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European Referendums Past and Present February 29, 2012

Fiscal Treaty May 2012

“Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Emer Costello and Alex White – Labour Party

“For A Working Ireland … Vote Yes” Leaflet from Fine Gael

“Vote Yes for the Stability Treaty” Leaflet from Fianna Fail

Brian Hayes Leaflet on the “Referendum on Euro Stability” …”Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery …”

“This Treaty Supports Jobs and Recovery. It Protects All our Interests ..” Fine Gael Fiscal Treaty Leaflet

“The Fiscal Stability Treaty …A Guide” leaflet from Michael McCarthy -Labour -Cork South West

“Stability Treaty -A Yes Vote is a vital step in our recovery” Leaflet from Lucinda Creighton Fine Gael -Dublin South East

“Fiscal Stability – Keeping Ireland Strong In Europe” – Video From IBEC

“Why Farmers And Their Families Should Vote YES To The Fiscal Treaty” Leaflet From The IFA

Labour Anti Sinn Féin Fiscal Treaty Posters “2008 – Sinn Féin & The Bank Bailout – Wrong Then , 2012 Sinn Féin & The Stability Treaty Wrong Now”

Sinn Fein Beer Mat “Austerity probably the worst treaty in the world….”

“Euro2012 Support Ireland -Vote No” Poster From Sinn Fein

“Enough Is Enough. Vote No To Austerity” Leaflet From WUAG

“Vote No To Austerity” Leaflet from the Campaign Against the EU Constitution

Socialist Party “Jaws” style Vote No Poster

“Referendum Commission Alternative Booklet” produced by éirígí

“Peoples News -An introduction to the ESM” – The Peoples Movement

“For Community and Country, Vote NO!” – Leaflet and poster from éirígí

“Don’t become Merkel’s Puppet’ – ‘Say No to Austerity’

“Vote No To The Permanent Austerity Treaty” -Leaflet From The People’s Movement

“In The 1930s The USA Ended Its Great Depression With The ‘New Deal’- Where Is Europe’s New Deal?” Vote No Poster From The Workers Party

“Vote No” -Fiscal Treaty Leaflet From The United Left Alliance 

“Austerity Isn’t Working -Vote NO” -Leaflet From Sinn Féin 

“No To Upward Only Rents ,No to the Fiscal Compact …” Irish Commercial Tenants Association Poster

“Austerity Doesn’t Work” , “How Much More Austerity Will You Take” Vote NO Posters from the Socialist Party

“Vote NO to more austerity” -Sinn Fein video on Fiscal Treaty

“EU Pecking Order? VOTE NO” sticker around Dublin at the minute

“Be Pro-European , Be Pro-Growth , Be Pro-Recovery ..Reject the job-killing Fiscal Treaty” -Libertas Leaflet

“Cut the Bank Debt or No Deal!” and “NO” Fiscal Treaty Posters from Libertas

“Vote No To The Austerity Treaty” -Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party March 2012 Newsletter

“Economic Growth, Not More Austerity” -Vote NO Leaflet from Paul Murphy / Socialist Party

“Warning! Permanent Austerity Ahead -Vote NO” -Poster From The People’s Movement

“Bail Out People Not Banks -Vote No” -People Before Profit Poster

United Left Alliance Factsheet “Why Vote No to the Austerity Treaty”

Vote NO Posters from the United Left Alliance

“The EU Fiscal Treaty -A Charter for Permanent Austerity …Vote No” Leaflet from The Workers’ Party

“EU Austerity Treaty = more Household Tax!” – Leaflet from the Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty

the first poster of the campaign? “Say NO to the EU Austerity Treaty – Bailout People Not Banks”

“Vote No” Poster from the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes

“The Euro Is Taking The Oil Out Of The Engine” Vote No Leaflet From Farmers For NO

“Ní Gá Dúinn Bheith Faoi Chois Nó Ag Brath Ar Aoinne – Tír Iontach Saibhir Atá Againn!”

An Conradh Fioscach: “Gadaíocht Atá Ann! Ní Ar Mhaithe Le HÉireann Atá Na Bainc Idirnáisiúnta Ag Obair.” -Vótáil ‘NO’ -The Future Initiative.

