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Referenda/Other September 22, 2009

A documentary -”Charles Haugheys Ireland” – Episode 1
A documentary -”Charles Haugheys Ireland” – Episode 2

Trócaire Lenten Campaign Posters

A Barack Obama Presidential Campaign Leaflet

Sarah Palin for President 2012 and other anti Obama bumper stickers

“Per l’onore d’Italia”- A Mussollini sugar sachet

‘A Fair Trial For The Murrays’ Poster from circa 1977

1990 ad for new houses with Prices

Nice of the Indo to give a bit of credit on Callely Leaflet!

Labour Party 1969 GE-Instructions to drivers on polling day

From 1912 Ulster’s Solemn League and Covenant

Flyer from Seamus Sherlock ESB Protester

“THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” – SAC poster from 1987

From 1988 “Civil Rights and Demonstrations in Israel” – Conservative Friends of Israel

DUSTIN The Turkey Posters
Bringing The Olympics To Termonfeckin
BRINGING THE DART TO DINGLE -Dustin -The Poultry Party Election Poster

Index of Referenda and other campaigns



Democratic Left -‘No to Maastricht’ but ‘Yes to Amsterdam'(when they were in Government)

Progressive Democrats- ‘Yes’ to the Single European Act

Eirigi -‘Never Mind the B***ocks’ Lisbon 2 poster

Referendum Commission- Introductory Nice leaflet- ‘The EU and how it works’

Young Fine Gael – ‘Yes Yes Yes’ to Amsterdam

‘The National Platform’- Maastricht – ‘Seven good reasons for voting No’

Fine Gael Yes to Nice Treaty

No to Lisbon- Communist Party of Ireland

Labour Party- Yes to the Amsterdam Treaty

Republican Sinn Fein- No to Lisbon2

‘A Godless Empire -Protect Our Christian Values -Coir No to Lisbon leaflet

“Club Lisbon -Free Admission (But there’s a catch or two)” – Flyer from Coir

“Don’t Sell Out Dev’s Constitution” Flyer from Coir -Lisbon Treaty

The link between The Lisbon Treaty, Guardian Angels and Elvis Impersonators
No To EU Battlegroups -Connolly Youth Movement Lisbon Poster

“Defend Sovereignty, Neutrality,Democracy” – Republican Sinn Fein – No To Lisbon Leaflet
Sinn Fein ‘No To Lisbon’ Posters
A different kind of YES -Labour Document on The Nice Treaty 2002
From 1972 “After May 10, things will never be the same again” Fianna Fail- Yes to joining the EEC
“Good For Ireland, Good For Europe – Vote Yes” Fianna Fail Lisbon One leaflet.. with Link to IBEC website!

“A personal message from Liam Cosgrave” Vote Yes to the EEC – 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC

“Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon” -Eamon Ryan Green Party- Lisbon 2

“Fianna Fáil – Vote Yes to Lisbon Campaign” Party Political Broadcast

“YES TO RECOVERY – YES TO EUROPE” -Flyer from Eugene Regan Fine Gael Lisbon Treaty Referendum

“SAY NO – Reject Irish Entry to the Common Market” -Common Market Defence Campaign 1972 Referendum on EU Entry

“Lisbon is good for Gays” -Labour LGBT group Video from Lisbon 2

“Is this the kind of Ireland you want?” -Fianna Fail ad from the 1972 Referendum on Entry to EEC

“Don’t Sell Out Dev’s Constitution” Flyer from Coir -Lisbon Treaty

“Yes To Lisbon” -Fianna Fail Dublin Mid West


Divorce Action Group- Yes to Divorce

The Alice Glenn Report May 1986- ‘A Woman Voting For Divorce is Like a Turkey voting for Christmas’

Labour Party ‘Yes’ to Divorce 1986

1986 ‘The Balance of Compassion’ – ’12 reasons for saying no’

1986- ‘The Association of Lawyers against the Amendment

“Hello Divorce… Bye Bye Daddy…” Poster

“Banning Umbrellas does not Stop Rain.Banning Divorce does not Stop Marital Breakdown” Vote Yes -1995 Divorce Referendum

Ad from Michael D Higgins asking for a Yes vote in the 1995 Divorce Referendum

Good Friday Agreement

Republican Sinn Fein- No to the Good Friday Agreement and No to Amsterdam

Progressive Unionist Party (PUP)- Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

Referendum Commission- Good Friday Agreement Booklet

Labour Party -Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

Northern Ireland Womens Coalition -Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) -Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) – Its Right to say NO

