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“Bringing the Dart to Dingle” and “Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin” -Dustin -The Poultry Party Election Posters July 20, 2010

The Famous ‘Bringing The Dart To Dingle’ Poster from Dustin the Turkey. He was running for The Poultry Party. He had previously run for Fianna Fowl.
It was rumoured that he got more votes than many of the candidates that stood.
Also included is a Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin poster which was a gibe at Gay Mitchells promise to bring the Olympics to Dublin.
I’ve also included an unofficial Dustin Poster for the Lisbon 2 Referendum produced in the aftermath of his Eurovision appearance.
They didn’t vote for us. Get Them Back. Vote No To Lisbon” states the Poster.
Interviewed about the how he was going to vote in Lisbon 2, Dustin was quoted as saying “I can’t understand why we need a treaty, what two Lisbons want to do is entirely up to them“.



‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters

The famous ‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ Poster from Cumann na nGaedhael. It was from the 1932 General Election. The other Posters I think are from 1932 also.
There was some imagination used in the making of the posters and through some of the messages you can see that The Civil War was still fresh in the Poster Designers minds.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Health Cuts Hurt the Old The Sick and The Handicapped” -Fianna Fail- 1987 General Election July 19, 2010

From the 1987 General Election the famous Fianna Fail “Health Cuts Hurt the Old The Sick and The Handicapped” poster. “There is a Better Way- Fianna Fail


‘Back Lemass , Vote Fianna Fail’ Poster from the 1961 General Election July 18, 2010

From the 1961 General election a Poster for Fianna Fail urging voters to “Back Lemass”.
Sean Lemass had been appointed Taoisseach in 1959 and this was his first election as leader of Fianna Fail.
Fianna Fail lost 8 seats but Lemass headed a Fianna Fáil minority government.


Jack Lynch and Brendan Corish Posters -1973 General Election April 9, 2010

Was sent these , many thanks to the donor.A Jack Lynch poster from 1973 and a Brendan Corish one also from the 1973 General Election.
The Wexford based, Brendan Corish, was first elected in 1945 in a by-election caused by the death of his father Richard Corish.He was re elected to the Dail on each occasion before retiring in 1982. He served as Labour Leader for 17 years.
He served as Minister for Social Welfare from 1954 until 1957 and was Tánaiste and Minister for Health and Social Welfare from 1973 to 1977. He passed away in 1990.
The late Jack Lynch first forays into the public world were as a player for both the Cork football and Cork Hurling teams.
In his time he won five Hurling All Ireland medals and one Football All Ireland.
He was first elected to the Dail in 1948 and retired in 1981. He succeeded Sean Lemass as Leader of Fianna Fail and as Taoiseach. In his time he served three terms as Taoiseach and was at the helm in the turbulent days of the Arms Crisis and Bloody Sunday. He passed away in 1999.



Liz O’Donnell -Progressive Democrats – Dublin South 2007 April 8, 2010

From the 2007 General Election campaign in Dublin South, a rather airbrushed Progressive Democrat candidate Liz O’Donnell.
Liz O’Donnell was first elected to Dublin City Council in 1991 for Rathmines. Liz O’Donnell had been active in Mary Robinson’s 1990 Presidential campaign. In his book Ruairi Quinn claimed that she had contacted him wanting to help the Labour campaign of Mary Freehill, then she appeared as the Progressive Democrat candidate for Rathmines (where she outpolled Freehill).
In 1992 Liz O’Donnell stood in Dublin South and was elected. She was returned each time until this 2007 General Election where she lost her seat.



Wonderful posters for Seamas O’Neill -Independent -Dundrum -2009 Local Elections. March 26, 2010

Two wonderful and unusual posters for Independent candidate Seamas O’Neill for the 2009 Local Elections in Dundrum.
Seamus O’Neill polled 603 votes and failed to be elected. Still his posters were very noticable for their uniqueness during the campaign.
(many thanks to Seamus O’Neill for sending me these at the time)



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