare North-2011 GE

Leaflet from Ruairí de Valera -Wexford -2011 GE


“Lowry Needs Your No. 1″ -Michael Lowry -Independent -Tipperary North

Election Campaign Video Message from Michael Lowry T.D. February 2011

“Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” -Ted Neville- Irish Solidarity Party-Cork South Central

Now with extra glint in the glasses …Mattie McGrath “Getting the Work Done” -Independent -Tipperary South

Independent Mattie McGraths Election Newsletter -2011 General Election Tipperary South

Manifesto for Jim Connolly -Independent -Clare 2011 General Election

Poster for John Halligan -Independent – Waterford -2011 General Election

“Are You Angry?” -Dave McInerney-Independent -Cork South West

Flyer for Mary Fitzgibbon -Independent -Kerry North and Limerick West

Video from Paul Burke -Independent -Cork East -2011 General Election

Now with extra glint in the glasses …Mattie McGrath “Getting the Work Done” -Independent -Tipperary South

“Muppets Out!” -Video from Ann Cronin- Independent – Clare

Strange Card from Mattie McGrath -Independent -Tipperary South

Poster for John McKenna -Independent- Kerry North West Limerick

Leaflet from Michael Healy-Rae -Independent -Kerry South 2011 GE

Video from Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance- Kerry South 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Tom Fleming -Independent -Kerry South 2011 GE

Flyer for Brian Markham- Independent -Clare 2011 General Election

Leaflet from John Halligan- Independent -Waterford -2011 General Election

Labour Party

“Families Need A Fair & Balanced Government” -Vote Labour -2011 General Election

Eamon Gilmores Message to the electorate 2011 General Election.

“Gilmore for Taoiseach” video from the Labour Party

Pre Election letter from Jack O’Connor asking SIPTU Members in the Private Sector to vote Labour


Eamon Maloney, Pat Rabbitte -Labour -Dublin South West -2011 General Election

Poster for Kevin Humphreys -Labour 2011 General Election Dublin South East

Poster for Aine Clancy -Labour Party -2011 General Election Dublin Central

Flyer for Tommy Broughan -Labour -Dublin NorthEast 2011

Letter from Joe Costello-Labour -Dublin Central -2011 General Election

Letter from Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South -2011 General Election

Flyer for Alex White, Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South 2011

“Send ‘Em Off!” -Unusual Flyer from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys-Labour Dublin South East -2011 General Election

More Cartoons from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys -Labour Dublin South East

Letter from Joan Burton to voters in Dublin West -2011 GE


A Flyer from Labour Party Laois-Offaly Candidate John Whelan

Des Hurley- Labour -CarlowKilkenny- 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Anne Ferris -Labour -Wicklow -2011 General Election

“Ireland Needs To Get Back To Work” -Anne Phelan -Labour Party- Carlow Kilkenny 2011 General Election


Flyer for John Kelly-Labour -Roscommon South Leitrim


“Keeping Warm this Winter” Leaflet from Ciaran Lynch- Labour Party -Cork South Central

Ad for Phil Prendergast -Labour -Tipperary South

Ad for Seamus Ryan (pictured with Ken McGrath) -Labour -Waterford 2011 GE

Flyer from Ciara Conway -Labour -Waterford 2011 General Election

New Vision

Flyer for Eamonn Blaney -New Vision -Dublin North East -2011 General Election

Sinn Fein

“Sinn Fein will not be part of this grubby deal to get the Finance Bill passed”-Sinn Fein -2011 General Election

“Down The Plughole” -Flyer from Jonathan O’Brien -Sinn Fein -Cork North Central 2011 GE

“Don’t Switch Off Struggling Householders!” Leaflet from Sinn Fein

Mock Ballot Paper from Dublin Sinn Fein Youth -2011 General Election


Leaflet from Sean Crowe -Sinn Fein -Dublin South West

“Happy Valentines Day” from Sean Crowe -Sinn Fein -Dublin South West

“Happy with the new Universal Social Charge?” -Aengus O’Snodaigh -Sinn Fein -Dublin South Central

Nicky Kehoe supports Mary Lou McDonald leaflet -Sinn Fein -Dublin Central

Leaflet for Eoin Ó Broin -Sinn Fein- Dublin Mid West -2011 GE


Letter from John Brady-Sinn Fein-Wicklow to “Ordinary Joe Soap -Screwed by the Government”

