Irish Election Literature

… what you maybe meant to keep…

Dublin City Council 1991 Local Election Results November 12, 2009

electorate 24,124.
3 seats.
total poll 11,013
Spoiled: 108
quota 2,727
Fitzpatrick (12th)
Farry (13th)
Mitchell (13th)

Fitzpatrick, Dermot (FF) 1,802
Farry, Patrick (FF) 1,516
Mitchell, Jim (FG) 1,164
Clerkin, Sean (CPP) 1,136
O’Byrne, Willie (FF) 922
Rafferty, Cecelia (Lab) 786
Coultry, Sean (Ind) 770
Finnegan, Mick (SF) 603
Baker, Joe (GP) 498
Tiernan, Carol (WP) 453
Kearney, John (FG) 386
O’Shea, Ambrose (Ind) 275
McEvoy, Gaye (Ind) 273
Speed, Anne (SF) 256
Price, Brendan (Ind) 65

electorate 25,496
4 seats.
total poll 12,127
Spoiled Votes 125
Valid Poll 12,002
Quota 2,401
Carey (1st)
Taffe (13th)
Flaherty (13th)
O’Neill (13th)

Carey, Pat (FF) 2,774
Flaherty, Mary (FG) 1,359
Taffe, Tony (FF) 1,228
Tormey, Bill (Lab) 1,090
Rock, Barney (PD) 940
Fleming, Harry (SF) 921
O’Neill, Lucia (WP) 880
Grant, Pat (FF) 852
Meagher, Aidan (GP) 550
Jordan, Samuel (WP) 465
Fisher, Lily (Ind) 258
Cloak, Noel (FF) 251
Doolan, Gerard (Ind) 147
Wilson, Miriam (FG) 127
Keegan, Billy (Ind Lab) 83
Atkinson, Brendan (Ind) 45
Clarke, Frank (Ind) 32



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