Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Index of Leaflets From Labour January 14, 2012

The Labour Party

“Fine Gael -Every Little Hurts!” – Labour Party ad from the 2011 General Election

Pre Election letter from Jack O’Connor asking SIPTU Members in the Private Sector to vote Labour

From 1965 -”Prosperity for Whom?” – “Vote Labour”

From 1961 “Will European Union Close Our Factories? -Labour watches the Common Market.”

“Lousers!” -Wonderful poster from William Norton Labour Party -1926 Dublin County By Election

Protecting The Taxpayer -Labour’s analysis of the NAMA Bill 2009 – Labour Party

From 2007 “Labour’s Commitments to the LGBT Community”

From 1969 a list of ITGWU members standing for Labour

From 1951 – Labour Has “Delivered The Goods”! ….showing the benefits of Labour in Government

‘Partnership That Works’-Rainbow Coalition flyer 1997 Election/
Rainbow Coalition ‘Partnership Works’ slogan 1997 Election
Kildare Labour News 89, include Jim Kemmy Poetry and other aticles
Labour Party 1969 GE-Instructions to drivers on polling day
‘Lets Make Ireland Work’ -Spring Tide 1992
The Story of Labours Rose -2007 GE
US War Planes out of Shannon poster
Pat Rabbittes 5 commitments for change 2007 GE
Jack Lynch and Brendan Corish Posters from 1973 General Election

Want Finian McGraths Newsletter go to Eamon Gilmore page on the Labour site

From 1993 ‘Labour Working For You In Government’Leaflet
Fed Up with Fianna Fail, Fed up with Fine Gael ads from Labour
The 2006 School and the 1970s School

1970s Leaflet advertising ‘Labour Party Bounty Bonds’
‘Begin to Buy’ -Labours 2007 policy to turn the Government into a Sub-prime lender?
1981 Labour Party letter promoting “A Sweepstakes on the Aintree Grand National”

From 2007 “Anti Social Behaviour -Labour Listened…. now we will act”

From 1951 “Keep Fianna Fail away from your Pay Packets!”- “….Vote Labour…”

“Another Year… Another Excuse -An Analysis of Mary Harney’s First Year as Health Minister”- Labour 2005
“Who do they think they’re fooling this time?”- Labour Anti Fianna Fail leaflet from 2004
‘Electronic Voting in Ireland -A Threat to Democracy?’-Report for Labour Parliamentary Party 2003
From 2003 “The Constitution and the Cost of Building Land” -a Submission on behalf of the Labour Party to the All-Party Committee on the Constitution.

A “Vote Labour” sticker from the 1987 General Election

“Regulation and The Economy” -Leaflet from Labour 1997 General Election

Wonderful 1938 Election Labour Party leaflet concerning Fianna Fails appeals for Unionist support

From 1992 “An Important Message from Dick Spring to Dublin Families”

Save 16 Moore Street -”honour the men and women of 1916″ -Labour Party

From 1932 “Shall Widows and Orphans Suffer? Labour says -No!”

1997 Labour Party Leaflet – “Monetary Union in the EU (EMU)”

From 1997 “Ireland’s Economy” -Labour Party leaflet outlining Economic growth, Consumption, GNP, Unemployment etc

“Families Need A Fair & Balanced Government” -Vote Labour -2011 General Election

2004 Labour Party Press Release Calling “for a National debate on Waste Charges”

Eamon Gilmores Message to the electorate 2011 General Election.

“Gilmore for Taoiseach” video from the Labour Party

“It’s Time to Legislate for the X-Case” Leaflet from Labour 2010

Pre Election letter from Jack O’Connor asking SIPTU Members in the Private Sector to vote Labour

2011 Election ads from the Labour Party (Part 1)

2011 Election ads from the Labour Party (Part 2)

“When the going gets tough … we don’t run away” -Labour February 1982

From 2012 – Labour “Delivering In Difficult Times”

From Labour 1973 “Taxes? Prices? Rents? Cost of living? … Fianna Fail has lost control”

From the 2011 General Election Campaign Labour’s Plan for Jobseekers

Policy Document from The “Campaign for Labour Policies”

From the INTO in 1932 “National Teachers -Since 1919 the Labour Party has been your one consistent Friend, Your Sole Defender”

From 1943 “Put An End To Poverty” “Vote Labour” “saving of 7,000,000 a year in bank interests, payments to financiers ….”

