Irish Election Literature

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Index of Progressive Democrat Leaflets January 14, 2012


Unreal….. The Full Young PDs ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ Leaflet

The Full Young PD Pizza Delivery Leaflet complete with Desert Menu and Pizza Menu!

“Warning -A Socialist Europe Is An Unemployed Europe” -Young Progressive Democrats Poster

‘Dessie Can Do It’ -Progressive Democrats -1987 General Election

From 2006 “A New Heart for Dublin” -Progressive Democrat Proposals for a new High Rise Quarter where Dublin Port was (with great pics)

“Stop Taxing Work” -Progressive Democrats 1987 General Election

From 1988 the Progressive Democrats “Constitution for a New Republic” and an “Explanatory Memo”

Progressive Democrat Billboard Posters from the 2007 General Election

From 2007 A video “A Progressive Democrat Vision for Ireland”

“The Government You Deserve” -Progressive Democrats 1989.. with a great attack on Fianna Fail

“One-Party Government? NO thanks!” -Progressive Democrats 2002 poster

“A Changing State -Reforming and Rewarding the Public Service” – March 1996 Progressive Democrats

“Security and Dignity-A Progressive Democrats Policy for Older People” -2007 General Election

‘Progress in Health’ -5 campaign bulletins from Mary Harney -Progressive Democrats 2007

“Another Fine Mess?” -PD attack on Labour and Fine Gael from 2007

Progressive Democrats 2007 Party Political Broadcast

Progressive Democrats Website in April 2001

Progressive Democrats Contract with the Commuter Belt -2007 GE

Budget ’97 -You Thought it was a Giveaway Budget…. ? -Progressive Democrats 1997

PD Health Policy – ‘Now Lets Finish The Job’

1987 Fundraising Letter from Des O’Malley to Party Members -Progressive Democrats 1987 GE


After Tax, some people are worse off working. WHY?- Progressive Democrats -1997 General Election

‘Your Vote Counts ‘ Progressive Democrats 2007 GE

‘A New and Exciting Option in Irish Politics’- Progressive Democrat booklet 1986

“Left-Wing Government? NO thanks!” -Progressive Democrats 2007

UK Conservatives ‘Tree’ logo inspired by old Progressive Democrat ‘Tree’ logo?

“Don’t throw it all away” -2007 Progressive Democrats

PD ‘A Nation That Works’ pre 87 election.

PD ‘bill to end TDs pensions’, Abolish Seanad etc

Progressive Democrat Pre 1987 -”Party Philosophy” and Membership form

1992 PD questionnaire

Progressive Democrats – ‘Yes to the Single European Act’

Early Progressive Democrat Letters

From 2005 – “Action on Health: Mary Harney’s 10 Point Plan for Accident and Emergency”

“Ireland Can Work – Action Plan For Jobs” – Progressive Democrats Autumn 1996

From 1992 Progressive Democrats Des O’Malley Outlines The Partys Reasons To Vote No On The Abortion Referendum.

From 2007 “Come Join The Party!” -Progressive Democrat Recruitment Ad.

“Progressive Democrats New Deal!” -1987 Leaflet From The Progressive Democrats


South Dublin

Dublin Mid West / South West

“The PDs Get Things Done” – Vote No 1 Mary Harney – Progressive Democrats -2007 General Election Dublin Mid West

Mary Harney -Progessive Democrats -1992 Dublin South West

Jeff Aherne -Progressive Democrats -Lucan 2004 Local Elections

From 2007 “Ten Reasons to Support Mary Harney” -Progressive Democrats- Dublin Mid West

Dublin South

Anne Colley -Progressive Democrat- Dublin South- 1987

Ronnie McBrien -Progressive Democrats -1991 Local Elections Rathfarnham

Cait Keane – Progressive Democrats – 2004 Local Elections Terenure-Rathfarnham

Liz O’Donnell -Progressive Democrats – Dublin South 2007

Liz O’Donnell -Progressive Democrats -1992 General Election -Dublin South

Liz O’Donnell -”Dublin South Update December 2004″ -Progressive Democrats

Dublin South Central

Leaflet from Cait Keane -1994 Dublin South Central By-Election

Flyer for Ben Doyle -Progressive Democrats- Dublin South Central-2007 GE

‘Orchestrating a better Future’ -Frank McNamara- PD -Dublin South Central 2007

Bob Quinn -Progressive Democrat- 2002 Dublin South Central

From 1997 an Anti Property Tax leaflet from Cáit Keane -PD (Now FG)-Dublin South Central

Dublin South East

1992 General Election Leaflet From Michael McDowell Where He Is Committed To .. ‘Abolish The Senate

‘Good Morning Voters of Dublin South-East’ -Michael McDowell -Progessive Democrat -1992 General Election

“The Tax and Spend Rainbow?” – Michael McDowell -Progressive Democrats -1997 General Election

“Who Can You Trust? -6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before June 11th” -Tony Williams -Progressive Democrats 2004 LE Rathmines

From the 2007 Election… “Dont Gamble With Your Family’s Future -Vote No 1 Michael McDowell”

Alan Robinson -Progressive Democrats -1999 Local Elections Rathmines.

