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Index of Sinn Fein / Republican Leaflets January 16, 2012

This is the Index of Sinn Fein leaflets posted to date. I’ve also included Republican related posts too.

Should there be any candidates you would like to see leaflets from I can check if I have it.

Republican/ Birmingham Six/Prisoners Rights

“An tOglach The Official Organ of the Irish Volunteers” from October 21 1921

“The Birmingham Six , Remember Them This Christmas” -Christmas Card issued by The Birmingham Six Committee mid 80s

A 1972 and a 1973 Christmas card made in Long Kesh by an internee from Belfast

1989 -The Parade of Innocence

No to Extradition -Winchester Three protest

Saoirse ‘Release all political prisoners now’

Paul Kane- ‘Framed by a Supergrass ‘- Irish Anti Extradition Committee 1988

1977 Green Cross -Political Prisoner Christmas Cards

Out of the Ashes arose the Provisionals- Christmas card

1966 Fully Filled Easter Draw Card from Laois Republican Commemeration Committee

Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes Badges

‘Bring ALL Our Prisoners Home’ poster

‘Christmas Greetings to All Oppressed Peoples’ – Christmas Card -Prisoners Aid Committee 70/80s

“A Plastic Bullet is a Solid Cylinder of PVC -It Smashes Heads” poster and anti Plastic Bullet Badges

“Our Jails -Cooneys Shame” Poster from the Prisoners Rights Organisation mid 70s

“Free All Irish Political Prisoners” Poster with Karl Marx and James Connolly

“Remember ‘Bloody Sunday’ 1972″ – Christmas Card from Peoples Democracy 1972

“We call on the Minister to revoke Section 31……” and other anti Section 31 posters from The Repeal Section 31 Campaign

“Internees Say NO” – Common Market Defence Campaign -1972 Referendum on entry to the EEC

1981 RUC ‘Wanted’ poster for Crumlin Road Prison Escapees including Angelo Fusco, Joe Doherty and Patrick Magee

From 1972 a Christmas Card issued by the Ardoyne Relief Committee

From 1923 “Voting for the Free State means keeping Ireland down … Vote Republican”

From 1963 the first copy of ‘Fianna – The Voice of Young Ireland”

1981 Leaflet calling for Irish Americans to Boycott British goods until “Britain restores full independence to the whole of Ireland”

Leaflet from Richard Behal -Independent -Kerry South -2011 General Election

“Frank Conroy and The Spanish Civil War”- leaflet from The Frank Conroy Committee

From 1999 “A Community Under Siege” – Postcard to be sent to Taoiseach Bertie Ahern on behalf of residents of Garvaghy Road

Flyer For An Anti Internment Public Meeting Sat 14th September Featuring Clare Daly And Others

Saor Eire Manifesto from 1971

“One Ireland One Vote- All Ireland Referendum Now!” Leaflet From The 1916 Societies 

Ad for An Anti Internment Meeting in Southampton January 1972 from the Anti Internment League

From ‘United Ireland You Decide’ Leaflet For A People’s Referendum On Irish Unity Taking Place 23rd November In Lifford And Strabane

“Unite Ireland You Decide” Leaflet From The Recent Border Poll In Crossmaglen- Creggan Upper

Uncharted Reef -The Irish Struggle Viewed As A Conflict Between Civilizations. P. Ó Croidheáin, 1977

‘Seventy Seven Arguments Against The Treaty’.. Every Vote For The Free State Is A Vote For 777 More Executions.

The Cover Of 1965 Co. Tipperary County Final Programme With A Political Message

H-Block 1981

Joe McDonnell – H-Block -1981 General Election Sligo Leitrim.

Ad for Kieran Doherty -H-Block -Cavan Monaghan 1981 General Election

Kieran Doherty -Cavan-Monaghan 1981 
Support The Hunger Strikers Demands sticker

Tony O’Hara Leaflet-Dublin West 1981

From 1980 -Hunger Strike Bulletin -Issue 2 -IRSP

Bobby Sands Poster and Leaflet -1981 Fermanagh South Tyrone

“1981 Hunger Strike -19th Anniversary May 2000″ -Leaflet with programme of events.