“Towards 1992 -Labour’s Agenda for Ireland” a pamphlet from the Labour Party reagrding the Single European Act 1987

” The Difference is….. We’re Labour” ..Another 2011 Election Labour Party Ad


Labour Party ‘Yes’ to Divorce 1986

Labour Party -Yes to the Good Friday Agreement

Labour Party- Yes to the Amsterdam Treaty

A different kind of YES -Labour Document on The Nice Treaty 2002

“Lisbon is good for Gays” -Labour LGBT group Video from Lisbon 2

“The Lisbon Treaty -Good For Gays – Vote Yes” -Labour LGBT

Labour Party -No to the Citizenship Referendum

Labour Party ‘Vote No’ posters (Change in Voting System 1968)

Labour Anti Sinn Féin Fiscal Treaty Posters “2008 – Sinn Féin & The Bank Bailout – Wrong Then , 2012 Sinn Féin & The Stability Treaty Wrong Now”

“Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Emer Costello and Alex White – Labour Party

“The Fiscal Stability Treaty …A Guide” leaflet from Michael McCarthy -Labour -Cork South West

Labour Youth
Ten Reasons to be a Labour Student
Labour Youth 1989 Summer Festival
Donegal Labour (Anne Wilkinson) -Labour Youth

‘Never Mind the Blueshirts- here’s the Socialism’ -Left Tribune vol2 issue 4 2006

“Don’t believe everything you read in the papers -Indo lies for $hell” -Labour Youth

“A Trade Union? Eh? Eh?” -Leaflet from Labour Youth

“Know Your Rights” Leaflet from Labour Youth.

US Military Out of Shannon Leaflet from Labour Youth 2006

“The Sunday Independerant” from 2006 Left Tribune -Labour Youth

“Votes @ 16″ leaflet from Labour Youth

“Say No To Sexism and Homophobia” Leaflet from Labour Youth

“Hands Off The Grant! – You’re Taking The Piss!” – Poster from DCU Labour Protect The Grant Campaign


“Loyal to Labour Values ,Faithful to Labour Members” Colm Keaveney for Chairperson of The Labour Party Leaflet

Brian O’Shea ‘for Party Chairperson’ Leaflet from the 2012 Labour Conference

“Derek Nolan for Chairperson of The Labour Party” Leaflet

Vote No 1 Terry Brophy -Labour NEC Election

Leaflet from Rory Geraghty – Labour Party Executive Elections 2010

Leaflet from Gary Honer -Candidate for Chairperson Labour Annual Conference Galway 2010

Mary Murphy -Labour Party NEC 2008

Leaflet from Karen O’Connell -Labour NEC 2009

“Party Democracy -Labour First – Pro-Choice” -Tom Cosgrave for (Labour) NEC Leaflet

Labour Party Deputy Leader Election Leaflet from Joan Burton

Leaflet from Ray Kavanagh – Labour Party Executive Board Election 2012


South Dublin

“Lousers!” -Wonderful poster from William Norton Labour Party -1926 Dublin County By Election

Dublin Mid West

From 1999 a £10 Prize Crossword from Joanna Tuffy -Labour Party -Lucan

Joanna Tuffy 2002 Dublin MW

Eamon Tuffys 2004 Champions League Final Leaflet -Labour -2004 LE Lucan

1999 Local Elections leaflet from Joanna Tuffy -Labour -Lucan

Dublin South

From 1922 leaflets from William O’Brien -Labour -Dublin South (includes sample ballot with Countess Markievicz)

Alex White 2004 LE

Aidan Culhane -The Local Man -2007 Dublin South
Eithne Fitzgerald -1989 Dublin South
Eamonn Walsh -2004 LE Terenuer/Rathfarnham

Eithne Fitzgerald 1997- Dublin South

Eithne Fitzgerald -1992 Dublin South

‘Do you want …more of the same?’ -Aidan Culhane 2007 GE Dublin South

‘Elect Aidan Culhane’ Leaflet -2007 GE Dublin South

“Back To School” leaflet from Aidan Culhane Dublin South 2010

‘Senator Alex White Summer Report’ -July 2010

Living with Management Companies -Public Meeting with Joan Burton and Aidan Culhane-22nd Sept 2010

Letter from Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South -2011 General Election

Flyer for Alex White, Aidan Culhane -Labour -Dublin South 2011

“Yes for Stability…” leaflet from Emer Costello and Alex White – Labour Party

Dublin South Central

Eric Byrnes Lotto -2004
Pat Upton 1997

Mary Upton -2002 Dublin South Central

Gearóid Ó Maoilmhichil – Crumlim-Kimmage 2004 Local Elections.