Tony Williams-Progressive Democrats -2004 Local Elections Rathmines

Jeananne Crowley -PDs- Pembroke 1991

Michael McDowell 1987- Dublin South East

Jason O’Mahony- Progressive Democrat -Pembroke 1999

Leaflet from John Kenny -Progressive Democrats -2004 Local Elections South East Inner City

1979 leaflet for Fine Gael candidates Michael McDowell, Joe Doyle, Tommy Woods and Finola Gill

“The Real Party Of The Environment … Progressive Democrats” -Michael McDowell -1997 General Election- Dublin South East

Dun Laoghaire

A Message from Liz O’Donnell TD (asking to vote for Victor Boyhan) -2004 LE Blackrock

flyer from Helen Keogh -Progresive Democrats- 1987 General Election Dun Laoghaire

“How to Double Your Vote on Friday” -Helen Keogh -Progressive Democrats -1997 General Election

“Residential Property Tax … Yields Less than VAT on Ice Cream” -Helen Keogh -Progressive Democrats 1997 GE Dun Laoghaire

To All UK Nationals Eligible to Vote in Dun Laoghaire -Helen Keogh -Progressive Democrats -1992 GE

Helen Keogh Crime Survey -Progressive Democrats- Dun Laoghaire 1996

A 2007 Fiona O’Malley leaflet praising Mary Harneys record in Health

Fiona O’Malley -Progressive Democrat – 2002 Dun Laoghaire

Victor Boyhan -Progressive Democrats- Blackrock 1999 LE

Sean O Siochain – Progressive Democrats – Glencullen 1991

Larry Lohan -Progressive Democrats -Dun Laoghaire 1987

Geraldine Kennedy (large leaflet) -Progressive Democrats – Dun Laoghaire 1989 General Election

Geraldine Kennedy- PD- 1989 Dun Laoghaire

Geraldine Kennedy -PD -Dun Laoghaire 1987

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Tom Allen-Progressive Democrats -1991 Local Elections North Inner City

Dublin North Central

Ronan Garvey -PD -Clontarf 1999 LE

Dublin North East

“Stop the Motorways -Say the Greens”-Keith Redmond- Progressive Democrats 2007 GE Dublin North East

Stephen O’Byrnes -Progressive Democrats -Dublin North East 1992 GE

Dublin West

Leaflet from Mags Murray -Progressive Democrats -2007 General Election Dublin West.

European Elections

‘A Message from Mary Harney’-Stephen O’Byrnes -Progessive Democrats -1994 European Elections

Mary Harney – Progresive Democrats – 1989 European Elections

“Put Real Talent In Europe” -John Dardis -Progressive Democrats- 1989 Euro Elections Leinster

John Dardis – Progressive Democrat – 1994 Eurpean Elections- Leinster

Bobby Molloy -1989 European Elections

Des O’Malley -Munster- Euro 94


Carlow Kilkenny

Walter Lacey -Progressive Democrat -2007 GE Carlow -Kilkenny


Leaflet from Timmy Conway -Progressive Democrats -1989 General Election -Kildare

Flyer from Mairin Hyland -Progressive Democrats -1991 Local Elections Celbridge

Jane Mullins -Progressive Democrats -Kildare South -2007 General Election

Kate Walsh -Progressive Democrats -Kildare North 2002


Tom Parlon- Progressive Democrats -2007 GE Laois-Offaly


Leaflet from Deirdre O’Donoghue- Progressive Democrats -Dundalk UDC North Ward 1994 Local Elections

Frank Aiken- Progressive Democrats- Louth 1989


Sirena Campbell -PD-Meath by-election 2005


Sean Quirke -Progressive Democrat -Enniscorthy 2004 LE


Mary Heaslip -Progressive Democrats -1997 General Election -Wicklow

Ciaran Murphy -Progressive Democrats – 1989 GE Wicklow



Pat Cox -Progressive Democrats -1992 Cork South Central

Hugh Hall, John Guinevan -Progressive Democrats- Cork East 1987

Pearse Wyse Letter to constituents announcing his retirement in 1992


Ad For John Kelly -Progressive Democrats -1989 Kerry South


Leaflet from Des O’Malley – Fianna Fail -1968 Limerick East By-Election

Tim O’Malley – Progressive Democrat -1998 Limerick East By-election


Richie Molloy, Peadar O’Donnell -Progressive Democrats -2007 GE Tipperary South


Martin Cullen- Progressive Democrats- Waterford 1987



Frank Dobbs -Progressive Democrat Sligo-Leitrim 1987


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