SDLP -Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

“Say Yes To the Union” -Ulster Unionist Party


Democratic Left 1992 Abortion Referendum/

SPUC on Abortion information 1992

1992 ‘Pro Life Campaign’ flyer

Main Pro Life Campaign Leaflet 1992 Abortion Referendum/

1992 Pro Choice leaflet from the Dublin Abortion Information Campaign

Pro Life Campaign 2002 Leaflet

Leaflet from ‘Ireland For Life’ -Vote No -2002 Abortion Referendum
“You Will Never Get This Chance Again…” – “Vote Yes for Life” 1983 Abortion referendum


Fine Gael ‘Yes’ to Bail Referendum 1996


No to ‘McDowells Racist Referendum’ – 2004

Referendum Commission Booklet on Citizenship Referendum

Yes To Common Sense Citizenship -Fianna Fail

Labour Party -No to the Citizenship Referendum

‘Remember This? No Irish No Blacks, No Dogs’ -Vote No

Leaflet in Arabic urging a No vote in the Citizenship Referendum of 2004

Change in Voting System -1968

Labour Party ‘Vote No’ posters

“The Straight Vote is Simple, Fair, Democratic” -Fianna Fail Poster

1973- Northern Ireland Border Poll

1973 Border Poll -Ballot paper,envelope, polling card etc

Cabinet Confidentiality

Ad with Yes and No arguements for the 1997 Referendum on Cabinet Confidentiality

Other Campaigns

Enough Is Enough

‘Enough is Enough’ – Call for a Referendum on the IMF/EU Deal

No To Metro North
“Don’t Kill Dublin City – No To Metro North”
‘What Do You Want Your Taxes Spent On?’- No to Metro North poster

Claiming Our Future
Flyer for “Claiming Our Future” -30th October 2010 RDS

“Notes for voters Donegal South West By-election” from Claiming Our Future

Irish Anti War Movement
Flyer for Rialto Anti War group meeting from 2004

Poster for Protest March to Israeli Embassy, June 3rd 2010

‘How Can We Stop War?’ Irish Anti War Movement Meeting sandyford 2003

US Military Out of Shannon -Peace Concert – Irish Anti War Movement- September 2005

Stop The Us War Torture Machine rally 2006

Posters from the protest at Tony Blairs Dublin Book Signing
On Day X – ‘Stop The World , To Stop The War’ -Irish Anti War Movement 2003

‘Stop Bush’ poster and ‘When Bush Comes to Shove’ Anti-War Gig leaflet from 2004 visit of George Bush

“On the Occasion of the Queen’s visit: Remember The Deaths…” -Irish Anti War Movement Leaflet

Connolly Association
Manchester Connolly Association poster from 1965 for Easter Commemoration meeting and parade
“Father Michael O’Flanagan -Republican Priest” -1954 pamphlet by Desmond Greaves
Connolly Association and Irish Self Determination League Membership Form

Connolly Youth Movement

“Demand a democratic economy” – Connolly Youth Movement 2009 Leaflet

Save Saint Lukes
Save Saint Luke’s Cancer Hospital Campaign Leaflet

Republican/ Birmingham Six/Prisoners Rights

“The Birmingham Six , Remember Them This Christmas” -Christmas Card issued by The Birmingham Six Committee mid 80s

1989 -The Parade of Innocence

No to Extradition -Winchester Three protest

Saoirse ‘Release all political prisoners now’

Paul Kane- ‘Framed by a Supergrass ‘- Irish Anti Extradition Committee 1988

1977 Green Cross -Political Prisoner Christmas Cards

Out of the Ashes arose the Provisionals- Christmas card

1966 Fully Filled Easter Draw Card from Laois Republican Commemeration Committee

Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes Badges

‘Bring ALL Our Prisoners Home’ poster

‘Christmas Greetings to All Oppressed Peoples’ – Christmas Card -Prisoners Aid Committee 70/80s

“A Plastic Bullet is a Solid Cylinder of PVC -It Smashes Heads” poster and anti Plastic Bullet Badges

“Our Jails -Cooneys Shame” Poster from the Prisoners Rights Organisation mid 70s

“Free All Irish Political Prisoners” Poster with Karl Marx and James Connolly

Irish Anti Apartheid Movement

Irish Anti Apartheid Movement posters

Peoples Movement

“Water Charges and the EU Water Framework Directive” -Peoples Movement 2009

Womens Rights

“A Woman’s Place is Everywhere” Badges…. “Equal Pay Now” Poster

“Merry Bloody Christmas” card for domestic abuse and other Christmas Cards

Anti Head Shop Groups

‘Roscommon Anti Head Shops Group’ flyer

Rod Licences

Anti Rod Licence Ad from the 1989 General Election urging a vote for anti Rod Licence candidates

Right to Work Campaign
Right to Work Campaign Flyer for 2010 Dail Protest

Right To Work Campaign Poster for rally on 18th May 2010
Right to Work Campaign Posters for 3rd Rally on the 25th May 2010