Flyer for H-Block “Mass National Lobby and March” 22nd November 1980

Card and leaflet from the Bobby Sands Trust

Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes Badges

Hunger Strike Memorial card issued by The Royal Victoria Hospital Workers Against H-Block/Armagh

“Stand up to Britain -Vote McAllister -Vote the prisoners No. 1″- Tom McAllister -H Block -Clare 1981 General Election

1981 H Block/ Armagh Committee leaflet looking to build support among the Trade Union movement for the Hunger Strike.

“To All GAA Fans… Support The Hunger Strikers” leaflet

“Don’t Let More Prisoners Die In The Blocks” -June 1981 Leaflet From Cabra H-Block Group

Sinn Fein Party Leaflets

“Students and Sinn Fein” Leaflet from 1983

“Peace With Justice” – 1972 leaflet from the Republican Movement

Sinn Fein Election Manifesto -Westminster Elections 1955

From 1981 “Abortion Ireland” a report by Sinn Fein’s Department of Women’s Affairs

From 1974 Sinn Fein Manual Of Publicity …..prepared solely for the information and guidance of Sinn Fein Members

Roddy Collins’s first column writing for An Phoblacht

Humourous ‘Smash Sinn Fein’ Raffle Ticket from 1994

Sinn Féin poster used en route to Oxegen music festival, July 2010.

‘Pot Noodle’ postcard from Sinn Féin protesting at delays in the payment of student grants

“Daddy Has No Job .. Time To Change Ireland” -Superhero Beermat from Sinn Fein

Wonderful Sinn Fein ‘Jobs For The Unemployed’ Beermat

“Sinn Fein 10-Point Plan on Job Creation” -2011 General Election

“Water Charges will squeeze families dry” – Sinn Fein ‘No Water Charges Campaign’ Newsletter

“Loose Talk Costs Lives” and other Republican / IRA Posters

“Don’t Be A Sitting Duck” -flyer for Sinn Fein Anti Cuts rally cancelled due to bad weather December 2010

Offering “Justice and Brotherhood- not Flogging and Tortures” -Sinn Fein 1923 General Election

“No to Privatisation” of Aer Lingus Leaflet from Sinn Fein 2006

From 1923 “Vote for Sinn Fein and your own Unpartitioned Republic”

“Sinn Fein will not be part of this grubby deal to get the Finance Bill passed”-Sinn Fein -2011 General Election

“Down The Plughole” -Flyer from Jonathan O’Brien -Sinn Fein -Cork North Central 2011 GE

“Don’t Switch Off Struggling Householders!” Leaflet from Sinn Fein

‘Women in An Ireland Of Equals’- Sinn Fein 2002 GE

“Standing Up For Rural Ireland” – Leaflet from Sinn Fein

‘Make The Big Step… Join Sinn Fein Today’ Leaflet 

“Stop The Banks Pocketing Your Mortgage Rate Cut” Leaflet From Sinn Fein

“Abolish The Universal Social Charge” leaflet from Sinn Fein

“Euro2012 Support Ireland -Vote No” Poster from Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein Beer Mat “Austerity probably the worst treaty in the world….”

“Austerity isn’t working -Vote NO” -Leaflet from Sinn Féin

“Vote NO to more austerity” -Sinn Fein video on Fiscal Treaty

From 1986 Articles from Martin McGuinness and Ruairi O’Bradaigh concerning Sinn Feins abstentionist policy

From 1972 Referendum on Entry to EEC a Flyer from Sinn Fein “Lynch and Cosgrave Auctioneers..For Sale…”

“If In Doubt Vote No” -Official Sinn Fein – 1972 Referendum On EEC

“If You Believe In A Prosperous And Independent Ireland …Vote No” -Sinn Fein -1972 Referendum On EEC

“Equality Not Elitism -Abolish The Seanad -Vote Yes” Leaflet From Sinn Fein 

Sinn Fein ‘Dublin News’ -Winter 2012 ‘Budget Special’ …”Sinn Fein Says Its Time for Change”

‘Sinn Fein -For A New Ireland’ Leaflet From Their Éire Nua Phase 

Justice for the Rossport 5 leaflet from Sinn Fein 2005

“Release The Rossport 5″ leaflet from Sinn Fein 2005

Sinn Fein and other No to Lisbon Stickers from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum

Anti Section 31 poster from Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein Leaflet…”How Much More Can We Take?”