Henry Upton 2009 LE Crumlin Kimmage

Guide to Budget 2012 from Henry Upton -Labour Party Dublin South Central

Flyer from Frank Cluskey -Labour -1965 General Election Dublin South Central

Leaflet from Pat Upton -Labour Party -1992 General Election Dublin South Central

Dublin South East
Ruairi Quinn 1987 and 1997

Ruairi Quinn -‘Achievements in difficult times’ 1987 GE

Ruairi Quinn 1987 letter to appartment Residents
Mary Freehill -Rathmines 1999
Kevin Humphreys 1999

Ruairi Quinn 2002 Dublin South East

Ruairi Quinn waving leaflet -2002 GE Dublin South East

Dermot Lacey 1999 Local Elections Pembroke
John Gallagher 2004 LE South West Inner City

Ruairi Quinn Leaflet -1992 General Election -Dublin South East

From the 1997 Election. A Transcript of a Live Web Chat with Ruairi Quinn

Poster for Kevin Humphreys – 2011 General Election Dublin South East

“Send ‘Em Off!” -Unusual Flyer from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys-Labour Dublin South East -2011 General Election

More Cartoons from Ruairi Quinn and Kevin Humphreys -Labour Dublin South East

Dublin South West

Pat Rabbitte 2002 Dublin SW

“This Constituency needs a Senior Government Minister” -Pat Rabbitte -2007 GE Dublin SW

‘Fed Up With Fianna Fail? -Look To Labour For A Real Alternative” -Dermot Looney 2009 Local Elections Tallaght Central

Pamela Kearns -2009 Local Elections Tallaght Central

Eamon Maloney, Pat Rabbitte -Labour -Dublin South West -2011 General Election

“Who Will Defend You?” leaflet from Pat Rabbitte, Eamonn Maloney-Labour Party -2011 General Election Dublin South West.

Pat Rabbitte Autumn 2012 Newsletter -Labour -Dublin South West

Dun Laoghaire
Barry Desmond Dun Laoghaire Feb 82/
Eamon Gilmore 2007 Dun Laoghaire
Jane Dillon Byrne, Flor O’Mahony 1989 Dun Laoghaire
Niamh Bhreathnach- Blackrock 1985

Kevin Cronin -Blackrock 1985 LE
Sean Misteil – Vote No 1 Adi Roche

Frank Smyth, Tim Wilson -1985 LE Ballybrack
Jane Dillon Byrne, Eric Doyle, Jack Loughran, Philip Murphy -1985 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire

Joseph Maguire flyer -1967 Local Elections Rathdown
Vincent McDowell, Joseeph Maguire, Gerard O’Reilly and Bernard Connolly -1967 Local Elections -Rathdown
Niamh Bhreathnach- Dun Laoghaire 1992 GE
Oisin Quinn -2007 General Election Dun Laoghaire

Leaflet for Eamon Gilmore, Niamh Bhreathnach -2002 GE Dun Laoghaire
‘Labours Charter to protect our Local Environment’ -Niamh Bhreathnach 1991 Local Elections Blackrock

From 1973 a leaflet for Labour Dun Laoghaire Candidates Barry Desmond and Flor O’Mahony

Leaflet from Barry Desmond -Labour- November 1982 General Election -Dun Laoghaire

North Dublin

Dublin Central

Jimmy Somers -Labour- 1983 Christmas Bonus
Jimmy Somers -1983 Dublin Central by-election
‘The Road To Nowhere’ -Joe Costello anti port tunnel leaflet 1999

“As Seen On Fair City”… featuring Johnny Giles -Claire O’Regan -Labour -2009 LE North Inner City

Poster for Aine Clancy  -2011 General Election Dublin Central

Letter from Joe Costello-Labour -Dublin Central -2011 General Election

Flyer for 2002 “The Future Use of Grangegorman Lands” meeting from Joe Costello -Labour Dublin Central

Dublin North

“Safe and Secure” -Ciaran Byrne- Labour – Balbriggan 2004 Local Elections

Dublin North Central

Derek McDowell 1992 Dublin NC
Paddy Bourke, Michael O’Halloran -1985 LE

Padraig De Burca, Derek McDowell -1999 Local Elections Clontarf

‘Enjoy Your Weekend With Labour’ -Derek McDowell -Dublin North Central 2007 General Election.

Remember To Wash Your Hands (of ten years of FF and the PDs!) -Derek McDowell-  2007 General Election

“Labour Your Guide to Job & Trainee Schemes” Leaflet from Aodhán Ó Ríordáin TD

Dublin North East

Tommy Broughan -2007 Dublin North East

‘How Labour has made the Vital Difference’ -Tommy Broughan, Sean Kenny -1997 General Election Dublin North East

Flyer for Tommy Broughan -Labour -Dublin NorthEast 2011

Leaflet from Conor Cruise O’Brien, Joe O’Connor, Paddy Dunne -Labour – 1973 General Election Dublin North East

Dublin North West

From 1979 leaflet from Ballymun Branch of The Labour Party to Labour Councillors and Tenants of Ballymun.

