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Autumn 1999 Edition of “Campaign Spokes” the Dublin Cycling Campaign Newsletter June 19, 2019

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The Autumn 1999 Edition of “Campaign Spokes” the newsletter of the Dublin Cycling Campaign NewsletterI’ve scanned and uploaded it in pdf here

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“Fur Hag Alert!” leaflet from The National Animal Rights Association January 19, 2017

A “Fur Hag Alert!” leaflet from The National Animal Rights Association.
Many thanks to the sender.



Leaflet from Caroline Foxe -Independent (Irish Postmasters Union) -Wexford #ge16 January 25, 2016

A leaflet from Caroline Foxe who is running as an Independent / Irish Postmasters Union (IPU) candidate in Wexford.
The Campaign Facebook Page
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Leaflet from Tom Crossan -Letterkenny Residents Party – Letterkenny -2014 Local Elections April 8, 2014

A leaflet from current Letterkenny Town Councillor Tom Crossan who is running for The Letterkenny Residents Party for a seat on Donegal County Council.
The Letterkenny Residents Party are one of the smallest of the States Registered Political Parties.
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A number of ads for events to do with Eoin O’Duffys National Corporate Party May 27, 2013

A number of ads for events to do with Eoin O’Duffys National Corporate Party. The National Corporate Party split from Fine Gael when Eoin O’Duffy ‘resigned’ as leader of Fine Gael and also the party. They were very right wing, virulently anti communist and had a military wing ‘The Greenshirts’. It lasted from 1935 to 1937 .
As far as I’m aware they never contested an election.
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Leaflet from Gerry Walshe -New Ireland Party- Clare 2011 General Election December 11, 2012

From the 2011 General Election, a leaflet from Gerry Walshe who was running as an Independent / New Ireland Party candidate in Clare. Walshe polled 328 votes.


Ads for An Poblacht Chríostúil (Christian Republic) 1960 LE Waterford and 1965 GE Cork October 22, 2012

From the 1960 Local Elections an Ad for 3 Poblacht Chríostúil candidates Padraig Griffin, Liam Hearne and Liam Jackman who were running for seats on Waterford Corporation.
Griffin polled 102 votes, Hearne 162 votes and Jackman 64 votes with none of them being elected.
The second clipping is from the 1965 General Election campaign where Sylvester Cotter and Alex Miller were running in Cork Mid and Cork City. Cotter polled 498 votes whilst Miller polled 547 votes.
This piece explains the partys policies

The aims and ideals of this Irish Christian party, as published on its membership card are:

“1. To change the present political structure from contentious government to a form of Government based on Christian Principles and Social Justice,
“2. To foster a resurgence of true patriotism by stimulating interest in public and social administration through the study and application of Christian Social Principles.
“3. To prepare candidates for local and national office who will apply these principles for the common good.
“4. To oppose all subversive influences into our Christian and National Heritage.
“5. To work towards a planned economy aimed at the full development of the country’s resources with self-sufficiency and the repopulation of the country as primary considerations.”
According to their wikipedia entry ” Senator Eoghan Harris campaigned for the party and spoke at its rallies”



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