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2011 Election Lookalikes- Part 1 February 5, 2011

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Peter Robinson….

and Independent candidate in Donegal South West Ann Sweeney….


The Full Young PDs ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ Leaflet December 6, 2010

I had previously posted the first page of this leaflet unaware that there was more. So here we have from the Young Progressive Democrats the Full ‘Dail Wars – Attack of The Socialists’ leaflet. Unreal.

Their Pizza Delivery Leaflet is just as ‘Unusual’

Many thanks to the sender.



John Brackens 2007 Election Song August 17, 2010

After the popularity of Mattie McGraths 2007 Election Song ……

Here’s another musical memory from the 2007 General Election. …… John Bracken’s 2007 Election Song


“Bringing the Dart to Dingle” and “Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin” -Dustin -The Poultry Party Election Posters July 20, 2010

The Famous ‘Bringing The Dart To Dingle’ Poster from Dustin the Turkey. He was running for The Poultry Party. He had previously run for Fianna Fowl.
It was rumoured that he got more votes than many of the candidates that stood.
Also included is a Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin poster which was a gibe at Gay Mitchells promise to bring the Olympics to Dublin.
I’ve also included an unofficial Dustin Poster for the Lisbon 2 Referendum produced in the aftermath of his Eurovision appearance.
They didn’t vote for us. Get Them Back. Vote No To Lisbon” states the Poster.
Interviewed about the how he was going to vote in Lisbon 2, Dustin was quoted as saying “I can’t understand why we need a treaty, what two Lisbons want to do is entirely up to them“.



Dustin The Turkey -“Vote Dustin No. 1 …. Bringing The Olympics to Termonfeckin” Poster July 16, 2010

First off many thanks to the great Turkey himself for sending this (and other items) on.
Dustins political career is of legend proportions.
In various elections, despite Dustin not officially standing, ballot papers with his name on them have supposedly outpolled some candidates on the ballot.
He has of course met many politicians in his time, even managing to secure an exclusive interview with George Mitchell (the US special envoy to Northern Ireland during the Peace Process)…. only to ask him about his days with WHAM…
The idea of “Bringing The Olympics to Termonfeckin” was inspired by the then Lord Mayor Gay Mitchells suggestion of Dublin hosting the Olympics.


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