Roisin Shortall 1997

Roisin Shorthall 1997 ‘Griffith Avenue’ Leaflet
Sinead Seery -2004 LE- Artane

“Fighting For Our Economic Sovereignty” – Pre Budget Leaflet from John Lyons -Labour -Dublin North West

Dublin West
Joan Burton 1989 Dublin Central

Joan Burton Leaflet -2007 GE Dublin West

A Christmas Video Message From Joan Burton TD -Labour Party 2010

Letter from Joan Burton to voters in Dublin West -2011 GE

Leaflet from Patrick Nulty -Labour- 2011 Dublin West By-Election

Leaflet from Patrick Nulty -Labour -Dublin West -2011 GE

Dublin- Euro

Leaflet from Orla Guerin , Bernie Malone -Labour -1994 European Elections Dublin

Orla Guerin 1994 Euro elections
Frank Cluskey Euro 84
Prionsias DeRossa, Ivana Bacik -2004 European Elections -Dublin
Orla Guerin leaflet -1994 Euro Elections Dublin
Bernie Malone -1994 European Elections

Ivana Bacik -2004 European Elections

“Kiss With Your Eyes Closed -Vote With Your Eyes Open” -Ivana Bacik -2004 Euro Elections


Leinster Euro

Nessa Childers -From Green to Red

Sean Butler 1999 Euro Elections Leinster

Canvass Card with Quiz from Peter Cassells -2004 European Elections -East

Carlow Kilkenny

Des Hurley- Labour -CarlowKilkenny- 2011 General Election

“Ireland Needs To Get Back To Work” -Anne Phelan -Labour Party- Carlow Kilkenny 2011 General Election

Seamus Pattison-1992 Carlow-Kilkenny


Emmet Stagg Kildare 1989

Paddy McNamara 2005 Kildare North by-election
‘Cuts Kill-Defend your right to Health’- Emmet Stagg 1989 Kildare

Ger Dunne and Labour Naas team -2009 LE Naas

McCreeveys Dirty Dozen – Emmet Stagg, Jack Wall- 1992 GE Kildare

Anti Fianna Fail Leaflet from John McGinley, Colm Purcell and Emmet Stagg -1991 Local Elections Celbridge

“By working together, socialist and christian activists can radically change the nature of politics in Ireland” -Emmet Stagg Leaflet late 80′s

Laois Offaly

Pat Gallagher, Sean O’Brien, Lar Byrne, Joe Feery, Ann Starling -Tullamore UDC 1999

Larry Kavanagh -2004 LE- Borris in Ossory

Alan Farrell -Tullamore Town Council 2009

Jim O’Brien -Labour -Laois Offaly 2007 General Election

A Flyer from Labour Party Laois-Offaly Candidate John Whelan


Michael Bell -Louth 2002 General Election

Gerald Nash -2007 GE Louth

Tommy Moore 1999 Local Elections Drogheda


Dominic Hannigan -2005 Meath by election

James Tully -Labour Party -1954 General Election -Meath

“Keeping in Touch” Leaflet from Dominic Hannigan -Labour Meath East

Westmeath /Longford

John Henson – 1991 LE Athlone

Willie Penrose 2007 GE Westmeath



Mallie Jacobsen, Joe Sweeney, Shay Monaghan -1985 Greystones TC
Liam Kavanagh-Wicklow 1989
Ian McGahon -2009 Local Elections Bray Town Council

From 1979- Labour Party ‘Victory Dinner’ in honour of Liam Kavanagh Menu with Toasts and Autographs

John Byrne, Carmel McKenna -Labour 1991 LE Bray
Letter to voters from Labour candidates Joe Sweeney, Mallie Jacobsen and Shay Monaghan – Greystones TC 1985

From the 1985 Local Elections a personal letter from Liam Kavanagh Minister for the Environment to the Voters of Bray.
Tim Collins- Labour – 1997 General Election Wicklow
Leaflet from Anne Ferris -Labour -Wicklow -2011 General Election


European Elections

Paula Desmond 1999 Euro election

Alan Kelly-Labour Party- 2009 European Elections Munster

Miriam McGillycuddy / Brendan Ryan – Labour -Tralee / Munster -2004 Local /European Elections


John Mulvihill, Sean Sherlock -Cork East 2007 GE

Tomas O’Conaill, Liam Coveney, Billy Murphy -1985 Youghal UDC

Toddy O’Sullivan -1989 Cork South Central

“Keeping Warm this Winter” Leaflet from Ciaran Lynch- Labour Party -Cork South Central

