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Index of Leaflets from ‘Others’ L to Z January 17, 2012

Lowry Team
Willie Kennedy , Michael Lowry jnr -Lowry Team-2009 Thurles

The 2005 “Lowry Budget Bulletin”-Michael Lowry -Tipperary North

Election Campaign Video Message from Michael Lowry T.D. February 2011

“Lowry Needs Your No. 1″ -Michael Lowry -Independent -Tipperary North

Militant Labour
Joe Higgins 1996 Dublin West By-Election(leaflet 1)
Joe Higgins -Ballyfermot Leaflet – 1996 Dublin West By-Election

The Late Mick Lally canvassing for Joe Higgins in the 1996 Dublin West by-election

Old Posters from The Labour & Trade Union Group, Militant and Young Socialists
More old Posters from Militant, The Socialist Party and Young Socialists

Muintir na hEireann
Richard Greene yellow leaflet- 1997 GE Dublin South
Muintir na hEireannn Letter and Richard Greene leaflet 1997 GE DUblin South

The National Party

Leaflet from Con O’Leary -The National Party -1997 General Election Cork North Central

1997-Mairead Kirrane, Peter McNamee
Joe MacDonough 1997 Dublin North West
97 election ‘Vote Christian’ leaflet

A second Joe McDonough leaflet 1997 Dublin North West

Liam Downes -Galway West 1997 General Election.

Natural Law Party
Mary Daly-1992 Dublin South Central
Martin McAneny -1992 Dun Laoghaire

John Burns-1999 European and Pembroke LEA

National Labour

1948 General Election – ITGWU / National Labour Party flyer offering a solution to the Housing crisis

New Agenda
‘New Agenda’ (post Workers Party pre Democratic Left) -Eamon Gilmore, Colm Breathnach and Denis O’Callaghan Letter.

New Ireland Party

Leaflet from Gerry Walshe -New Ireland Party- Clare 2011 General Election

New Vision

Flyer for Eamonn Blaney -New Vision -Dublin North East -2011 General Election

Flyer from Michael Reidy -New Vision -2011 GE Kerry North West Limerick

Michael J Loftus -New Vision- 2011 Dublin North West

Leaflet from Dara Blaney -Independent – Donegal North East -2011 General Election

New Island Party

“Tea with Mrs Sweeney” and ‘Tiger Soup’ posters from Ann Sweeney-Donegal South West -2011 GE

Boycott The Donegal South West By-Election -Ann Sweeney -Independent /New Island Party

Leaflet from Ann Sweeney-New Island Party -2010 Donegal South West By-Election

Video from Ann Sweeney – New Island Party- 2010 Donegal South West By-Election

NILP- Northern Ireland Labour Party
Pat McHugh, John Coulthard Posters-1970 Westminister Elections

Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition
“Creating a Soccer Strategy” -A Response by the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition

2003 Northern Ireland Womens Coalition document on “The Minimum Age of Voting and Candidacy…”

Priorities Party

“Standards, Accountability and Transparency Offered by a New Political Party Called THE PRIORITIES PARTY” -Getting YOUR Priorities Right! -2008

“St Lukes” Leaflet

Republican Congress

From November 1934, poster advertising a Republican Congress protest at a rally addressed by Eoin O’Duffy in the Mansion House

Republican Sinn Fein

From 2006 a Republican Sinn Fein leaflet against the “Love Ulster” parade

“Defend Sovereignty, Neutrality,Democracy” – Republican Sinn Fein – No To Libon Leaflet

Republican Sinn Fein -Vote NO to Lisbon

Republican Sinn Fein- NO to The Good Friday Agreement and NO to Amsterdam

Leaflet from Richard Behal -Independent -Kerry South -2011 General Election

Roscommon Hospital Action Committee

John McDermott- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Roscommon-South Leitrim- 2011 GE

Valerie Byrne -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Strokestown, 2009 Local Elections

Leaflet from Tom Foxe -1992 General Election- Longford Roscommon

Paula McNamara -Roscommon Hospital Action Committee-Mid Roscommon 2009 LE

Tom Foxe- Roscommon Hospital Action Committee Flyer from Roscommon 1989

Roscommon Hospital Action Committee -Tom Foxe 1989


Saor Eire

Saor Eire Manifesto from 1971



‘Let’s Make History’ Margaret Ritchie leaflet -SDLP Leadership contest 2010

“West Belfast needs a strong leader… ….not an empty seat” -Alex Attwood -SDLP -West Belfast by election

