Irish Election Literature

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Index of Leaflets for Others A to K January 17, 2012

32 County SovereigntyMovement

Leaflet from Gary Donnelly- Independent Republican -Derry City Council 2011
“Beir Bua -vol 3 issue 1 ” -32 County Sovereignty Movement

Ailtirí na hAiséirghe

1943 Ailtirí Na HAiséirghe Fundraising Letter With The Partys Aims

Ailtirí na hAiséirghe “Principal Points of Policy” from the 1943 General Election

Leaflet from Eoin O Coigligh (Owen Quigley) -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe -Louth 1943 General Election

Another Leaflet from Eoin O’Coigligh -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe- 1943 General Election Louth

Leaflets For Owen Quigley, Thomas Morgan, Bernard Hanratty -Ailtirí Na HAiséirghe -1945 Local Elections Drogheda

The Ailtirí na hAiséirghe Plan to end Partition

Tomas O Dochartaigh -Ailtirí na hAiséirghe -1944 Tipperary

“Partition Must Go” Poster from Ailtirí na hAiséirghe mid 1940s

‘Other Peoples Views’ Letter about Ailtirí na hAiséirghe from Louth Councillor Eoin O’Coigligh

Ailtirí Na HAiséirghe Flag Days 1943 

Poster, Picture And Cartoon From Ailtirí Na HAiséirghe 1946 

Ian Butler -Mid Ulster 2010

Leaflet from Aaron McIntyre -Alliance Party -2011 West Belfast By Election

Leaflet from Jayne Dunlop- Alliance Party -North Antrim -2011 Assembly Elections

Anti Partition League

1949 booklet from The Anti Partition of Ireland League for the visit of Eamon De Valera to Birmingham

Anti Internment League

Ad for An Anti Internment Meeting in Southampton January 1972 from the Anti Internment League

Aontacht Éireann
Ad for Irene King -Aontacht Eireann -1973 GE Galway West

British National Party (BNP)

“Because we’ll stop immigration” -Ann Cooper -BNP -Belfast East 2011 Assembly Elections

Cavan Road Action Group (CRAG)

“The Cavan Road Runners” – Ad for Cavan Road Action Group (CRAG) 1991 Local Elections

Winston Turner -CRAG (Cavan Road Action Group) -1992 General Election -Cavan-Monaghan

Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Curley, Paul Hayes, Brendan Holland, Patrick D Ryan – Chamber of Commerce candidates- 1974 Local Elections Galway

Christian Principles Party
Sean Clerkin- ‘Jobs For Youth -Not Condoms’

Christian Solidarity Party

Christian Solidarity Party “Born in the 90s for the next Millennium” -1996 leaflet

1997 Christian Solidarity Party 28 page Manifesto with containing “specific proposals in summary form”

Paul O’Loughlin Dublin Central 2009
Gerard Casey -Dun Laoghaire 1997

Colm Callanan 2007

Open Letter to Mary Harney from Conor O’Donoghue -2009 LE Limerick
Open Letter to Mr Michael McDowell Ministe of Justice from Conor O’Donoghue Limerick 2009 LE
Paul O’Loghlin 2007 GE Dublin Central

A copy of the Christian Solidarity Party Website from 2003
“Pheww! That was close! ..” Anti Levonelle Leaflet from the Christian Solidarity Party in 2003

Gerard Casey -Christian Solidarity Party -1999 European Elections Dublin

Spring 2011 ‘Dóchas’ Newsletter from the Christian Solidarity Party

An Ad for Christian Solidarity Party candidate Daire Fitzgerald running in Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet from Manus MacMeanmain -Christian Solidarity Party -Meath West

Jane Murphy -Christian Solidarity Party / Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South 2011 GE

Darragh O’Reilly -Christian Solidarity Party – Dublin South West 2002 General Election

“Are You Thinking what Harry Is Thinking?” -Harry Rea -Christian Solidarity Party -Cork North Central -2011 General Election

Vote No leaflet from ‘Parents For Children’ -”Parents Beware: Don’t trust the state with your Children’s Rights”

Ad from The Christian Solidarity Party urging voters in Meath East to vote for Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland.

Choice Party
‘VOTE MING’ posters -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan 1997

Clann na Poblachta

From 1948 “There are no Communists in Clann na Poblachta”

A selection of 1948 Election Posters

‘Let Clann Continue To Play Its Part!’ -Clann Na Poblachta 1965 General Election

Clann na Talmhan

From 1948 An Ad For Michael Donnellan, Patrick Collins -Clann Na Talmhan -Galway North

Leaflet From Thomas McNamara -Clann Na Talmhan -1953 Galway South By Election 

Communist Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Ireland Anti Water Rates pamphlet
Noel Murphy- Seanad 2002′

No to Lisbon- Communist Party of Ireland

Anti Common Market Leaflet 1961

NAMA- Welfare for the Wealthy Leaflet

“For What Died the Sons of Roisín?” Poster
2007 May Day Leaflet
2008 ‘Celtic Nightmare’ leaflet
“Hello I’m Back” – 2010 Christmas card from the CPI

Leaflet from the “Repudiate The Debt!” Campaign re bondholder bailout.

