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Podcast – The Independents Health Alliance December 3, 2021

The Legion of Ex-Servicemen / British Legion "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

This Episode covers  The Legion of Ex-Servicemen (Later the British Legion) that contested a number of Irish elections between 1925 and 1934.
  1. The Legion of Ex-Servicemen / British Legion
  2. GOD -For Bible Readings In The Dail
  3. The National Group
  4. The Independent Dublin Dream Team Band
  5. Post Office Candidates in Roscommon in 1991

The Independents Health Alliance stood eight candidates in the 2002 General Election. Among them Finian McGrath who was elected. Others included the now Fine Gael Councillor Molly Buckley in Laois Offaly and former Limerick Hurling manager Tom Ryan.


“I.F.F. News” -Niall Blaney – Independent Fianna Fáil -2002 General Election – Donegal North East June 28, 2021

From the 2002 General Election a paper “IFF News” produced by Niall Blaney who was running for Independent Fianna Fáil in Donegal North East. In what turned out to be the last General Election fought by the Blaney Independent Fianna Fáil Party, Blaney polled 6,124 votes and was elected.

You can listen to a podcast I did on The Blaney Organisation here


Leaflet from Tom Fleming and John O’Donoghue -Fianna Fáil- 2002 General Election February 16, 2021

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Tom Fleming and John O’Donoghue of Fianna Fáil running in Kerry South. John O’Donoghue was elected polling 9445 votes, whilst Tom Fleming narrowly missed out polling 6912 votes.

Many thanks to the sender


2002 Leaflet from Noel Grealish -Progressive Democrats – Galway West November 7, 2017

From the 2002 General Election,a leaflet from Noel Grealish of the Progressive Democrats running in Galway West. Grealish was elected. His running mates were Donal Lyons and Declan McDonnell.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Bin The Charges!” -2002 General Election leaflet from Eric Byrne -Labour -Dublin South Central June 12, 2015

From the run up to the 2002 General Election “Bin The Charges!” a leaflet from Eric Byrne of Labour who was running in Dublin South Central. He polled 4,159 votes and lost out on a seat.
The leaflets includes the lines….

“Be warned: the same politicians who brought you rubbish charges are planning to introduce new water charges and other service charges in the future.”
“You know where I stand on these issues. I have been opposed to service charges long before this general election.”

Many thanks to the sender.




2002 Leaflet from Ted Tynan -Workers Party -Cork North Central May 28, 2013

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Workers Party Candidate Ted Tynan who was running in Cork North Central. Tynan polled 458 votes and failed to win a seat.
Many thanks to the lender.




Leaflet from Ted Tynan -Workers Party- 2002 General Election -Cork North Central August 19, 2012

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Workers Party candidate Ted Tynan running in Cork North Central. Tynan polled 458 votes.



Darragh O’Reilly -Christian Solidarity Party – Dublin South West 2002 General Election April 2, 2012

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Darragh O’Reilly running for the Christian Solidarity Party in Dublin South West.  A former Principal of Tallaght Community School, O’Reilly polled 760 votes.
In the 1979 Local Elections he stood for Fianna Fail in the Whitechurch (Rathfarnham) ward winning 1334 votes but failed to win a seat.



“Group Fixtures & Venues 2002 World Cup Korea Japan” -Brendan Brady -Fine Gael- 2002 General Election Dublin North West May 30, 2011

Candidates or TDs will often send a card with useful phone numbers (sometimes with a magnet so it can be stuck on the fridge), a guide to local services, Budget guides, guides to Benefits and so on all in the hope that you will hold on to them.
World Cups and other sporting occasions also lead to a flurry of leaflets with fixture guides and the like. This one is a fixture guide for the 2002 World Cup produced by Fine Gael Dublin North west candidate Brendan Brady. The 2002 General Election was held on the 17th of May and Brady polled 2,082 votes and missed out on a seat.
Some other sports related flyers
John Stafford meets Jack Charlton for USA 94, Tom Kitts ‘Olé Olé’ from 2002, Mock GAA programme from Seamus Kirk



“One-Party Government? NO thanks!” -Progressive Democrats 2002 poster February 13, 2011

An image of the now famous (infamous?) “One-Party Government? NO thanks!” poster used by the Progressive Democrats in the 2002 General Election Campaign.
It was accredited with turning the parties fortunes and helping them win eight seats.