Right to Work Campaign Posters for 4th Rally on the 1st June 2010

Poster for the March To the Dail on Budget Day -7th December

Music and Politics

The Waterboys/Green alliance Benefit concert Oct 1987

Self Aid -May 1986

Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance

Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance -Anti Government flyer

Tom McEllistrim Protest Placards
Government STOLEN your money? – Join The Kerry Public Service Workers Alliance

“WANTED -Fianna Fail TDs …. Reward 2 billion AIB Bank Shares” -KPSWA poster

Garda Representative Association
GRA Questionnaire re Industrial Action 2010

Seize BP
Seize BP flyers -Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Culture Factory

Culture Factory Leaflet-Newbridge 2009

South Tipperary / Clonmel Hospital

Clonmel /South Tipperary Hospital -Save Our Acute Service leaflet

Sligo Cancer Services

No Cancer Services No Votes- Sligo 2009′

RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough)

RISE anti Green Party Poster

Shell To Sea
The Great Gas Giveaway

A €540 Billion Euro Bank Note

Political Corruption

Politicians on the Fiddle: Vote Them Out! -Campaign for Honesty in Politics 1991


E-voting Election

The Governments Electronic Voting Site …. Is still online

One Per Cent Network
One Per Cent Network Poster/Leaflet advertising a political walking tour through D2 and D4 on Saturday 9th October.
1% Network Halloween treasure hunt around Ballsbridge -October 30th 2010

Irish Shipping

Irish Shipping Workers-No to Fine Gael and Labour Candidates

IFA Presidential Campaigns

Vote To Protect Family Farms -Richard Kennedy 2009

Support Sean Garland Campaign

Stop the Extradition of Sean Garland -2010

Trade Union

ICTU- Get Up Stand Up 2009
ASTI Ballot paper for Croke Park Agreement

IMPACT -‘They Are Coming To Attack Us’ leaflet

Flyer from Congress protest outside the Dail on the 29th of September 2010

“Centenary Celebrations of 1907 Dockers and Carters strike” -May Festival 2007 -ICTU

Pre Election letter from Jack O’Connor asking SIPTU Members in the Private Sector to vote Labour

24/7 Frontline Alliance
Save our Frontline Services, before you Feel the Cuts

‘New Home Wanted For Fat Cat’ -ICTU Fairer Way Campaign 2009

Support Palestine

Support Palestine Demo from the 2005 Ireland Vs Israel game

Palestinian Flag with Instructions from Shamrock Rovers V Bnei Yehuda 2010

IPSCs “Boycott Israeli Apartheid” Leaflet distributed at Shamrock Rovers Vs Bnei Yehuda 2010

Dublin Housing Action Campaign

Dublin Housing Action Campaign

Parents Association for People with a Mental Handicap
‘Some Might Say this is the Best Government we’ve Ever Had- PAM 1991


ACRA letter re Service Charges 1985 Local Elections

Peninsula Action Group

1997 Peninsula Action Group News -Halting Sites in Howth

Youth Defence
2004 Youth Defence Membership Leaflet


“Protect children against TV condom adverts” – SPUC

Class War
Price of Petrol and Thatcher Cards

Student Politics

Graham Butler -Griffith College Dublin Students’ Union election 2010

‘A Financial Transaction Tax in Europe Now!’ -Party of European Socialists (PES)

“No Slíabh Bán Wind Farm” Leaflet -October 2010

CHASE -Cork Harbour Alliance For a Safe Environment anti Incineration Leaflet 2007 GE – The Website for Ireland’s EU Presidency in 2004

A series of Posters protesting at the Popes visit to the UK.

‘Defend the State Pension’ Video -Older & Bolder campaign
A video from the UK promoting The Robin Hood Bankers Tax

‘Fight Against Famine – More US WWI and WWII Posters
“Eat More Irish Potatoes” and other US WWI and WWII Posters

“Rapists Out, Out, Out of ….” Poster from bus stop

Christmas Cards from 1984 -”Support The Miners right to a Future” and “The Miners Fight is Your Fight”
“Don’t let the Corpo Bully you -Keep up non payment” -Dublin Anti Bin Tax Campaign 2003
“A Spectacle of Defiance and Hope -Stop tearing the hearts out of our Communities” -Dec 10th City Hall
Poster from “The Poor Can’t Pay”

Yes to AV Leaflet

A No To AV Leaflet

Anti Rod Licence Ad from the 1989 General Election urging a vote for anti Rod Licence candidates

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3 Responses to “Referenda/Other”

  1. Liam Byrne Says:

    I think the plural of referendum is referenda, as in “the Lisbon Referenda – Lisbon and Lisbon 2” !!!! Note how the first one wasn’t called Lisbon 1! I wonder why?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. JJ Says:

    Here’s a government leaflet on the Maastrict Treaty referendum.

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