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Progressive Democrat Billboard Posters from the 2007 General Election June 21, 2011

A series of Election posters used by the Progressive Democrats during the 2007 General Election campaign. These would have been on billboards as well as leaflets and newspaper Ads.



“Tea with Mrs Sweeney” and ‘Tiger Soup’ posters from Ann Sweeney-Donegal South West -2011 GE February 2, 2011

Two Election posters from the 2011 General Election Campaign from New Island Party / Independent candidate Ann Sweeney running in Donegal South West.
Sweeney withdrew from the 2010 Donegal South West By-Election yet polled 133 votes as she was still on the ballot paper.
Her website.
Manty thanks to the sender.



From 1973 a “Welcome To Fianna Fail Country” Poster and Jack Lynch Poster December 9, 2010

Two Fianna Fail posters from the 1973 General Election. One with the message “Welcome To Fianna Fail Country” (Later copied by Tom Parlon and I’m sure others too) and a Jack Lynch poster also.



‘Win with De Valera’, ‘De Valera For President’ posters August 29, 2010

A few Posters for Eamon De Valera .



“You Live in this Area- Vote for this Area” -Noel O’Flynn Fianna Fail -2002 GE Cork North Central August 14, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet for Cork North Central Fianna Fail TD Noel O’Flynn. O’Flynn seemingly under pressure for the seat issued this leaflet highlighting his connections with the local area.
He duly topped the poll.
Many thanks to the sender



Sylvia Hermon -Independent Unionist -North Down 2010 UK Election August 12, 2010

From the 2010 UK Election a leaflet for Independent candidate Sylvia Hermon running in North Down.She was easily elected.
Having been first elected in 2001 as an Ulster Unionist Party candidate, she quit the party in 2010 in protest at the UUP’s alliance with the Conservative Party. She is the widow of Sir Jack Hermon, former Chief Constable of the RUC.



“Dont Prop Up A Rotten Cause” and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters from the 1932 General Election July 27, 2010

Many thanks to the sender.
A series of wonderful Cumann na nGaedhael Posters from the 1932 General Election.



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