2002 Article by Willie O’Dea – “Fine Gaels Future Looks Bleak” January 17, 2011

I saw this on an archived version of Willie O’Deas Website from 2002.
Willie writes…

They see, just like the rest of us, a potentially seismic realignment of Irish politics. Their problem is that they don’t know where to shift to. This indecision is due to the existance of two distinct groupings within Fine Gael.
The fault line running through Fine Gael was papered over by their antipathy to Fianna Fáil. Yet this fault line became almost geographically visible within months of Michael Noonan taking the leadership. Their stance on the abortion referendum exposed the gulf for all to see, including me.
I hate to be an “I told you so”, but I predicted as much last March. In the aftermath of the abortion referendum vote I wrote in the Sunday Independent: “The party (Fine Gael) tried to face two ways at once and it will pay the price. They now seek to claim the urban no voters who according to today’s poll don’t support Fine Gael while turning their back on their traditional supporters outside Dublin who largely voted Yes.”



Dana Rosemary Scallon -Independent- 2002 General Election -Galway West December 18, 2010

From the 2002 General Election ads for Independent candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon running in Galway West.
Having polled well in the 1997 Presidential Election and been elected to the European Parliament in 1999, Dana was expected to poll well. However she polled just 1,677 votes in this 2002 election and failed to win a seat.



Charlie Keddy -Independent -Wicklow 2002 General Election December 8, 2010

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From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Independent ‘Water for Life’ candidate Charlie Keddy running in Wicklow.
Aside from the water issue, the former Labour Councillor Keddy comments on The Mafia running the country, is in favour of a return of Capital punishment as well as much more.
He polled 383 votes and failed to win a seat.



Flyer For Larry O’Toole -Sinn Fein -2002 GE Dublin North East December 2, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a flyer for Sinn Fein candidate Larry O’Toole running in Dublin North East. O’Toole polled 3,003 votes and failed to win a seat.



“Bertie Backs a Winner” -Maire Hoctor Newsletter -Fianna Fail -2002 GE Tipperary North November 29, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a lengthy magazine/newsletter produced by Fianna Fail North Tipperary candidate Marie Hoctor.
It has it all from Bertie pre Mahon allowing himself to be seen at the races with the headline “Bertie Backs a Winner”.
Inside tons of local news, The candidate pictured with what looks like a Waxwork John O’Donoghue as well as many others including Willie O’Dea and the candidates family. We even get a nice picture of Marie Hoctor and running mate Michael smith in Tipp Jerseys. To top it off we have Bertie pictured with a Hurl.
Marie Hoctor was Elected.



Bernadette Martin -Green Party -Louth 2002 GE November 28, 2010

From the 2002 General election a leaflet for Green Party candidate Bernadette Martin. She polled 1,979 votes and failed to win a seat.



Newsletter from Tom Crilly -Workers Party- 2002 General Election Dublin South East November 24, 2010

From the 2002 General Election campaign a newsletter from Workers Party candidate Tom Crilly. Bin Charges, the Health Service, The Incinerator and Irish Neutrality are amongst the items covered.
Crilly polled 284 votes and failed to win a seat.



Leaflet for Eamon Gilmore, Niamh Bhreathnach -Labour -2002 GE Dun Laoghaire November 23, 2010

From the 2002 General Election a leaflet from Labour candidates Eamon Gilmore and Niamh Bhreathnach running in Dun Laoghaire. Gilmore polled 8,271 votes and was easily elected. Bhreathnach polled 3,893 votes and missed out.
It was Gilmores first General Election standing for Labour.



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