Leaflet from Brian Stanley -Sinn Fein -Laois Offaly -2011 GE

Leaflet from Gerry Adams -Sinn Fein -Louth


Leaflet for Trevor O Clochartaigh- Sinn Fein-Galway West-2011 General Election

Flyer from Michael Colreavy -Sinn Fein -Sligo North Leitrim


“Warning Voter Beware” Leaflet from Chris O’Leary -Sinn Fein Cork South Central

Leaflet for Maurice Quinlavin Sinn Fein -Limerick -2011 General Election

Flyer from Maurice Quinlavin- Sinn Fein -Limerick -2011 General Election

Flyer for Michael Browne -Sinn Fein- Tipperary South

“Because You deserve Better” -Martin Ferris -Sinn Fein -Kerry North West Limerick 2011 General Election

South Kerry Independent Alliance

Manifetso for Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance -Kerry South 2011 GE

United Left Alliance-People Before Profit, Socialist Party, WUAG

People Before Profit

People Before Profit Party Political Broadcast -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Nicola Curry -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) Dublin South 2011 General Election

“Why are they making the Unemployed suffer?” -Gino Kenny -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin Mid West 2011 GE

Poster for Nicola Curry- People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)-Dublin South 2011 General Election

Poster for Annette Mooney -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -2011 General Election Dublin South East

Poster for Seamus O’Brien-People Before Profit -2011 Election Wexford

Leaflet for John Lyons -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin North Central- 2011 GE

Newsletter from Annette Mooney-People Before Profit (United Left Alliance) -Dublin SE 2011 GE (with ULA logo)

Video from Anne Foley -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)- Cork North West

Leaflet for United Left Alliance Dun Laoghaire Launch on 2nd February

Flyer from Joan Collins-People Before Profit / United Left Alliance -Dublin South Central

Leaflet from Andrew Keegan- People Before Profit /United Left Alliance -Dublin North West

Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit (United Left Alliance)- Dun Laoghaire

Letter from Brid Smith in support of Joan Collins-People Before Profit -Dublin South Central

Leaflet from Richard Boyd Barrett -People Before Profit – 2011 General Election Dun Laoghaire

“Now Is The Time – Vote No. 1 Gino Kenny” -People Before Profit /ULA 2011 GE Dublin Mid West.

Socialist Party

Leaflet from Mick Murphy -Socialist Party / United Left Alliance- Dublin South West

Leaflet for Conor Mac Liam -Socialist Party(United Left Alliance)-Carlow Kilkenny- 2011 General Election

“Kick Fianna Fail Out” Leaflet from Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party -Limerick City -2011 GE

Poster for Rob Connolly -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Dublin Mid West 2011 General Election

Poster for Cian Prendiville -Socialist Party (part of the United Left Alliance) -2011 Election Limerick City

Flyer for Brian Greene- Dublin North East United Left Alliance Launch 3rd February

Poster for the ‘United Left Alliance Cork Public Launch Rally’ on the 12th January 2011

On The Buses …. Mick Barry -Socialist Party -Cork

Fundraiser Poster for Robert Connolly-Socialist Party (United Left Alliance)- Dublin Mid West 2011 GE

Video from Mick Barry Socialist Party/ United Left Alliance Cork North Central “on Why Everybody Should Vote”

Socialist Party’s Party Political Broadcast for General Election 2011

Leaflet from Rob Connolly- Socialist Party -Dublin Mid West -2011 General Election

Flyer from Ray Fitzpatrick- Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Laois Offaly

Leaflet from Joe Higgins -Socialist Party (United Left Alliance) -Dublin West

“A final message from Joe Higgins”-Socialist Party /United Left Alliance -Dublin West -2011 General Election


Ad for Seamus Healy- WUAG (ULA) -Tipperary South -2011 General Election

“In Nobody’s Pocket” -Seamus Healy-Independent(ULA) -2011 GE Tipperary South

Leaflet for Seamus Healy -WUAG -Tipperary South 2011 General Election

Do not be misled by other candidates that ‘Healy Will Fly In’- Seamus Healy Ad-Tipperary South

Workers Party

Leaflet for Malachy Steenson- Workers Party -2011 GE Dublin Central

Leaflet For Ted Tynan -Workers Party -Cork North Central 2011 General Election

Leaflet for Seamus McDonagh -Workers Party -Meath West 2011 GE

Joe Tobin -Workers Party -Waterford -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Michael Finnegan -Workers Party- Dublin Mid West- 2011 GE


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