Leaflet From “Repudiate The Debt!” Campaign

“There is an alternative” -Communist Party of Ireland 2010

“The Debtmistress” -Merkel parody anti Austerity leaflet from the CPI

From 1937 a Statement by Communist Party Secretariat objecting to the Proposed Constitution

“Frank Conroy and The Spanish Civil War”- leaflet from The Frank Conroy Committee

“Imperialism and Resistance in the 21st Century” -James Connolly Memorial Lecture 11 May 2013 New Theatre

1913 Lockout Leaflet From The Communist Party Of Ireland

Leaflet From Anne Murphy -Communist Party Of Great Britain- 1994 European Elections London NW 

Communist Party of Ireland -Marxist Leninist

‘Don’t Vote For The National Traitors’ -1970 Poster From The Communist Party Of Ireland (Marxist – Leninist)

Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist -Marxist Leninist Weekly feb 3rd 1988

Workers and Unemployed Movement meeting poster 1985

Leaflet from Rod Eley -Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist Leninist) -Feb 1982 General Election Dublin West

Community Democrats of Ireland (CDI)
Interview with Christopher Morris of the ‘Community Democrats of Ireland’- 1979 European Elections

The Community Party
The Community Party Letterkenny UDC 1985

Connolly Association
Manchester Connolly Association poster from 1965 for Easter Commemoration meeting and parade

“Father Michael O’Flanagan -Republican Priest” -1954 pamphlet by Desmond Greaves

Connolly Association and Irish Self Determination League Membership Form

Conservative and Unionist
David Harding -Foyle 2010

An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC)

Budget 2012 leaflet from An Chomhdháil Phobail I The People’s Convention (CPPC)

“Reclaim Democracy in the Forthcoming General Election!” Leaflet
Flyer for CPPC Public Meeting Tuesday 14th December 2010 in Cork
Membership form for the recently launched An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC)

‘Only the People Should Decide!’Leaflet

Leaflet from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla- An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention (CPPC)- Cork South Central

Leaflet for Cork Selection Conventions of An Chomhdháil Phobail I The People’s Convention (CPPC)-2011 GE

Poster from An Chomhdháil Phobail | The People’s Convention (CPPC) Dublin Launch Rally 18th January

Leaflet for Patrick Bullman – CPPC – Cork East -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Brendan Doris -Non Party / CPPC – 2011 Dublin West By-Election

Letter from Diarmaid Ó Cadhla -The Peoples Convention (CPPC)- NUI Seanad 2011

Press Release Re Constitutional Challenge To SIPO From CPPC Cork South Central Candidate Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

Issue 1 Of ‘Convention’ – Newsletter From An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention (CPPC) 

Flyer for September 24th meeting on paying bondholders from the CPPC

“Who Let Them Steal Our Future?” Leaflet From Corks ‘For Democracy!’ Group Supported By The CPPC

“Political Parties Have NO Solution!” Leaflet Published By Cork’s ‘For Democracy!’ Group / CPPC

Córas na Poblachta

Denis O’Driscoll – Córas na Poblachta – Tipperary 1943 General Election


Cumann na nGaedhael

From 1923 “The Challenge – Government and Order V The Irregulars and Anarchy” Cumann na nGaedhael

‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters

“Please! Don’t Commit any More Murders -Keep Your Bullwark Against The Terrorists Vote for Cumann na nGaedheal” -1932 Election

“No Land Annuities Till November 1934″ -William T. Cosgrave – 1933 GE Cumann na nGaedheal

Cumann na nGaedhael Posters from the 1932 General Election
“We Want No Reds Here!” -Cumann na nGaedhael Poster and ‘How Much is Freedom Worth’ Fianna Fail poster

Cumann na nGaedheal posters and fliers “Fianna Fail V England” and more from exhibition in Tiesan Cafe, Harrington street

From Cumann Na NGaedhael 1932 “De Valera’s Policy All Along Has Been Un-Irish And Un-Catholic” , “Remember Spain And Mexico”

“The Roll Of Dishonour” And “A Hot Record”- Two 1932 Election Posters From Cumann Na NGaedheal

“Will You Vote For Fianna Fail?” “Bankruptcy of.. Farmers and Indian Meal Porridge” -Cumann na nGaedhael 1932

From 1932 ‘Farmers! Keep a Firm Grip of Your Homesteads’ Vote Cumann na nGaedheal