“Ag cur dallamullóg orainn atá siad – Ná Géill don Bhagairt ón Aontas Eorpaigh! ” -Vótáil No – thefuture Initiative

“Bréaga ón rialtas, arís is arís eile – Cuimhnigh ar na geallúintí falsa a thugadar anuraidh!” – Vótáil No -thefuture Initiative

EU Entry

Irish Workers League – No To The Common Market Leaflet 1961

“Is this the kind of Ireland you want?” -Fianna Fail ad from the 1972 Referendum on Entry to EEC

“Internees Say NO” – Common Market Defence Campaign -1972 Referendum on entry to the EEC

“If you don’t want to go back to this…. vote ‘yes’” -1972 Referendum on EEC entry from the IFA

“SAY NO – Reject Irish Entry to the Common Market” -Common Market Defence Campaign 1972 Referendum on EU Entry

From 1972 “After May 10, things will never be the same again” Fianna Fail- Yes to joining the EEC

“Make Sure Of Our Markets!” -Pigs And Bacon Commission 1972 Referendum On EEC Entry

“No To EEC” – ITGWU 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC

“A personal message from Liam Cosgrave” Vote Yes to the EEC – 1972 Referendum on Entry to the EEC

Single European Act (1987)

Progressive Democrats- ‘Yes’ to the Single European Act

‘In the name of the Most Holy Trinity from whom is all authority ….’ “Vote No” to the Single European Act – Christian Family Action 1987

Government Information Services- “10 Reasons why you should Vote Yes” to the Single European Act 1987

“Vote No” – Christian Civil Rights -1987 Single European Act Referendum

Maastricht (1992)

Democratic Left -‘No to Maastricht’ but ‘Yes to Amsterdam'(when they were in Government)

‘The National Platform’- Maastricht – ‘Seven good reasons for voting No’

“Don’t be bullied -Vote No” to Maastricht -Green Party 1992

Amsterdam Treaty (1998)

Democratic Left -‘No to Maastricht’ but ‘Yes to Amsterdam'(when they were in Government)

Labour Party- Yes to the Amsterdam Treaty

Young Fine Gael – ‘Yes Yes Yes’ to Amsterdam

Nice 1 and 2

Referendum Commission- Introductory Nice leaflet- ‘The EU and how it works’

Fine Gael Yes to Nice Treaty

A different kind of YES -Labour Document on The Nice Treaty 2002

“No To Nice – No Euro Army” poster from the Nice Trety Referendum Campaign

Lisbon 1 and 2

Lisbon 2 leaflet from IBEC “Yes For Jobs ……New Start , New Deal, New Opportunities”

‘A Godless Empire -Protect Our Christian Values -Coir No to Lisbon leaflet

“Club Lisbon -Free Admission (But there’s a catch or two)” – Flyer from Coir

“Don’t Sell Out Dev’s Constitution” Flyer from Coir -Lisbon Treaty

Coir ‘Vote NO’ posters from Lisbon 2

Coir leaflet – ” Lisbon: A Step Too Far? – 4 Things You Should Know About The Lisbon Treaty”

Coir -”You are being Sold Out -Make the EU Listen to Irish Farmers” -Vote No To Lisbon

“Don’t Sell Out Dev’s Constitution” Flyer from Coir -Lisbon Treaty

No to Lisbon- Communist Party of Ireland

No To EU Battlegroups -Connolly Youth Movement Lisbon Poster

Eirigi -‘Never Mind the B***ocks’ Lisbon 2 poster

“A YES Vote Is The Best Vote For JOBS and WORKERS’ RIGHTS” – Fianna Fail Yes to Lisbon 2 leaflet

“Lisbon is good for you” , “Lisbon, does exactly what it says on the tin” unusual posters from Ógra Fianna Fail

“Good For Ireland, Good For Europe – Vote Yes” Fianna Fail Lisbon One leaflet.. with Link to IBEC website!

“Fianna Fáil – Vote Yes to Lisbon Campaign” Party Political Broadcast

“Yes To Lisbon” -Fianna Fail Dublin Mid West

“YES TO RECOVERY – YES TO EUROPE” -Flyer from Eugene Regan Fine Gael Lisbon Treaty Referendum

“Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon” -Eamon Ryan Green Party- Lisbon 2

“The Lisbon Treaty -Good For Gays – Vote Yes” -Labour LGBT

“Lisbon is good for Gays” -Labour LGBT group Video from Lisbon 2

Republican Sinn Fein- No to Lisbon2

“Defend Sovereignty, Neutrality,Democracy” – Republican Sinn Fein – No To Lisbon Leaflet

Sinn Fein ‘No To Lisbon’ Posters
Sinn Fein and other No to Lisbon Stickers from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum

“Joe Higgins MEP says:Defend Workers’ rights & public services – NO to Lisbon II” -Socialist Party -Lisbon Referendum

“Please Pray to the Guardian Angels to guide Irish voters in the Lisbon / EU Constitution Referendum”


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  1. […] In addition the SP, the SWP and the PBPA had long been part of the broad anti-treaty campaign, the Campaign Against the Austerity Treaty (CAAT), which includes Sinn Féin and others. The joint left campaign (CAAT) was left to a few independents this time, while the left groups ran too many public meetings for anyone to attend. The result was some potentially large meetings, such as those organised for a group of visiting “no” MEPs, and for a Greek MP from Syriza, were poorly attended. You can get an impression of some of the array of leaflets here. […]

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