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Leaflet from Liam O’Neill -Fianna Fáil – Borris in Ossory-Mountmellick #LE19 April 28, 2019

A Leaflet from Liam O’Neill of Fianna Fáil running in The Borris in Ossory-Mountmellick LEA for a seat n Laois County Council. He is a former President of the GAA.
Many thanks to the sender



#Upthedubs Dublin GAA National League Fixture List from Noel Rock -Fine Gael -Dublin North West December 11, 2017

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A Dublin GAA National League Fixture guide for both Senior men’s Hurling and Football teams from Noel Rock of Fine Gael in Dublin North West. The leaflet also has contact details for services in Finglas.
Many thanks to the sender.



“Disband The Artane Band” leaflet from Mannix Flynn February 22, 2017

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A “Disband The Artane Band” leaflet from Mannix Flynn. The Disband The Artane Band website
Many thanks to the sender




Leaflet from Nigel Dineen -Independent – Roscommon LEA -2014 Local Elections May 13, 2014

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A leaflet from former Roscommon footballer Nigel Dineen who is running as an Independent in the Roscommon LEA for a seat on Roscommon County Council.
Many thanks to the sender.




Flyer for Martin Storey -Labour Party -Enniscorthy -2014 Local Elections May 11, 2014

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A flyer for Wexford hurling legend Martin Storey who is running for Labour in Enniscorthy to retain his seat on Wexford County Council.
Many thanks to the sender.


Kilkenny Senior and Intermediate Hurling Fixture list from Joe Malone -Fianna Fail -Kilkenny City West May 7, 2014

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A handy fixture guide for the Kilkenny Senior and Intermediate Hurling Championships from Joe Malone who is running for Fianna Fail in Kilkenny City West. I gather there is some local controversy as he has left his running mates names off all his leaflets to date (although does include the European Candidates).
Many thanks to the sender.



Flyer from Sean Kelly -Fine Gael -Ireland South -2014 European Elections April 24, 2014

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A flyer from Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly who is running in Ireland South to retain his European Parliament seat.
He is on Twitter @SeanKellyMEP
His Website
Many thanks to the sender




Flyer from Paul Taylor – Fianna Fail -Ballymote-Tubbercurry -2014 Local Elections April 23, 2014

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A flyer from Paul Taylor, the former Sligo GAA star, who is running for Fianna Fail in Ballymote-Tubbercurry for a seat on Sligo County Council.
The Campaign Facebook Page
Many thanks to the sender.


Leaflet from GAA legend Sean Purcell and Brigid Hogan O’Higgins -Fine Gael -East Galway 1961 General Election March 11, 2014

From the 1961 General Election a flyer for Fine Gael candidates Brigid Hogan O’Higgins and Sean Purcell. Brigid Hogan O’Higgins was elected (result here). Fine Gaels polices from the time are quite interesting too.
Sean Purcell, nicknamed ‘The Master’ made his name as a talented Gaelic Footballer winning an All Ireland with Galway in 1956. His partnership with Frank Stockwell led to them being referred to as “The Terrible Twins”. More about Sean Purcell here
Many thanks to the lender.



The cover of 1965 Co. Tipperary County Final programme with a political message August 16, 2013

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An unusual item this, The cover of 1965 Co. Tipperary County Final programme with whats very unusual for GAA, a political message.
many thanks to the sender.


From 1948 an ad for Michael Donnellan, Patrick Collins -Clann na Talmhan -Galway North July 12, 2013

From the 1948 General Election an ad for Michael Donnellan and Patrick Collins who were running for Clann na Talmhan in Galway North. Donnellan was elected , having initially been elected in 1943 a seat he held until his death in 1964. He won All Ireland medals playing for Galway , as did his son John Donnellan and grandson Michael Donnellan.
Many thanks to the sender.


“To All GAA Fans… Support The Hunger Strikers” leaflet April 24, 2013

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From the 1981 Hunger Strike a leaflet “To All GAA Fans… Support The Hunger Strikers”. The leaflet give details of how the GAA Central Council had issued a directive that no support by any part of the GAA should be given to the H-Block Campaign as it  was ‘Party Political’ . The GAA had previously supported the Hunger Strikers five demands.



Vote 1 Jimmy Deenihan “The People’s Champion” -Fine Gael -1989 General Election -Kerry North July 22, 2012

From the 1989 General Election a small flyer for Fine Gael North Kerry candidate Jimmy Deenihan “The People’s Champion”. Deenihan is the holder of 5 All Ireland Medals and 7 Munster medals. In this 1989 Election Deenihan polled 8,692 votes and was elected on the first count.
The European Elections took place on the same day hence the request to vote for Fine Gael Munster candidates John Cushnahan and Tom Raftery.



Leaflet for John Donnellan, Fintan Coogan, John O’Malley -Fine Gael – Galway West -1987 General Election July 9, 2012

From the 1987 General Election a leaflet for Fine Gael Galway West candidates John Donnellan, Fintan Coogan and John O’Malley. Donnellan was elected.
John Donnellan was on the Galway 3 in a row team that won the All Ireland football title in 1964, 1965 and 1966, He captioned them in 1964. His son Michael Donnellan won two All Ireland medals with Galway.
Fintan Coogan was elected to the Dail in November 1982 but lost his seat in this 1987 election and never regained it.

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Brian Cowen on football teams 1980 and 81… July 10, 2010

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Was searching around and found these. Brian Cowen in 1980 and 1981.
In 1980 he was on the Clara Under 21 County Championship winners and in 1981 he was on the Clara Senior team.
Funny thing the Johnny Bracken beside him on the Under 21 team could hardly be THIS OTHER ELECTORAL LEGEND FROM CLARA could it? 🙂



John O’Leary -Fianna Fail -Dublin North 2007 General Election July 4, 2010

A leaflet from former Dublin Goalkeeper John O’Leary running for Fianna Fail in the 2007 General Election in Dublin North.
He polled a decent 5,074 votes but failed to get in.



Shane McEntee ‘Gaelic Football man through and through’ -Fine Gael -2005 Meath by election June 26, 2010

A wonderful little Card from Fine Gaels Shane McEntee from the 2005 Meath by Election campaign.
In it he reminds us of his and his families GAA pedigree with Meaths 2005 NFL and NHL fixtures on the reverse.
Shane McEntee won the by-election.



Jack Lynch and Brendan Corish Posters -1973 General Election April 9, 2010

Was sent these , many thanks to the donor.A Jack Lynch poster from 1973 and a Brendan Corish one also from the 1973 General Election.
The Wexford based, Brendan Corish, was first elected in 1945 in a by-election caused by the death of his father Richard Corish.He was re elected to the Dail on each occasion before retiring in 1982. He served as Labour Leader for 17 years.
He served as Minister for Social Welfare from 1954 until 1957 and was Tánaiste and Minister for Health and Social Welfare from 1973 to 1977. He passed away in 1990.
The late Jack Lynch first forays into the public world were as a player for both the Cork football and Cork Hurling teams.
In his time he won five Hurling All Ireland medals and one Football All Ireland.
He was first elected to the Dail in 1948 and retired in 1981. He succeeded Sean Lemass as Leader of Fianna Fail and as Taoiseach. In his time he served three terms as Taoiseach and was at the helm in the turbulent days of the Arms Crisis and Bloody Sunday. He passed away in 1999.



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