The Sinn Féin Website from 1999

The Orange Card – A lot done for Unionism… ..a lot of damage done to democracy

“It wasn’t cool in the 1980s. It’s not cool now.” -An eye catching Sinn Fein Anti Emigration flyer

Sinn Fein anti Water Charges Leaflet

‘The Strength Of Sinn Fein’ – 1934 Ard Fheis Presidential Address by Rev. Michael O’Flanagan

Dont Let Them Take Your Money! Oppose Cuts To The Minimum Wage -Sinn Fein

“Greetings from the Dole Queue ….wish you were here” postcard -Sinn Fein

Out of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals -Republican Christmas Card

‘Fight your corner -Dont Emigrate’ -Sinn Fein / Republican Clubs posters from the 1970s

“End Unemployment – Nationalise the Banks..” Sinn Fein posters from the 1970s

Sinn Fein Cork 1995-”Peace Through British Withdrawal” leaflet.

Sinn Fein Recruitment Leaflet circa 1995

Sinn Fein “Save Our Small Schools” Postcard Addressed To Enda Kenny

Poster for Sinn Fein Asgard Commemoration -28th July Howth

From 1974 “What Sinn Fein Means by ‘Regionalisation’ “

“Know Your Rights -Advice on what to do if arrested in the 26 Counties” -Sinn Fein POW department

From 1971 a leaflet “Sinn Féin – Yesterday and Today”

From 1984 A Sinn Fein Pamphlet “Republican Education -What We Need To Know To Win!”

‘Freedom Struggle in Ireland’ leaflet from Sinn Fein from February 1982

“Press The Alarm For Elderly Losing Phone Allowance” Postcard From Sinn Fein

Ogra Sinn Fein/ Republican Youth

“Students and Sinn Fein” Leaflet from 1983

Ógra Shinn Féin recruitment leaflet from 2005

Mock Ballot Paper from Dublin Sinn Fein Youth -2011 General Election

Educate to be Free -Ógra Shinn Féin leaflet on Third Level Fees from 2008

’10 Reasons why YOU should join Ógra Shinn Féin’

Ogra Sinn Fein -’Give Youth a Chance’ Leaflet

“No Jobs, No Future, No Way!” Leaflet from Sinn Fein Republican Youth

South Dublin

Dublin Mid West

Leaflet for Eoin Ó Broin -Sinn Fein- Dublin Mid West -2011 GE

“Join Sinn Fein” leaflet -Sinn Fein Dublin Mid West 2007

Joanne Spain -Sinn Fein- Dublin Mid West -2007 General Election

Shane O’Connor -Sinn Fein -2004 LE Clondalkin

Tony Flannery- Sinn Fein -Dublin Mid West 2002 GE

Dublin South

Séamus Mac Floinn-Sinn Fein- Stillorgan -2009 Local Elections

Shaun Tracey -Sinn Fein – 2009 Dublin South By-Election

Dublin South Central

“Happy with the new Universal Social Charge?” -Aengus O’Snodaigh -Sinn Fein -Dublin South Central

Robert Sargent -Sinn Fein- Crumlin Kimmage 2004 Local Elections

Sinn Fein -’Empowering Communities against Drugs’

“Rising Crime Must Be Tackled” -Aengus O’Snodaigh Leaflet from 2008

A pile of Aengus O’Snodaigh Leaflets

“Saoirse” -Leaflet for John Crabbe -Sinn Fein- 1985 Local Elections- South East Inner City

Dublin South East

Aengus O Snodaigh -Sinn Fein – Dublin South East 1987 GE

Flyer From Chris Andrews -Sinn Fein -Advertising Post Budget Public Meeting 21st November Ringsend

Dublin South West

Leaflet from Sean Crowe -Sinn Fein -Dublin South West

“Happy Valentines Day” from Sean Crowe -Sinn Fein -Dublin South West

Christy Dunne, John Noonan -Sinn Fein -1987 GE Dublin South West

Leaflet from Cathal King, Sinead Cooke -Sinn Fein -Tallaght South -2009 Local Elections

Dun Laoghaire

Kevin Fitzpatrick- Sinn Fein Dun Laoghaire -1989

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Christy Burke 1983 Dublin Central By-Election

Christy Burke with Gerry Adams – 1997 Dublin Central

1983 Dublin Central By-Election leaflet from Christy Burke- Sinn Fein- mentions section 31, Water Rates and more

“Sorry I missed you today” -Mary Lou McDonald ,Séamas McGrattan -Sinn Fein -Dublin Central

Leaflet from Mary Lou McDonald -Sinn Fein 2007 General Election -Dublin Central

“Dublin’s Hardest Working Councillor – Christy Burke, Sinn Fein” -1992 General Election -Dublin Central