“This is What Cosgrave Will Do…” Cumann na nGaedheal -1933 General Election

Democratic Right Movement

Leaflet from The Democratic Right Movement ..”The punt restored as our Nations currency” ,”deportation of ALL failed asylum seekers”

Anti David Norris Leaflet

Democratic Socialist Party
‘The Free Press – DSP paper 1984

John De Courcy Ireland-Dun Laoghaire November 1982

John De Courcy Ireland -Dublin- 1984 European Elections

‘Kemmy For Ward 3′ – Jim Kemmy Democratic Socialist Party 1985 Local Elections

Direct Democracy Ireland

Litir um Thoghchán from Ben Gilroy -Direct Democracy Ireland- 2013 Meath East By-Election

Leaflet from Ben Gilroy -Direct Democracy Ireland -2013 Meath East By-Election

Flyer from the New Party ‘Direct Democracy Ireland’

Direct Democracy Ireland – Presentation by Raymond Whitehead

Poster for Paul Clarke -Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin North Central -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Gerry Kelly- (Independent) Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South Central

Jane Murphy -Christian Solidarity Party / Direct Democracy Ireland -Dublin South 2011 GE

Ad from The Christian Solidarity Party urging voters in Meath East to vote for Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland.

Leaflet From Raymond Whitehead -Direct Democracy Ireland -2011 General Election Dublin South 

“Direct Democracy Ireland -Returning The Power To You” Leaflet 

‘SOS …Save Our Seanad …Vote No’ Leaflet From Direct Democracy Ireland

Ian Paisley Junior Leaflet that Jim Allister tried to get banned

Ian McCrae -Mid Ulster 2010

Peter Robinson -East Belfast 2010

A “Vote Paisley” Sticker -Ian Paisley -DUP

DUP newspaper “Protestant Telegraph” from September 1981

Unionist Solidarity Posters (‘Ulster Says No’, ‘No Dublin Rule’, ‘Save The Union’) from the 1986 By-Elections in protest at the Anglo Irish Agreement

Leaflet for Ian McCrea -DUP -Mid Ulster- 2011 Assembly Elections

North Antrim Leaflet from the DUP -2011 Assembly Elections

“Save Ulster with the Ulster Democratic Unionist Association” Leaflet ..from the early 80s?

From the DUP in the mid 90′s a series of anti Sinn Fein and PUP posters / cartoons

Another batch of Anti Sinn Fein Posters/ Cartoons from the DUP in the mid 1990′s

“The Protestant Blu Print” editor Ian R. K. Paisley MP- 1987 Election Special

DUSTIN The Turkey Posters
Bringing The Olympics To Termonfeckin

Ecology Party of Ireland
Letter to Irish Times and Poster Advertising First Meeting of the Ecology Party of Ireland

‘Never Mind the B***ocks’ Lisbon 2 poster

Welcome to the NAMA Republic poster

Éirígí ‘Smash NAMA’ Pamphlet

No Royal Visit leaflet

“Boycott The Home Tax” Leaflet From Éirígí 

Smash The NAMA Republic and other stickers
“Rebel Cork Says No To British Queen” -Sticker from éirígí

“No ‘British Queen’ in the City of ’16″ Leaflet from éirígí

éirígí -”Royal Visit Special” -Níl Fáilte Romhat!

Pádraic Mac Coitir -éirígí -Upper Falls -2011 Local Elections

Flyer with sample ballot from Pádraic Mac Coitir -éirígí – Upper Falls 2011 Local Elections

“A Brief Account Of The Battle Of Mount Street Bridge Easter 1916″ Leaflet From Éirígí

“Referendum Commission Alternative Booklet” produced by éirígí

“For Community and Country, Vote NO!” – Leaflet and poster from éirígí

Leaflet from éirígí Ballyfermot -’Poblacht na nOibrithe’ Baile Formaid Earrach 2013

Éirígí -’Poblacht na nOibrithe’ -Earrach 2013 …”Home and Water Taxes Must be Stopped”

‘The Easter Rising, 1916 -An Introduction’…A Nicely Illustrated Leaflet From Éirígí 

Fathers Rights
Liam O’Gogain- Euro 2004

Liam O’Gogain 2007

Eamonn Quinn -Dads against Discrimination 2002

Ray Kelly – Parents Against Discrimination -2007 GE Dublin South West

Leaflet and Broadcast from Alan Beirne- Fathers Rights – Responsibility Party(FRR) -2007 General Election Dublin Central

Flyer from Luke Martin -Independent -Louth -2011 GE

Fis Nua
Fia Nua Draft Manifesto

Membership form for Fís Nua

Video for Gerry Kinsella -Independent / Fis Nua -Wicklow 2011 General Election

Poster for Pat Kavanagh -Fís Nua -Wicklow 2011 General Election

Window Poster for Liam Johnston -Independent Fís Nua Candidate- Dublin Central

Leaflet from Ben Nutty -Fís Nua -Waterford -2011 General Election

Leaflet from Peadar O’Ceallaigh – Fís Nua – 2011 Dublin West Bye Election

H-Block 1981

Ad for Kieran Doherty -H-Block -Cavan Monaghan 1981 General Election

Kieran Doherty -Cavan-Monaghan 1981
Support The Hunger Strikers Demands sticker

Tony O’Hara Leaflet-Dublin West 1981

From 1980 -Hunger Strike Bulletin -Issue 2 -IRSP

Bobby Sands Poster and Leaflet -1981 Fermanagh South Tyrone

“1981 Hunger Strike -19th Anniversary May 2000″ -Leaflet with programme of events.

