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“Don’t Cast Ireland Adrift -Vote Yes to Lisbon” Leaflet from The Liberal Society December 18, 2016

An “It’s Cold Out There…Don’t Cast Ireland Adrift -Vote Yes to Lisbon” A Lisbon 2 Treaty Referendum Leaflet from The Liberal Society. The Liberal Society were founded in 2008 and seem to have died out around 2014.




Lisbon 2 leaflet from IBEC “Yes For Jobs ……New Start , New Deal, New Opportunities” April 10, 2012

From the second Lisbon treaty Referendum a “Yes For Jobs” leaflet from IBEC with the sub heading “New Start , New Deal, New Opportunities”.
IBEC is of course the Irish Business and Employers Confederation.
Alas the site is no longer online.
Have a copy in pdf should anyone want it (just mail the contact email on the right)



“The Only Job Lisbon Saves Is His” and other Libertas Posters from Lisbon One and Two March 2, 2012

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A selection of Libertas posters from the first and second Lisbon Referenda.



“A YES Vote Is The Best Vote For JOBS and WORKERS’ RIGHTS” – Fianna Fail Yes to Lisbon 2 leaflet February 20, 2012

From the second Lisbon treaty Campaign a leaflet from Fianna Fail with the slogan “A YES Vote Is The Best Vote For JOBS and WORKERS’ RIGHTS”.



Coir ‘Vote NO’ posters from Lisbon 2 November 8, 2011

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A series of five Coir posters urging a no vote in the second Lisbon Treaty Referendum. They caused some controversy at the time.



“Joe Higgins MEP says:Defend Workers’ rights & public services – NO to Lisbon II” -Socialist Party -Lisbon Referendum June 30, 2011

From the second Lisbon Referendum a leaflet from the Socialist Party with the headline “Joe Higgins MEP says:Defend Workers’ rights & public services – NO to Lisbon II”. On the reverse are “5 Reasons to vote No!”.



“Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon” -Eamon Ryan Green Party- Lisbon 2 January 6, 2011

From the second Lisbon Treaty Campaign a flyer from Green Party TD Eamon Ryan to constituents with “Reasons to Vote Yes to Lisbon”.
The flyer also contains details of two public meetings to be addressed by Ryan himself.



Sinn Fein ‘No To Lisbon’ Posters October 5, 2010

From the Second Lisbon Treaty Referendum a series of Sinn Fein No to Lisbon Posters.
Sinn Feins Alternative Guide to Lisbon 2  is available HERE.
Many thanks to the sender.



No To EU Battlegroups -Connolly Youth Movement Lisbon Sticker September 12, 2010

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From the First Lisbon Referendum a Sticker from the Connolly Youth Movement.


“Bringing the Dart to Dingle” and “Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin” -Dustin -The Poultry Party Election Posters July 20, 2010

The Famous ‘Bringing The Dart To Dingle’ Poster from Dustin the Turkey. He was running for The Poultry Party. He had previously run for Fianna Fowl.
It was rumoured that he got more votes than many of the candidates that stood.
Also included is a Bringing the Olympics to Termonfeckin poster which was a gibe at Gay Mitchells promise to bring the Olympics to Dublin.
I’ve also included an unofficial Dustin Poster for the Lisbon 2 Referendum produced in the aftermath of his Eurovision appearance.
They didn’t vote for us. Get Them Back. Vote No To Lisbon” states the Poster.
Interviewed about the how he was going to vote in Lisbon 2, Dustin was quoted as saying “I can’t understand why we need a treaty, what two Lisbons want to do is entirely up to them“.



‘Never Mind the B****cks it is the same Treaty’ – Éirígí No to Lisbon 2 poster. April 5, 2010

One of the most eye-catching posters from the Lisbon 2 campaign. From Éirígí ‘Never Mind the B****cks it is the same Treaty’


Republican Sinn Fein -Vote NO to Lisbon February 19, 2010

One of Republican Sinn Feins Anti Lisbon leaflets from the 2009 Lisbon Referendum.



No To Lisbon – Communist Party of Ireland September 27, 2009

Got sent this today by a kindly Soul…




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