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“The Blueshirt” August 19th , 1933 July 25, 2017

“The Blueshirt” the paper of the National Guard , also known as the Blueshirts from August 19th , 1933. Has details of the groups activity, the rules of the group and so on. A really interesting piece of Irish History. (apologies that it’s not in pdf but the paper was too big for my scanner, so had to scan by half pages and then reunite the pages)



“Will You Vote For Fianna Fail?” “Bankruptcy of.. Farmers and Indian Meal Porridge” -Cumann na nGaedhael 1932 May 26, 2013

From the 1932 General Election an ad attacking Fianna Fail from Cumann na nGaedhael. Lots of scaremongering.  Were Fianna Fail to get in “It would not need your vote to keep it in power. The Gun Bullies would Do that”. Theres more along those lines as well as The  “Bankruptcy of Thousands of Farmers and Indian Meal Porridge all year”


From 1932 ‘Farmers! Keep a Firm Grip of Your Homesteads’ Vote Cumann na nGaedheal May 16, 2013

From the 1932 General Elections an attack on Fianna Fail from Cumann na nGaedheal ‘Farmers! Keep a Firm Grip of Your Homesteads’. The attack was related to Fianna Fails Land Annuity policy.


“This is What Cosgrave Will Do…” Cumann na nGaedheal -1933 General Election January 15, 2013

From the 1933 General Election campaign “This is What Cosgrave Will Do…” which details what Cumann na nGaedheal would do should they be elected to government.This 1933 General Election was the last election fought by Cumann na nGaedheal, as later that year they merged with the National Centre Party and the National Guard (Blueshirts) to form Fine Gael.



A Youtube clip on “The History of Election Posters” November 19, 2012

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Dr Ciara Meehan explains the history of election posters, with some examples of Cumann na nGaedheal posters from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

I’ve some of the posters mentioned in the clip on the site along with other Cumann na nGaedheal material here


From 1932 “Cosgrave Works while De Valera swears -Vote Cumann na nGaedhael” August 27, 2012

From the 1932 General Election a poster “Cosgrave Works while De Valera swears -Vote Cumann na nGaedhael”. Presumably the swear is a reference to the Oath.


“The Roll of Dishonour” and “A Hot Record”- Two 1932 Election posters from Cumann na nGaedheal February 14, 2012

Two great posters from the 1932 General Election produced by Cumann na nGaedheal. (via the National Library of Ireland’s Flickr Photostream)

The first one is

“…designed to counter Fianna Fáil protests at the amount of money being paid out as military pensions to ex-members of the National Army.
In response, the text of this poster roundly condemns Fianna Fáil for causing the Irish Civil War, a conflict that cost the Saorstát “Thirty-Five Million Pounds”.
This poster is incidentally a great source for the sums involved in the Damage to Property (Compensation) Act following the Irish Civil War. Obviously not all claimants are listed here. In fact, Cumann na nGaedheal make the point that a complete list “would require a score of Posters of this size”, but some of the sums were astronomical for the time:
The Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin: £102,905
The Freeman’s Journal, Townsend Street, Dublin: £49,390
Mitchelstown Castle, Cork: £46,475
Cork Examiner, Cork: £16,500
Bessborough House, Piltown, Kilkenny: £50,270
Condensed Milk Company, Tipperary: £59,290
Blacksod Whaling Company, Mayo: £4,950

The second one

“references popular culture in the form of records, implying that the chorus of all Fianna Fáil “songs” is the threat of war”

Other record related leaflets I’ve posted to date include this one from Alan Shatter in 2007




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