Sinn Fein “Save Temple Street Hospital” Leaflet

Nicky Kehoe supports Mary Lou McDonald leaflet -Sinn Fein – 2011 Dublin Central

Flyer for Monica Ryan -Sinn Fein – 1967 Local Elections Dublin

Nicky Kehoe, Aine Ni Ghabhann- Sinn Fein -2004 LE Cabra Glasnevin

Leaflet from Ciarán MacAnnraoi, Christy Burke -Sinn Fein – Dublin North Inner City – 2004 Local Elections

Dublin North Central

Peter Lawlor -Sinn Fein -2004 LE Clontarf

Dublin North East

Killian Forde -Sinn Fein- Donaghmede 2004 LE

Killian Forde-Donaghmede Sinn Fein Special Bulletin 2004 on Donaghmede Probation Office

Flyer For Larry O’Toole -Sinn Fein -2002 GE Dublin North East

“Trade Unionist Takes on RTE censorship”- Larry O’Toole related Anti Section 31 leaflet from the Free Speech Legal Fund

Dublin North West

Dessie Ellis Leaflet “Sinn Fein – Ballymun Bulletin” -January February 2012

Dublin West

Leaflet from Paul Donnelly -Sinn Fein 2011 Dublin West By Election

“Connolly Hospital Meeting 13th September 2011″ Leaflet from Paul Donnelly -Sinn Fein -2011 Dublin West By-Election

Leaflet from Felix Gallagher -Sinn Fein -2007 GE Dublin West

Paul Donnelly -Sinn Fein -Mulhuddart 2009 LE

Charlie Maples -Sinn Fein -Castleknock 2009 LE

Felix Gallagher -Sinn Fein -Dublin West 2007 GE

Martin Christie -Sinn Fein -2004 LE Mulhuddart

November 2013 Newsletter From Paul Donnelly -Sinn Fein -Mulhuddart

Dublin European

John Noonan- Sinn Fein 1984 European elections Dublin

Anne Speed -Sinn Fein 1989 European Elections- Dublin

Sean Crowe Leaflet -Sinn Fein-1999 European Elections Dublin

Sean Crowe -Sinn Fein -1999 European Elections Dublin

Larry O’Toole -Sinn Fein -1994 European Elections Dublin

Mary Lou McDonald -Sinn Fein- Letter to Women Voters 2009

Mary Lou McDonald -Sinn Fein -Euro 2004


Leinster European Elections

“EEC Means Jobs Out, Imports In” -Kevin Dunphy -Sinn Fein 1989 European Elections Leinster


Sean Downey -Sinn Fein -Newbridge TC 2009 LE

Laois Offaly

Leaflet from Brian Stanley -Sinn Fein -Laois Offaly -2011 GE


Arthur Morgan- Sinn Fein -Louth 2002 General Election

Leaflet from Gerry Adams -Sinn Fein -Louth

Arthur Morgan – Sinn Fein – Louth 1989


Peadar Tobin -Sinn Fein -2004 LE Navan

Leaflet from Joanne Finnegan- Sinn Fein -Meath East 2007 General Election

“Time For Change” and ‘Circus’ style flyer from Darren O’Rourke -Sinn Fein -2013 Meath East By-Election

“A New Voice For Fairness” -Darren O’Rorke -Sinn Fein -2013 Meath East By-Election

Leaflet from Darren O’Rourke-Sinn Fein- 2013 Meath By-Election

Leaflet from Darren O’Rourke -”O’Rourke to Contests Meath East By-Election” -Sinn Fein Meath East

Meath East Sinn Fein -Newsletter An tEarrach 2013


Niamh Hogg -Sinn Fein- Westmeath 2002 General Election


“The Minister for Hardship Brendan Howlin TD” and other posters from Wexford Sinn Fein


Letter from John Brady-Sinn Fein-Wicklow to “Ordinary Joe Soap -Screwed by the Government”


European Elections

Martin Ferris- Sinn Fein- 1999 Euro Elections Munster

Leaflet from Maisy Houlihan /David Cullinane -Sinn Fein 2004 Local and European Elections -Tralee / South


Leaflets from Eamon De Valera 1917 East Clare by-election

From 1917 “A Message to the electors of East Clare from the people of Limerick… Vote for Eamonn De Valera”

“Which? Vote for de Valera, a Felon of our land.” – Eamon De Valera Poster from the 1917 East Clare By Election

Leaflet from Joe O’Connell- Sinn Fein – Feb 1982 General Election -Clare


Liam Burke -Sinn Fein -1992 Cork South-Central

“Warning Voter Beware” Leaflet from Chris O’Leary -Sinn Fein 2011 Cork South Central

Sinn Fein Cork 1995-”Peace Through British Withdrawal” leaflet.

