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‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters July 20, 2010

The famous ‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ Poster from Cumann na nGaedhael. It was from the 1932 General Election. The other Posters I think are from 1932 also.
There was some imagination used in the making of the posters and through some of the messages you can see that The Civil War was still fresh in the Poster Designers minds.
Many thanks to the sender.


4 Responses to “‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Cumann na nGaedhael Posters”

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  2. Ciara Says:

    Although the other posters have been classified ‘1932’ – I’m not convinced the one depicting Dev as the puppet master is. The National League had ceases to exist by 1932 and William Redmond (formerly party leader) was running for Cumann na nGaedheal in that election. The poster’s theme draws on the criticisms made by Cumann na nGaedheal in the August 1927 no confidence debate – a Labour / National League aimed to oust the government and FF would give support from the opposition benches. CnaG argued that Dev would be the puppet master of that government. Based on this, I equated the poster with the September 1927 election as it seemed to have more relevance, but perhaps I’m wrong and would gladly welcome correction!

    • Mel Says:

      I agree Ciara. I think the middle two are from the September 1927 election. The ‘Crocodile tears’ poster depicing the ‘cost of an empty formula’ also makes much of the fact FF recently took their seats in the Dáil, a major theme of CnG’s campaign in September1927. By 1932, the party’s posters were still negative, but had moved on from the ’empty formula’ theme. They don’t make posters like they used to…

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