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Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan – Independent – Midlands North West #EP2019 May 20, 2019

A Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan running as an Independent in Ireland Midlands North West in the European Elections
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Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Independent -Midlands NorthWest -2014 European Elections May 9, 2014

A leaflet from Roscommon TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan who is running in Ireland Midlands North West in the European Elections.
He is on Twitter @lukeming
His Facebook Page
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Leaflet from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -1997 General Election -Galway West March 23, 2013

From the 1997 General Election a leaflet from Independent candidate Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. In this his first General Election he polled 548 votes.

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“We Can’t Pay! We Wont Pay!” -Thomas Pringle, Luke Ming Flanagan Flyer for anti Septic Tank, Water and Household Charge meeting from November 2011 January 22, 2012

From November 2011 “We Can’t Pay! We Wont Pay!” A Flyer for ab anti Septic Tank, Water and Household Charge meeting to be addressed by Thomas Pringle and Luke Ming Flanagan.


‘Let Me Represent You’ -Flyer for Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Independent-Roscommon South Leitrim February 12, 2011

From the 2011 General election campaign a flyer from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan.
‘Let Me Represent You’ asks the Independent candidate in Roscommon South Leitrim. Interestingly enough Emperor Ming writes….
“I have since October studied a Diploma in Economics lectured by David McWilliams in Dublin. I have heard expert opinion from a variety of reputable and experienced sources. Every one of them has come to the same conclusion. We cannot and should not pay this debt!”



‘Tips for Canvassers’ from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Independent -Roscommon South Leitrim February 8, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a ‘Tips for Canvassers’ leaflet produced by Independent candidate running in Roscommon South Leitrim, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. Flanagan is seen as having a good chance of winning a seat. His Website


‘VOTE MING’ -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan -Choice Party -late 90s February 17, 2010

A couple of ‘Ming’ posters from Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. They date from the 1997 General Election in Galway West and 1999 European Elections in Connaught-Ulster.
I’ve no idea who won the Frank Fahey look-a-like competition.
Ming The Merciless was campaigning for the legalisation of Cannabis at the time. He now of course is one of the most popular and respected councillors in Roscommon.

More ‘Ming’ Posters are located here.
Thanks to Liam Byrne .



Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan – Castlerea – 2009 LE January 9, 2010

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan once considered a joke candidate as he campaigned for the legalisation of Cannabis and once sent a joint to each member of the Oireachtas as part of the campaign. He modeled himself on ‘Ming The Merciless’ from the Flash Gordon series.
Elected first in the 2004 local elections, where he topped the poll, he has gained a reputation as an excellent councillor which was reflected in 2009 when he was returned on the first count again.
He has a special interest in gaining recreational facilities for Castlerea. After his 2004 election, in relation to recreational facilities he was quoted “I’m not exactly looking for the Olympics to be held in Castlerea, but we are asking for something to be done.”



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