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‘let Clann continue to play its part!’ -Clann Na Poblachta 1965 General Election July 13, 2013

From the 1965 General Election an ad for the four Clanna Na Poblachta candidates John Tully in Cavan, Oliver Morahan in Mayo Sout, Leo Nealon in Dublin North Central and Joe Barron in Dublin South Central. Tully was elected and was the last Clann TD. This 1965 General Election was the last one contested by the Party.



From 1948 General Election “Political Parties and The Teachers” issued by the INTO November 6, 2011

This is great, the results of a questionnaire on teaching issues sent by the INTO to “Messrs deValera, Mulcahy, Norton, McBride, Blowick and Everett” . Its from the 1948 General Election and not all replied.
You can imagine many of the newspapers today having a field day with some of the questions.


From 1948 “There are no Communists in Clann na Poblachta” August 9, 2011

From the 1948 General Election Campaign an ad taken out by Clann na Poblachta to refute allegations that there were Communists in the party. Not alone that but to also to refute allegations of them trying to “..usurp .. the functions of the Catholic Church.”


A selection of 1948 Election Posters January 18, 2010

I got emailed these by a kind donor, apparently they are from Life Magazine.
First off the Posters are all pasted on to the wall in billboard slots, not a poster to be seen on the lamppost!
The 1948 election will be remembered for the coming of Clann na Poblachta. Here in Dublin North Central constituency. (Result from they didn’t win a seat.
There is also a picture of Fine Gael Leader General Richard Mulcahy Fine Gael leader from 1944 to 1959. When Fine Gael did come to power in 1948 it was John A. Costello rather than party leader Mulcahy who became Taoiseach. This was due to Mulcahy having been in government during the post Civil War executions. In the 1948 government he held the role of Minister for Education.
Note how the Fianna Fail poster has been defaced with ‘And Emigrate!’.
The sender notes …”I found a TIME article about the election which stated that adulterating and appending derogatory statements to posters was a frequent occurrence during the campaign”



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