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“Partition Must Go” Poster from Ailtirí na hAiséirghe mid 1940s October 31, 2011

An eye catching poster , probably from the mid 1940s , from Ailtirí na hAiséirghe with the slogan “Partition Must Go”.
Ailtirí na hAiséirghe were a Fascist style party set up in Ireland in the early 40s. There is a good book on them called “Architects of The Resurrection”.
Many thanks to the sender.


“THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” – SAC poster from 1987 May 31, 2011

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First off many thanks to the sender. This poster is from a group called SAC and appeared over Dublin in the mid 80s (1987?) .
“THINK -Thought Kills All Known Clerics. Dead.” was a play on an ad for a popular detergent. The image also has nuns and priests going down the toilet.

More details about the poster and SAC in the clippings from Hot Press below the poster.



“A Plastic Bullet is a Solid Cylinder of PVC -It Smashes Heads” poster and anti Plastic Bullet Badges October 23, 2010

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Was sent these images. Not sure if they are from the 1970s or 1980s.
The “A Plastic Bullet is a Solid Cylinder of PVC -It Smashes Heads” poster is particularly good.
During the troubles Fourteen people were killed by plastic bullet impacts, including nine children.
The Second Poster I got on Wikipedia when researching plastic bullets, it formed part of the Linen Hall Librarys Troubled Images exhibition.



Poster for Right to Work Campaigns 4th Rally – June 1st 2010 at the Dail May 26, 2010

A Poster for The Right to Work Campaigns 4th Rally to be held on June 1st 2010 at the Dail.


“End Unemployment – Nationalise the Banks..” Sinn Fein posters from the 1970s March 25, 2010

I got sent these images and many thanks to the donor. A Sinn Fein poster with The ‘People Before Profit’ Slogan.  The other posters being  ‘Join Sinn Fein for a United Socialist Ireland’ , ‘ Eire Nua- Socialist Federal Republic’ , ‘ End Unemployment – Nationalise the Banks….’
This version of Sinn Fein / Republican Clubs was the precursor of Sinn Fein The Workers Party which became The Workers Party ….



Labour Party -Vote No Posters – 1968 Referendum on Change in Voting System February 6, 2010

Pics (not the greatest quality) kindly sent in by a donor
From the 1968 Referendum on Change in Voting System, two Labour Party ‘Vote No’ Posters
‘The Straight Vote is Crooked’ Vote NO!

Fianna Fail proposed changing the voting system to that similar to the UK

The Third Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1968, proposes

To substitute for the present system of voting at Dáil elections the “straight vote” system in single-member constituencies;

To establish a Commission to determine constituencies, subject to the right of the Dáil to amend the constituencies as so determined; and
To provide that whenever the Dáil is dissolved the outgoing Ceann Comhairle may be returned, without a contest, as a second deputy for a constituency chosen by him which consists of, or includes a part of, the constituency he represented before the dissolution.



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