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1989 edition of “Republican Worker” -Journal of The RDG (Faction of the SWP) November 15, 2017

The Spring 1989 edition of “Republican Worker” -Journal of The RDG (Faction of the SWP) . The RDG were the Revolutionary Democratic Group. This publication is from their Scottish branch and contains a discussion paper on “British Withdrawal and Irish Solidarity” as well as details of “Hands Off Ireland” campaign and “The Committee for an Irish Solidarity Forum” (which contained among others The IRSP, RDG, Lenisist, Internationalists, RCG, RIL, Workers Power and Red Action) I’ve uploaded it in pdf here


1990 letter to UDA mag “Ulster” re Jack Charlton and The Irish teams choice of music October 12, 2017

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From the November 1990 edition of the UDA magazine “Ulster” , the correspondent isn’t too happy with Jack Charlton and the Irish team singing rebel songs!


1990 Leaflet for a RSF March For All-Ireland Democracy October 2, 2017

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From 1990 a leaflet for a Republican Sinn Fein March For All-Ireland Democracy from Mayo to Dublin ,with details of why they are doing the march on the reverse of the leaflet.
Many thanks to the sender.



1997 leaflet from the IRSP calling for a Republican Forum to debate “The Politics Of The Peace Process” September 27, 2017

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From 1997 a leaflet from the IRSP calling for the Convening of a Broad Republican Forum to openly debate “The Politics Of The Peace Process”. Interesting given it’s from just after the second IRA Ceasefire, at a delicate time for the Peace Process.



“Am I Pro Choice?” Leaflet from Alliance for Choice August 31, 2017

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“Am I Pro Choice?” a Leaflet from The Northern Irish based Alliance for Choice.
Many thanks to the sender



“Irish Anarchists Say There Is No Choice” Good Friday Agreement leaflet from The WSM August 29, 2017

From the 1998 Good Friday Agreement Referendum a leaflet from The Workers Solidarity Movement calling for voters to abstain in the Referendum.
Many thanks to the sender.


Sorry I Missed you Card from Ian Paisley -1983 Westminster Election August 24, 2017

From the 1983 Westminster Election in North Antrim a Sorry I Missed you style card from Ian Paisley.


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