Sandra McLellan -Sinn Fein -Cork East – 2007 General Election


“Because You deserve Better” -Martin Ferris -Sinn Fein -Kerry North West Limerick 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Maisy Houlihan /David Cullinane -Sinn Fein 2004 Local and European Elections -Tralee / South


“Moyross Regeneration Update Spring 2012″ from Maurice Quinlavin -Sinn Fein Limerick

Leaflet for Maurice Quinlavin Sinn Fein -Limerick -2011 General Election

Flyer from Maurice Quinlavin- Sinn Fein -Limerick -2011 General Election

Maurice Quinlavin- Sinn Fein -Limerick East- 2007 GE

Flyer from Tom Collopy -Sinn Fein-Limerick East -2009 Local Elections

“Limerick Sinn Fein News” -Summer 2011


Flyer for Michael Browne -Sinn Fein- Tipperary South


Noel Ryan- Sinn Fein Waterford 1987


European Elections

Leaflet for Pádraig Mac Lochlainn -Sinn Fein -2009 European Elections North West

Pat Doherty, Dermot Guy, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin -Sinn Fein -1989 European Elections Connaught/Ulster

Cavan /Monaghan

Padraig O Dubhthaigh- Sinn Fein -Cavan 1957 General Election

Kathryn Reilly -Sinn Fein – Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin -Sinn Fein 1992 General Election- Cavan Monaghan


Jim Ferry (Eddie Fullerton replacement)- Sinn Fein Buncrana 1991

Liam MacElhinney – Sinn Fein Letterkenny 1985

Leaflet for Liam MacElhinney -Sinn Fein -1985 Local Elections Letterkenny

Sean Gallagher -Sinn Fein -Letterkenny UDC 1985 LE

Pearse Doherty Leaflet -Sinn Fein 2010 Donegal South West By-Election


Leaflet for Trevor O Clochartaigh- Sinn Fein-Galway West-2011 General Election


John Reynolds and Pearse Doherty- Sinn Fein – 2004 Euro/Local Elections (Roscommon)

Sligo Leitrim

Flyer from Michael Colreavy -Sinn Fein -Sligo North Leitrim

Northern Ireland

“A felon’s cap’s the noblest crown. An Irish head can wear.” Leaflet from Tom Mitchell -Sinn Fein -1956 Mid Ulster By-Election

Card from Sue Ramsey, Matt Garrett -Sinn Fein Upper Falls

Letter to voters from Paul Maskey -Sinn Fein -2011 West Belfast By-Election

“Sometimes it takes a 4 letter word to be heard ….” -Sinn Fein -West Belfast 2011 Assembly Elections

Nuachtlitir Uachtar na bhFál -Sinn Fein newsletter Feabhra 2011

Leaflet for Caoimhe Scullion , Sean McPeake, Ian Milne -Sinn Fein -Magherafelt -2011 Local Elections

Leaflet From Martin McGuinness- Sinn Fein -Mid Ulster -2011 Assembly Elections

Flyer for Gerry Adams -Sinn Fein -West Belfast 2005

Alex Maskey – Sinn Fein – South Belfast 2003 Assembly Elections

Flyer for Gerry Adams- 1998 Assembly Elections -West Belfast

Bairbre de Brún -Sinn Fein -1998 Assembly Elections

Gerry Adams letter to Belfast voters- Sinn Fein -1998 Assembly Elections

Gerry Adams -West Belfast 2010 Westminister Elections

Sinn Fein Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly Elections

Benny (Benedict) McElwee -Sinn Fein- 1982 Stormont Elections

Sinn Fein Election Manifesto -Westminster Elections 1955

Leaflet for Francie Molloy- Sinn Fein -2013 Mid Ulster by Election

“Sinn Fein -The Voice of Principled Leadership” leaflet from the 1983 Westminster Elections


Kathryn Reilly -Sinn Fein – Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Leaflet for Eoin O’Broin -Sinn Fein -2011 NUI Seanad Election


Martin McGuinness Presidential election leaflet with endorsements from Roddy Collins, Colm Meaney and more
Martin McGuinness Leaflet with Sean Gallagher as the Fianna Fail candidate
Flyer from Martin McGuinness -2011 Presidential Election
Leaflet from Martin McGuinness -Sinn Fein -2011 Presidential Election


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