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“Am I Pro Choice?” Leaflet from Alliance for Choice August 31, 2017

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“Am I Pro Choice?” a Leaflet from The Northern Irish based Alliance for Choice.
Many thanks to the sender



“Irish Anarchists Say There Is No Choice” Good Friday Agreement leaflet from The WSM August 29, 2017

From the 1998 Good Friday Agreement Referendum a leaflet from The Workers Solidarity Movement calling for voters to abstain in the Referendum.
Many thanks to the sender.


Sorry I Missed you Card from Ian Paisley -1983 Westminster Election August 24, 2017

From the 1983 Westminster Election in North Antrim a Sorry I Missed you style card from Ian Paisley.


“Violence and Northern Ireland” -New Ulster Movement booklet June 1972 August 15, 2017

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“Violence and Northern Ireland” a booklet produced by the New Ulster Movement (more on them here) in June 1972 I’ve scanned and uploaded a pdf of it here .. or click on the image to launch


“H-Block and its Background” 1980 pamphlet from Denis Faul and Raymond Murray August 10, 2017

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“H-Block and its Background” a pamphlet from Denis Faul and Raymond Murray. Its text had originally appeared in a 1980 edition of ‘Doctrine and Life’. I’ve scanned and uploaded the pamphlet in pdf format here


“Free Tony Taylor!” Leaflet from The Anti Internment Group of Ireland

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A “Free Tony Taylor!” Leaflet from The Anti Internment Group of Ireland.



“Save Northern Ireland From A United Ireland” – Ian Paisley 1973 Assembly Elections. August 2, 2017

From the 1973 Assembly Election Campaign “Save Northern Ireland From A United Ireland” a message from Ian Paisley urging voters to vote for The Ulster Democratic Unionist Party in association with a group called the Loyalist Coalition. It also asks for contributions to the Party.


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