Flyer for H-Block “Mass National Lobby and March” 22nd November 1980

Card and leaflet from the Bobby Sands Trust

Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes Badges

Joe McDonnell – H-Block -1981 General Election Sligo Leitrim

“Stand up to Britain -Vote McAllister -Vote the prisoners No. 1″- Tom McAllister -H Block -Clare 1981 General Election

1981 Leaflet calling for Irish Americans to Boycott British goods until “Britain restores full independence to the whole of Ireland”

Hunger Strike Memorial card issued by The Royal Victoria Hospital Workers Against H-Block/Armagh

1981 H Block/ Armagh Committee leaflet looking to build support among the Trade Union movement for the Hunger Strike.

“To All GAA Fans… Support The Hunger Strikers” leaflet

Immigration Control Platform
Aine ni Chonaill 2002 Dublin South Central
Ted Neville -2002 Cork South Central

Pat Talbot small leaflet- 2009 Dublin Central by-election

Leaflet 2 for Pat Talbot -2009 Dublin Central by election

February 2007 Edition of the Immigration Control Platforms Newsletter- “..% of foreign residents shall not exceed 10% of the population.”

Independent Fianna Fail (Blaney)
Niall Blaney 2002 GE
Neil T Blaney -Euro 94

Tadhg Colbert, James Larkin, Hugh Dorrian, Jim Lynch – Letterkenny UDC 1985

Liam Blaney,Joseph Cullen, Michael McBride -2004 LE Milford

Albert Doherty, Columba Doherty -2004 LE Innisowen

Dessie Larkin , Peter Patton -Independent Fianna Fail -2004 Letterkenny Town Council

“Blaney For Europe” ads- Neil Blaney-1979 European Elections

Sample Ballot paper from Independent Fianna Fail (Blaney) -1985 Local Elections Letterkenny UDC

Leaflet from Dessie Larkin, Maureen McLaughlin-Independent Fianna Fail -Letterkenny -2004 Local Elections

Independent Republican

Oliver Hughes -Independent Republican Party- Magherafelt Council

Leaflet from Gary Donnelly- Independent Republican -Derry City Council 2011

Independent Socialist Party
‘Join The Independent Socialist Party’ Leaflet
What Is The Independent Socialist Party?

Independents Health Alliance

Ciaran Goulding -Dublin North 2002
Karen Canning- Dublin South 2002

Irish Democratic Party

A membership form for the newly founded ‘Irish Democratic Party’
“Open Letter to the citizens of Ireland” from the Irish Democratic Party

Irish Democratic Party – First Public Meeting: Tuesday 16th November 2010

Irish Housewives Association

Leaflet from Mairead McGuinness -Irish Housewives Association -1957 Dublin North East

Irish Independence Party

John Turnly -1979 Westminster Election North Antrim

Irish Reform Party

Irish Reform Party Manifesto

Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP)
The Legacy of Seamus Costello -Starry Plough 25th Anniversary Edition 2002

1980 -Hunger Strike Bulletin -Issue 2 -IRSP

Poster for Ite Ni Chionnaith- IRSP -1976 Dublin South West By-Election

Leaflet from Lucy Callaghan -IRSP -Northland Ward- Derry City Council 2011

Jim Gorman -IRSP -Lower Falls , Belfast -2011 Local Elections

Irish Socialist Network
‘Resistance’ November/December 2007 pt 1
Party Pizzas, The Election Selection – John O’Neill 2007
John O’Neill leaflet -2007 General Election
John O’Neill -2009 LE Ballymun-Finglas

Finglas Ballymun People newsletter -March 2009

‘The Finglas People’- Feb/March 2007 -Irish Socialist Network
LEFTLINE -Radical analysis from the Irish Socialist Network -March 2006

July 2006 issue of Leftline

Flyer and Poster from John O’Neill -Irish Socialist Network -2007 General Election Dublin North West

Irish Solidarity Party

“Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” -Ted Neville- Irish Solidarity Party-Cork South Central

Irish Worker League

Poster for John Lumsden -Irish Worker League – 1930 Local Elections Dublin

Irish Workers League
Anti Common Market Leaflet 1961


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