Colin Keenan, Alex Attwood -SDLP -West Belfast -2011 Assembly Elections

Leaflet for Patsy McGlone, Austin Kelly -SDLP-Mid Ulster -2011 Assembly Elections

Sean Farren -SDLP -1979 Westminster Elections North Antrim

Tony Quinn- SDLP -Mid Ulster 2010

SDLP – Yes to The Good Friday Agreement 1998

Declan O’Loan -SDLP -North Antrim -2010 UK General Election

Leaflet for Conall McDevitt, Alasdair McDonnell and Claire Hanna- SDLP -Belfast South 2011 Assembly Elections

Slí Níos Fearr

“A New Political Party” -Leaflet from ‘Slí Níos Fearr’ giving details of their positions on various issues

Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation

Declan Bree -Sligo/Leitrim Independent Socialist Organisation -1987 General Election

Socialist Environmental Alliance

Eamon McCann for Foyle -2005 Socialist Environmental Alliance Manifesto

Eamonn McCann- Socialist Environmental Alliance -2005 Foyle

Socialist Labour Party

Flyer and notepaper for Bert Bennett, Jim Maher, Dave Neligan ,Máirín Breheny -Socialist Labour Party -1979 Local Elections -Artane

1979 LE Socialist Labour Party Leaflet for Bert Bennett, Máirín Breheny, Jim Maher and Dave Neligan running in Artane with message from Noel Browne
Noel Browne pictures from The Socialist Labour Party
Socialist Labour Party flyer
Socialist Labour Party- Recruitment Leaflet

South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA)

Manifetso for Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance -Kerry South 2011 GE

Video from Michael Gleeson- South Kerry Independent Alliance- Kerry South 2011 General Election
Manifesto for Michael Gleeson – South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) -2009 Local Elections
Michael Gleeson-South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 1999 LE.
Michael Gleeson – South Kerry Independent Alliance (SKIA) 2009

Tax Reform League

Mary Duffy -Tax Reform League -1987 Galway West

Mairead Duchon -Tax Reform League- flyer 2 Dublin South 1987

Mairead Duchon- Tax Reform League- Dublin South 1987


Leaflet from Alan Millar -TUV- Magherafelt Council -2011 Local Elections

Towards Good Government’ (aka No Terrorists in Government) -TUV Election Newsletter 2010


Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) – ‘Saying No means NO FUTURE’ -Good Friday Agreement

United Minds

Ross O’Mullane -United Minds -Dublin South By-Election 2009


Unionist Solidarity Posters (‘Ulster Says No’, ‘No Dublin Rule’, ‘Save The Union’) from the 1986 By-Elections in protest at the Anglo Irish Agreement.

Flyer for John Crawford- Ulster Unionist Party -Magherafelt -2011 Local Elections

‘Say Yes For The Union’ -Ulster Unionist Party Good Friday Agreement Leaflet

Flyer from Ken Maginnis -Ulster Unionist Party -1997 Fermanagh South Tyrone


Ad for Seamus Healy- WUAG (ULA) -Tipperary South -2011 General Election

“In Nobody’s Pocket” -Seamus Healy-Independent(ULA) -2011 GE Tipperary South

Leaflet for Seamus Healy -WUAG -Tipperary South 2011 General Election

Do not be misled by other candidates that ‘Healy Will Fly In’- Seamus Healy Ad-Tipperary South

“Enough is Enough. Vote No to Austerity” Leaflet from WUAG

Posters for Pat English, Seamus Healy, Brian O’Donnell, Teresa Ryan, Billy Shoer -WUAG – 2009 LE Clonmel

Workers Solidarity Movement

Stop Education Cuts- Teachers & Parents Unite , No To Fees -Workers Solidarity Movement 2009

2007 General Election stickers from the Workers Solidarity Movement

Workers Solidarity Movement -Election 2002 Flyer

Working Class Action

‘Fianna Fail Are Criminals, Drink Drivers & Tax Cheats’ Poster – Working Class Action 2003


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