“The Fiscal Stability Treaty …A Guide” leaflet from Michael McCarthy -Labour -Cork South West


Miriam McGillycuddy / Brendan Ryan – Labour -Tralee / Munster -2004 Local /European Elections

From 1992 “The Dirty Dozen -McCreevy cuts Social Welfare 12 times since April” Leaflet from Breeda Moynihan Cronin -Labour Party -Kerry South

Breeda Moynihan-Cronin, Andrew McCarthy -Killarney 1999

Don Culloty -Killarney UDC 1999

1987 Michael Moynihan letter to electors about not sending “a voluminous amount of election literature.” – Labour -South Kerry

“Brendan Corish The Man for Ireland” Leaflet from Michael Moynihan 1966 Kerry South By-Election

leaflet from Michael Moynihan- Labour- 1981 General Election -Kerry South


Canvass Card from Gerry ‘Ginger’ McLoughlin- 2009 LE Limerick

Jan O’Sullivan -2007 GE Limerick East

“Lenihan’s Treacherous Thirty Target YOU” – Gerry ‘Ginger’ McLoughlin -Labour 2008

“Enough of the Gunmen” -1927 Poster for Michael Keyes and Patrick Clancy -Labour -Limerick


Kathleen O’Meara -Tipperary North 2007 GE

Ad for Phil Prendergast -Labour -Tipperary South

1927 County Tipperary Labour Bulletin

Leaflet from John Ryan -Labour Party-Tipperary North 1989 General Election


Brian O’Shea Waterford 1987

Ad for Seamus Ryan (pictured with Ken McGrath) -Labour -Waterford 2011 GE

Flyer from Ciara Conway -Labour -Waterford 2011 General Election

Leaflet from Dan Foley -Labour – 1937 General Election Waterford

Connaught/ Ulster

Euro Elections

1979 leaflet for Michael D Higgins -Labour Party- Connaught Ulster -European Elections


Anne Wilkinson -Donegal 1985
Donegal Labour (Anne Wilkinson) -Labour Youth

Jimmy Harte -Independent (Now Labour) -Dongeal North East 2007 General Election.

Leaflet for Frank McBrearty  -Donegal South West By-election 2010


Michael D Higgins 1997

“Why We Think You Should Vote For Michael D.” -Mick Lally, Noel Browne, Mary Coughlan- 1987 GE

From 1989 “Why we think you should vote for Michael D.” – Mick Lally, Emmet Bergin and Noel Browne

Ad from Michael D Higgins asking for a Yes vote in the 1995 Divorce Referendum

1979 leaflet for Michael D Higgins -Labour Party- Connaught Ulster -European Elections

“Labour -Standing Up for Low Paid Workers” -Leaflet from Derek Nolan -Labour -Galway West

From 1987 “Mayday! Galway and the Origins of International Labour Day” with introduction from Michael D Higgins


John Kelly -(Now Labour)- Roscommon Sth Leitrim 2007 GE

John Kelly with Eamon Gilmore in Roscommon

Flyer for John Kelly-Labour -Roscommon South Leitrim

Labours new ‘Winning The West’ Site


Jim McGarry -2007 GE Sligo-North Leitrim


Flyer for Marie Moloney -Labour Party -Labour Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet for Aideen Hayden -Labour-Industrial & Commercial Panel 2011 Seanad Elections

Lorraine Higgins -Labour Party- Industrial & Commercial Panel -2011 Seanad Election

Flyer from James Heffernan -Labour Party -Agricultural Panel- 2011 Seanad Elections

Flyer from Sean O’Grady -Labour Party- Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Elections

Leaflet from John Kelly -Labour Party-Administrative Panel -2011 Seanad Elections


Mary Robinson Presidency 1990

1990 Presidential Campaign Anti Mary Robinson Leaflet from Clann Na bFinini (The Family Group)

Sean Misteil – Vote No 1 Adi Roche
Adi Roche 1997 Presidency

Mary Robinson Poster from the 1990 Presidential campaign.

From May 2011 a flyer for “An Evening with Michael D Higgins”

Poster for “A Gig Featuring The Stunning and Michael D” Sunday 23rd October 2011

Six page leaflet “Michael D. Higgins For President of Ireland” -Labour Party – 2011 Presidential Election

Canvassing Card from Michael D Higgins -Labour -2011 Presidential Election

Leaflet from Michael D Higgins “A President To Do Us Proud”

Leaflet from Michael D Higgins – Labour Party -2011 Presidential Election

Kathleen O’Meara for President Video


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